News & Achievements

  • 2020-2021 

    Nolan Sottoway (current WHS senior) and Sol McClain (WHS class of 2020) did a summer research project with astronomer Richard Berry on the variable star XX Cygni. While most variable stars take days to years to complete one brightness cycle, XX Cygni takes just over three hours, making it a great target for amateur research. Although this star has been studied for over a century, many questions about its cycle have remained. This student research has uncovered new conclusions about the star's period and its behavior that they will be presenting to the American Association of Variable Star Observers and later publishing in a peer-reviewed paper.



    WHS Seniors Awarded Scholarships (June 2020)

    Today we are very excited and proud to award 16 Wilson High School seniors with scholarships!  These scholarships are generously provided by Wilson alumni, community partners, and Wilson High School.

    Wilson Community Scholarship: We’re excited to present two Wilson Community Scholarships for $1,500 each.  The Wilson Community Scholarships are provided by the fundraising efforts of the Counseling and College & Career Departments at Wilson High School. Our two recipients are upstanding members of the WHS senior class and have excelled in either community service, work experience, or family involvement. The 2020 Wilson Community Scholarship recipients are: Josie Altman and Reid Kille

    Gifford Family Community Scholarship:  This is a $1000 scholarship designated for a deserving Wilson High School graduate who has made a difference in his/her community.  Funding comes from Dr. Gifford, our local Hillsdale dentist and the owner of Gifford Family Dentistry. The 2020 Gifford Family Scholarship recipient is: Elisa Mickelson

    Harrison J. Blackwell Scholarship: The next scholarship honors Harrison J. Blackwell III, who attended Wilson in the mid 1980’s. Harrison was very active in the Wilson community and was committed to making Wilson, Portland, and the world a better place. In addition to excelling as a student, Harrison held a job at Chez Jose and was active at Our Lady of the Lake Parish, serving as an ambassador. Harrison was a standout athlete, too, serving as team captain for Wilson’s volleyball team. He completed the Marketing and Health Occupations pathways and is fondly remembered for his commitment to the student store. Harrison is honored to give this $1000 award to Hannah Romeis.

    Merle and Pat Lotz Music Scholarship: Merle and Pat Lotz were active music teachers in Portland from 1951-1995.  This music scholarship is a powerful way to honor and celebrate their many years of dedication to music education, as well as their love of students and people, and their understanding of the positive impact of music in the hearts and lives of all people. 

    The 2020 Merle and Pat Lotz Music Scholarship recipients are: Nathaniel Nelson, Logan Sweeney, and Shea Yurdana.  (Nataniel will receive $2000, Shea and Logan will both receive $1000)

    PTA Scholarship: 2020 was a banner year for the PTA Scholarship program at Wilson, with a record number of outstanding applications submitted!   Traditionally, the PTA awards two $1,000 scholarships each year, however this year, the PTA decided that it would award five $1,000 scholarships - THANK YOU SO MUCH TO OUR PTA!  Now for the recipients:

    Our first recipient has been described as having a driven spirit, a desire to help others, and a passion for solving problems, which is reflected in the academic challenges that he has taken on to better himself and to assist his fellow students.  Planning to attend UC Berkeley in the fall, with the ultimate goal of becoming a physics professor in order to pass along his knowledge to the next generation of learners, we are proud to award Josh Bromley the first 2020 Wilson PTA Scholarship - congratulations Josh!

    Our next recipient is truly an inspiration. Described as resilient, driven and dedicated, this young person wrote about being positively impacted by great teachers and now wishes to follow in those footsteps and pay it forward!  Rosa Guerrero-Bermudez has plans on attending PCC Sylvania to major in Early Childhood Education with the goal of ultimately becoming an Adolescent Psychologist - passionate about wanting to help kids who have challenges just like she did.  Congratulations Rosa!

    Described as the best kind of leader, our third Wilson PTA Scholarship recipient has made a commitment to personal growth, collaboration, and community service.  This young person has been passionate about strengthening and improving her school climate and helping others in her community.  With a work ethic that is unmatched, Kelsey Rundorff plans to attend Portland State University this fall with a goal to earn an MBA and ultimately own her own business. Congratulations Kelsey!

