• School Climate Team

    Students, thank you for taking this climate survey.   Here is the link to the survey!   

    On September 9th, we held a school-wide climate lesson.  Here is the slideshow from the presentation September 9 - School-Wide Climate Lessons

    Ida B. Wells School Climate Handbook 2022-23 Ida B. Wells School Climate Handbook 2022-23

    The Climate Team Members

    Ayesha Coning - Vice Principal and Team Facilitator
    Jill Altman - Vice Principal
    Karin Korn Becerra - World Languages
    Aly Croney - Language Arts
    Abby Griffin - Activities and Language Arts
    Scott Guthrie - Science
    Ben Hunter- Language Arts
    Sheila Kendall - Counseling
    Britni Locke - Counseling
    Doina Moldova - MTSS TOSA (Multi-tiered Systems of Support Teacher on Special Assignment) 
    Emilee Refvem - Special Education
    Jay Rishel - Freshman Success Team Instructional Coach 
    Norman Stremming - Social Studies
    Jamie Suehiro - Language Arts
    Lisa Walker - World Languages
    Rory Daniels - 10th grade
    Eva Steinmetz - 12th grade
    Charlie Weber - 12th grade
    Semira Yosuf - 12th grade