Degrees and Certifications:

Jarryd Baxter

Jarryd Baxter teaches Spanish 1-2 and Spanish 5-6 here at Ida B. Wells. He was born in Colorado, but spent most of his childhood just outside Atlanta, Georgia. Baxter then went to Georgia Southern University where he studied Spanish and was inspired to teach the subject after a trip to Spain. He earned his master's last year at Portland State and has taught at a couple of private schools before that, but this is his first year at Wells. His favorite thing about being a language teacher is having students participate in a different community and the opportunity to teach a new culture. He believes that learning another language is learning a new way to think and see the world. Outside of school he enjoys walking his border collie, playing soccer and basketball, going on bike rides, cooking and watching movies. 

Written by Nathan Olszewski, Intro to Journalism, Fall 2021