    Our next Wilson Scholarship recipient brings an aura of energy and enthusiasm wherever she goes.  Rather than choosing between community service and time for friends, she leads the event and gets her friends involved. An incredible leader and an asset to anything she contributes to, Chloe Unflat plans on attending Western Washington University in the fall and devoting that energy and enthusiasm to a career in the design field. Congratulations Chloe!  

    Described as courageous, intellectual, and thoughtful, our final recipient brings a strong interest in equity wherever she goes.  With plans to attend the Honors College at Oregon State University, Maddie Limon is motivated and excited to be an active scholar and community member - all of the qualities we hope for when sending our students off into the world.  Congratulations Maddie!   

    Thank you again for all of our applicants and on behalf of the Wilson PTA - Congratulations Class of 2020.

    OSAC Scholarships

    The Carl & Dorothy Crow Scholarships are granted to Portland Public School graduates each year. This $1500 scholarship may be used at Oregon State University or the University of Oregon. The 2020  recipients of the Carl & Dorothy Crow Scholarships from Wilson are: Briana Hoxha and John Nguyen

     Marsha K. Richards Inspirational Scholarship is awarded to one Wilson graduate each year. This scholarship, worth more than $500, was established in memory of a Portland Public Schools teacher, coach, and administrator. Ms. Richards who was the wife of former Wilson principal, Mike Hrciew. The 2020 recipient of the Marsha K. Richards scholarship is Indigo Nishama Paris.

    Peggy Dickinson Miller Scholarship is awarded to one Wilson graduate each year. This $2800 scholarship was established in memory of a Jackson graduate who went on to become an elementary administrator in the Wilson cluster. The 2020 recipient of the Peggy Dickinson Miller Scholarship Mikayla Best-Prostrednik

    We have now concluded the scholarship portion of the presentation. The following awards are selected by staff members and are typically presented during the graduation ceremony. These are some of the highest honors that a Wilson student can receive.

     Outstanding Scholars: This award honors graduating seniors who are considered to be the most outstanding scholars in their class. More than merely earning good grades, these students truly love learning: 

    Josh Bromley

    Daniel Hickey

    Nathaniel Nelson

    Rispa Vranka Wafula

    Outstanding Seniors: This honors two graduating seniors considered to be the most outstanding in their class, in terms of character, service, leadership and scholarship: 

    Chloe Unflat

    Kaden Leeper

     Mabel Whitted: This award honors one graduating senior who works earnestly, speaks kindly, and acts sincerely. This senior honors diversity and is accepting of all, rather than being exclusive. This senior is unselfish and places character first. This award was created to honor Ms. Whitted, a former Wilson vice principal, who exhibited these qualities: Indigo Nishama Paris

    Faculty Service Award: The Faculty Service Award honors a graduating senior who has consistently performed outstanding, unselfish service on behalf of the Wilson school community. This award recognizes the unsung hero who works quietly and modestly without public recognition of their service, until now. This year, we are proud to present the faculty service award to: Maddie Limon

     Golden W:  Finally, we will be honoring those inducted into the “Order of the Golden W”.The Golden W honors graduating seniors, members of the Wilson faculty & staff, and members of the community who have performed services above and beyond the call of duty for Wilson High School. They have given at least four years of service. These people have demonstrated their dedication to the betterment of our school by generously contributing their time and talents, not merely by doing their jobs or being good students. 

    This year we are conferring the Order of the Golden W upon 3 members of the faculty, 4 community members, and 4 very special seniors. We’ll start with the community members…

    Community Member Golden W’s 

    Kris Leeper is an outstanding community member. He has gone out of his way to help promote, support, and energize the Wilson community. His work with the booster club has been such an important part of all great things happening at Wilson. We hope to continue seeing him roam the halls and the sidelines and helping us continue to build the Wilson brand. Congrats on this amazing achievement, Kris. Good luck to you as your last child graduates from Wilson this year!

    Jessica More has been volunteering in the Wilson office for many years and has always been an amazing resource of wisdom and good energy for students, parents and staff alike. She assisted us in starting the first online AP registration,  helped the staff to see how to utilize google forms to streamline our shadowing program, and always greeted guests with a smile.  She was always ready and willing to tackle a tough project. With her last child graduating and heading off to college this year, Jessica will be greatly missed. 

