Degrees and Certifications:

Robert Morgan

Robert Morgan was born in Corvallis, and graduated from Wells-Barnett in 1998. Morgan studied forest/environmental management, and went to Lewis and Clark, where he then got his Master of Arts in teaching. He is an East Sider, and commutes range from 25 minutes to an hour from where he lives. He has lived in Oregon for the better part of 40 years. Biology is very fun for him, but any science class is enjoyable. He has been teaching for the past 13 years, but has also done the following jobs: forester, fisherman, waiter, tree farmer, camp counselor, Fred Meyer clerk, and game store clerk. He loves the outdoors, and does a bit of everything, but is skilled in boating and fishing. Robert's father lived on the coast, and his mom, in Portland. He went to school in Portland and worked on boats in the summertime and during long breaks. 

Written by Intro to Journalism student, Fall 2021