Degrees and Certifications:

Jeremy Shetler

Jeremy Shetler has been a part of the Ida B. Wells community for multiple years. After being a part of the class of ‘92, Shetler's educational career did not end. Whether it is coaching baseball or football, or if it's teaching history, being Dean of Students, or Campus monitor, “I've put on a lot of hats over the years.” Shetler said. Shetler grew up in different parts of Portland, attending three local colleges majoring in Arts and Social Science. Shetler began his coaching career in 1998 as coach of the freshman baseball team at Ida. B. Wells, previously Wilson. The following fall he took on the task of assistant football coach. Since then he has continued coaching both sports here at Wells and took up teaching full-time in 2009, where he taught algebra and modern world history. Shetler believes in giving students an opportunity and giving them a positive experience like he had at Wilson. Aside from his many responsibilities here at Wells, he enjoys gaming, reading and music. Shetler has grown with Wells and built his future alongside the school. Shetler’s wife graduated from Wells and his daughter is now a freshman here at Ida. B. Wells. With these connections, Mr. Shetler continues to provide opportunities to his students and athletes.

Written by Shayla Reuther, Intro to Communications, Fall 2023