    Described as a “powerhouse” by Wilson staff, Teri Price has done a little bit of everything for the Arts at Wilson over the years. She has co-chaired the WHS Arts Fundraiser, volunteered as an auction liaison, and even coordinated meals for students during shows. Her work with the annual holiday greenery sale has supported Wilson Band, Choir, Theatre, and Orchestra and has raised thousands of dollars to support students. We thank Teri for pouring her love and energy into the Wilson community and hope she sticks around even after her son graduates this month. Thank you, Teri!

    Leanne Van Horn is a person you always want to have on your side.  She is a cheerleader for the causes that she believes in.  She has been in the halls and on the fields of Wilson High School for a long time - first as a parent, now as an employee, but always as an above and beyond volunteer!  Just to name a few things; Leanne has helped in the office, she took Wilson’s PTA hospitality role to a whole new level, and is co-chair of the Grad Night celebration.  Dedicated, motivated, and caring; we cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for Wilson over the years!

    Staff Golden W’s 

    Danny Bradach has been an inspiring and dedicated counselor at Wilson for the past five years. He puts his heart into every meeting with his students; helping them navigate social, emotional, and academic challenges. He helped start Unified Sports at Wilson, an inclusive sports program that unites Special Olympics athletes and partners as teammates for training and competition. Danny coached the Unified Soccer team to a Sportsmanship Award in our league and recognition as a National Unified Champion School. His passion for his job is spirited and genuine. Congratulations Danny!

     Ken Muraoka -There is no teacher who cares more about the health of his students and our school than Ken Muraoka.  He goes the extra mile with each student and doesn’t just focus on grades but on the learning.  Mr. Muraoka is an inspiration to teachers and students alike by working hard to make his classes relevant to students, addressing important life issues they may not get elsewhere. He is a champion in advocating for student voice, fostering leadership in our students.  Congratulations Ken, well-deserved! 

    Margaret Murer’s decade of dedication to Wilson High School is evident in every concert and production that her students perform. Her energy and sense of humor make her a vital part of the WHS staff. She cares for her students and offers support beyond the classroom, even after graduation. She holds high expectations for her students and consistently goes the extra mile, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in her program. The Choir Room is a welcoming place for all and that is entirely due to Margaret’s warm and caring nature. Congratulations, Margaret!

    Student Golden W’s 

    Over the past four years, Lily Lum has made a real impact on the Wilson community. She is an amazing young woman who is full of passion, determination, and curiosity. As a key member of Wilson publications, Asian Pacific Islander club, our dynamic social justice program, and a peer counselor she has advocated for numerous students. She asks the hard questions and still manages to have a great attitude and make people laugh. Congratulations on this prestigious award, Lily. You deserve it!

    Wilson High School is truly a better place because of Kelsey Rundorff. Kelsey epitomizes everything we love to see in our students; she can light up any room with her friendly smile and warmhearted nature. She is a spirited person who works tirelessly to help others, as seen in her work off campus with organizations like Family Promise and Faith Cafe and on campus with our Leadership, AVID, and Marketing programs, just to name a few. Kelsey regularly goes above and beyond for others and embodies everything that the Golden W represents. Thank you for being a great Trojan, Kelsey!

    Since her freshman year, Chloe Unflat has been a true stand out in the classroom and in the community with an exceptionally diverse set of skills. She has an enormous amount of positive energy that is contagious to those around her. From being the ASB President to a Rose Court Festival Princess, being a varsity athlete/team captain to winning an art contest, or designing a graphic for a shirt for students and staff to wear, Chloe will never disappoint. Congratulations on this recognition, Chloe!

    Over the last four years, Genevieve Wages has proven to be a dedicated, dependable young woman who is both hard-working and intrinsically motivated. Her commitment and responsibility to Wilson High School sets her apart from her peers. She has been a class officer for Student Leadership since her sophomore year, she is on the District Student Council, she is Editor-in-Chief for the Yearbook, she is head of the CommuniCare Committee, has been on the swim and cross country teams and a trainee for the Portland Fire and Rescue Cadet Program. These are just a few examples from the robust list that fills this young lady’s resume! Congrats Genevieve!

    WHS Wins 2020 Economic Challenge State Championship (May 2020)

    A team of four Wilson High School students are the Oregon State Champions in Economics.  The team, consisting of seniors, Joshua Bromely, Emma Koontz, Nathaniel Nelson and junior, Ori Friesen, won the Oregon State championship on Saturday. The team will advance to the National Semi-Finals later this week.  This is the first year that Wilson has competed.

    The National Economics Challenge (NEC) is the country’s only economics competition of its kind for high school students. It tests micro and macroeconomic principles as well as knowledge of the world economy.

    "It was wonderful to see Emma, Nathaniel, Josh, and Ori win the state competition,” said Coach Josh Winicki, who is also the team’s Economics teacher at Wilson. “They've been working all year long, meeting during lunch to review material and study old competition material. And I would also like to congratulate all the teams that competed, including two other teams from Wilson that made it to the State final round, one finishing tied for third."  

    “Mr. Winicki really brought economics to life for me,” said team captain Koontz, “After taking his class last year, I was looking for ways to further my understanding of economics. When I learned about the challenge, competing seemed like an obvious way to maximize utility.”

    The Council for Economic Education (CEE) created the National Economics Challenge in 2000 to promote student interest in economics, reinforce classroom instruction, and to encourage teamwork and school spirit. In 2019, more than 10,000 high school students from the US and 2,300 from China participated.

    Wilson National Honor Society members (May 2020):

    These students have earned a 3.5 cumulative GPA and have engaged in community service throughout high school. They will be honored with a gold cord at graduation. Congratulations!

    Congratulations to OBOB State Qualifiers (April 2020)

    Congratulations to Wilson Oregon Battle of the Books Team members Sophia Stedman, Grace Pendergrass, Jack Conway, and Elaine Demetrion. As a team, they read 12 books and many of them read 12 books each! After four competitive battles against teams from other schools at the regional competition at Sandy High School, they finished as champions and earned a spot to qualify in the State Battle of the Books Competition. Unfortunately, the state competition was canceled and will not be held remotely. We are still very proud of this team, their state qualifying status, and their representation of Wilson at the regional tournament. Great job and well done!

    2020 WHS Snowboarding Qualifiers (March 2020)

    Here are our State Qualifiers:

    •  BS- Carmen,Colin,Trent  1st Alt- Virginia
    • SBX- Carmen,Colin,Trent
    • Slope- Colin,Trent
    • HP- Carmen  2nd Alt- Colin

    Wilson DECA Results (March 2020)

    Wilson DECA had an incredible showing at the 2020 State Career Development Conference (SCDC). Having sent more competitors this year than in any prior, we also earned our first births to Nationals which will be hosted in Nashville, Tennessee from April 28th - May 2nd. Please celebrate our students, with me, for their exemplary efforts! 

    Below are a few of our big event wins:

     Accounting Applications Series

    • 1st Place Overall - Dakota Hedger

     Business Finance Series

    • Daniel Raber - 6th place (test), 4th place (roleplay #2), 19th overall

     Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making Event

    • 13th Overall - Alexandria Quan & Togtuun Tumurkhuu

     Financial Consulting Event

    • 3rd Place Overall - Dakota Hedger
    • 4th Place Overall - Daniel Raber

     Food Marketing Series

    • 3rd Place Overall - Reid Kille
    • 6th Place Overall - Daniel Raber

     Human Resources Management Series

    • 5th Place Overall - Dakota Hedger
    • 10th Place Overall - Kelsey Rundorf

     Hospitality Services Team Decision Making Event

    • 19th Overall - Alexandria Quan & Togtuun Tumurkhuu

     Integrated Marketing Campaign - Event

    • 3rd place written portion: Greyson Mcwhorter, Peyton Theissen
    • 4th place written portion: Saida Seelig, Togtuun Tumurkhuu 

    Overall Placement:

    • 8th  Greyson Mcwhorter, Peyton Theissen 
    • 9th  Eric Alekseyev, Ashton Hester 
    • 10th Saida Seelig, Togtuun Tumurkhuu 
    • 14th Brogan Hedger, Alex Rankine
    • 17th Nico Nolfi, Louie Philip 

     Marketing Communications Series

    • 14th Place Overall - Reid Kille

     Marketing Management Team Decision Making Event

    • 10th Place Overall -  Eric Alekseyev, Kelsey Rundorff

     Project Management - Career Development

    • 4th Place Overall - Sydney Barill, Reid Kille

     Principles of Marketing

    • 10th Place Overall - Greyson Mcwhorter

    For a full list of Wilson competitors, events and placing, click HERE.

    For a highlight video, click HERE.

     About the International Career Development Conference (ICDC):

    • DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.
    • More than 10,000 DECA members will demonstrate their knowledge and skills by participating in DECA’s Competitive Events Program at ICDC. 
    • DECA’s Emerging Leader Series emphasizes skill development in the areas of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

     Thank you,

    Sarah LeMier, WHS Marketing Teacher

    American Mathematics Competition Results (March 2020)!

    Congratulations to all the students who participated in this year's AMC Contest.  Particular kudos to the top three scorers on the 12th grade test: Josh Bromley, Michael Schuff and Elaine Demetrion, and to the top three scorers on the 10th grade test:  Preston Bushnell, Cara Weathers and Emily Kern.

    Josh, Michael and Preston will move on to compete in the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME).  This marks the first time in recent memory that three WHS students qualified for the AIME, but perhaps most importantly, our team scores were high enough to get our AMC trophy back from Lincoln!

    Brian Sahler, Math Department, Wilson HS

    Unified Sports Program (Feb 2020)

    A HUGE shout out to our Unified Sports Program for their recognition on becoming a National Unified Champion School and an Oregon Unified Champion School! What an outstanding accomplishment for our student-athletes and coaches!

     Unified Sports

     Wilson Speech and Debate Hits U of O with Big Win - Congratulations (2/18/2020)!

    • Ginger Felberg and Ella Brown - 1st place in Public Forum Debate
    • Ethan Eisner and Nathanial Nelson - Tied 1st place in Public Forum Debate
    • Emma Koontz - 2nd place in Lincoln Douglas Debate
    • Zoe Carver and Cara Weathers - finalists in Parliamentary Debate
    • Ari Lohr - 2nd place in Impromptu and Informative  - finalist in Programmed Oral Interpretation
    • Ginger Felberg and Nathanial Nelson - 2nd place in Duo Interpretation
    • Ashton Hester and Zoe Carver - Finalist in Duo Interpretation
    • Cara Weathers - 3rd place in Prose
    • Emma Koontz - Finalist in After Dinner Speaking

    Picture 1 Picture 2  

    Students in Action: WHS Health Sciences at Timberline Lodge

    Earlier this Fall (10/28/19), a group of students from the Wilson High School Health Sciences program spent at Timberline Lodge with members of the Mt. Ski Patrol. It was an absolutely beautifully sunny fall day up on the mountain, and the students had the unique opportunity to meet and explore the trails and successes of mountain medicine. The day also included a practice scenario with ski patrol members, a tour of the First Aid room and a tour of the historic Timberline Lodge (photos).

    Scholastic Art Awards - 2/3/2020

    Congratulations!!! - Congratulations to the following Wilson students who received Scholastic Art Awards. Students in the Portland Metro area receiving gold keys will have their work on display at Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) February 6th - February 21st. The Opening Reception will be on Thursday, February 6th from 6-8pm at PNCA located at 511 NW Broadway. All are welcome to attend. 

    Awards in Senior Art Portfolios: Isaac Soto (Gold Key), Rachel Rodriguez (Silver Key), Trent Nesbitt (Silver Key), Chloe Unflat (Silver Key), Maggie Strecker (Honorable Mention), Kristen Poore (Honorable Mention), Cassidy Stevenson (Honorable Mention)

    Individual Gold Keys in Drawing and Illustration: Georgia Feld-Denae, Lucy Quinn, Isaac Soto (3 Gold Keys), Cassidy Stevenson

    Individual Gold Keys in Painting: Virginia Boutwell (2 Gold Keys), Lucy Grimm, Kylie Robinson,Ezra Scriven (3 Gold Keys)

    Individual Gold Keys in Digital Art: Makenzie Lee, Georgia Feld-Denae, Owen Van Horn

    Individual Gold Keys in Photography: Claire Catalan, Adam Dowling,Zola Lungershausen,Ari Lohr (4 Gold Keys)

    Individual Silver Keys in Drawing and Illustration: Fiona Bolen, Zasu Hostetter Smith (3 Silver Keys), Marina McClain, Trent Nesbitt (3 Silver Keys)

    Lucy Quinn, Kylie Robinson (3 Silver Keys), Ezra Scriven, Cassidy Stevenson, Sophia Sutherland (2 Silver Keys), Chloe Unflat (2 Silver Keys), Desmond Wendt

    Individual Silver Keys in Painting: Georgia Feld-Denae, Anna Hansen, Deidra Kolnick, Amelia Stabler

    Individual Silver Key in Digital Art: Amelia Stabler,

    Individual Silver Key in Fashion: Maddy Cronn

    Individual Silver Keys in Photography: Carmen Donnerberg (2 Silver Keys), Ashley Fale-Olsen, Reese Gold, Maggie Green, Deidra Kolnick (3 Silver Keys), Ari Lohr (2 Silver Keys), Kaya Mandac, Maggie Strecker

    Individual Honorable Mention in Drawing and Illustration:  Mikayla Zoe Best-Prostrednik, Fiona Bolen, Samantha Caldera, Zasu Hostetter-Smith (2 Honorable Mentions), Alex Kelyman, Mackenzie Lorz, Marina McClain, Lucy Quinn, Rachel Rodriguez, Landon Romo, Ezra Scriven, Isaac Soto (4 Honorable Mentions), Cassidy Stevenson, Sophia Sutherland, Chloe Unflat

    Individual Honorable Mention in Painting: Fiona Bolen, Georgia Feld-Denae, Lucy Quinn, Landon Romo, Ezra Scriven, Cassidy Stevenson

     Individual Honorable Mention in Digital Art: Cassidy Stevenson

    Individual Honorable Mention in Photography: Claire Catalan (2 Honorable Mentions), Carmen Donnerberg, Ashley Fale-Olsen, Ashling Gregory, Teagan Hunt, Deidra Kolnick (3 Honorable Mentions), Ari Lohr (3 Honorable Mentions), Zola Lungershausen, Jaden O”Farrell, Jace Smith

    Individual Honorable Mention in Ceramics and Glass: Deidra Kolnick

    Recent WHS Athletic Achievements:

    Red Cross Lifesaving Award for Professional Responders presented to local teen for using her training skills to save a life 

    Portland, OR, Jan. 14, 2020 — Wilson High School senior, Rivkah Zigman didn’t hesitate to call on her American Red Cross training in First Aid/CPR/AED to save the life of a 60-year-old woman while volunteering last summer in Tel Aviv, Israel. For this heroic and lifesaving action, Zigman will receive the Red Cross Lifesaving Award for Professional Responders in a ceremony tonight at the Cascades Region Board Meeting.

    The Lifesaving Award for Professional Responders is the highest award given by the Red Cross to individuals or group of individuals who save or sustain a life using skills learned in a Red Cross Training Services course.

    *Media is invited to attend this presentation at 5 p.m. tonight at the Red Cross Cascades Region headquarters at 3131 N. Vancouver Ave. Portland, OR 97227. Please arrive by 4:45 p.m.

    “We’re extremely proud to present a Lifesaving Award for Professional Responders to Rivkah," Dale Kunce, CEO of the Red Cross Cascades Region said. “Her actions exemplify our mission to help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.”

    In July of 2019, Zigman traveled to Tel Aviv, Israel to volunteer with United Hatzalah, a volunteer-based emergency medical services organization in Israel. While on duty with United Hatzalah responders, they were dispatched to a 60-year-old female unresponsive patient. Zigman applied the automated external defibrillator (AED) and participated in the CPR efforts for nearly 30 minutes. Working with the EMT teams, they were able to get a pulse and transported the woman to the hospital, where she ultimately survived.  

    Zigman completed the Adult and Child First Aid / CPR / AED training course with the Red Cross Cascades Region at Wilson High School on December 15, 2017.

    Red Cross training gives people the knowledge and skills to act in an emergency and save a life. A variety of online, blended (online and in-person skills session) and classroom courses are available at

    If you or someone you know has used skills and knowledge learned in an American Red Cross Training Services course to help save or sustain the life of another individual, visit to nominate, recognize, or be inspired.

    About the American Red Cross:

    The American Red Cross shelters, feeds and provides emotional support to victims of disasters; supplies about 40 percent of the nation's blood; teaches skills that save lives; provides international humanitarian aid; and supports military members and their families. The Red Cross is a not-for-profit organization that depends on volunteers and the generosity of the American public to perform its mission. For more information, please visit or, or visit us on Twitter at @RedCrossCasc.

    Wilson Sports Hall of Fame-Class of 2020 - January 2020

    Wilson High School is proud to announce the newest class of the Wilson Hall of Fame.
     Sam Porter Class of 92
     Stuart Fewel Class of 09
     Michael Holm Class of 80
     Jim Smith Class of 61
     Jeff Rudolph Class of 77
     Mike Gits Class of 96
    We will be recognizing the newest inductees at our Spring Sports Assembly on March 13th at 9:30am.
    Please join us in celebrating our newest class to the Wilson Hall of Fame!

    WHS Students Win Young Astronomers Award - December

    The Telescope Group of the Wilson High School Astronomy Club won a $450 cash award and were honored at the Rose City Astronomers meeting at OMSI on Monday, December 16. The group was honored for their work during the 2018-2019 school year for building two 4.5-inch Newtonian reflectors on Dobsonian mounts. The RCA was especially impressed that the group built homemade focusers. The telescopes have joined the WHS Astronomy Club’s telescope lending library, which now has eight telescopes of a variety of designs available for members of the Wilson community to borrow. WHS Astronomy Club members are available to train borrowers how to use the telescopes. 

     The honorees include Quinn Brown (2021), Savanah Danger (2021), Tucker Nelson (2021), Mateo Stange (2021), and Rispa Vranka Wafula (2020). Emily Bugbee was also honored, but her family has moved away. Parent Rob Brown advises the Telescope Group and science teacher Joe Minato advises the Astronomy Club.

     The group is excited about investing the $450 in supplies for their next telescope building project. Interested parties can contact Mr. Minato,, about borrowing a telescope.

    Speech and Debate Announcement -December

    Wilson Speech and Debate had lots of fun this weekend competing at both Cleveland and Clackamas highschool. Our hard work in practice paid off taking home first overall in Debate and third overall in Speech. We are ready and excited for our next tournament at Pacific University!

    Nathanial Nelson: finalist in Spar debate

    Ethan Eisner and Nathanial Nelson: semi-finalist in Public Forum debate 

    Ginger Felberg and Ella Brown: semi-finalist in Public forum debate

    WHS No Place for Hate Peer Training - December

    Wilson High School partnered with the Anti-Defamation League to implement a program called “No Place for Hate” as part of our school wide anti-hate action plan.  With this partnership, 33 Wilson High School students will be trained for three days (Dec. 11th, 12th, and 16th) on what to do when they observe and/or experience bias, hate, and/or discrimination at school and in our community at large.  These 33 courageous students will go into 9th grade classrooms at the start of 2nd semester and acting as “Peer Trainers” to spread their knowledge and understanding with fellow students about how to recognize bias and what to do about it when they see it or experience it.

     We are very excited about this amazing opportunity for our Wilson students and our school community.  If you have any questions, please feel free to direct those question to Vice Principal Ayesha Freeman.

     The students participating are: Bahja Abid, Samiya Ahmed, Sundus Ahmed, Anis Ali, Emilee Augsburger-Fisher, Molly Cogburn-Frury, Celia Connor-Smith, Isa De Los Santos, Bailey BuPerault, Iona Ellison, Lee Holoubek, Yaniv Horenstein, Hui Hui Hutchinson, Anne Koontz, Alison Krantz Grommes, Abraham Kushner, Maddie Limon, Bronte McKinnis, Asiya Menye, Jonel Mondero, Catalina Monterio, Aria Morgan, Aslan Newson, Emma Oechies, Ruby Park, Gia Prado, Nura Salah, Senya Scott, Mia Sedory, Manar Surur, Katisyn Sweeney, Alayah Willis, Sarah Woods.

     No Place for HATE

    2019 Presedintial Awards for Execllence in Mathematics

    Chris Bartlo was named as one of the recipients of the 2019 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.  This is a tremendous honor and a huge accomplishment.  Congratulations, Mr. Bartlo, and thank you for all that you do to help our students excel inside the classroom and beyond.  To learn more about Chris:


    Spotlight on . . . Award-Winning Computer Science Teachers

    On March 8, 2016, Wilson Teachers Chris Bartlo and Nick Nohner were named Allen Distinguished Educators, an award that comes with a $25,000 prize. The contest rewards innovative education programs in engineering and was awarded to our Wilson teachers for their Computer Science and Math Modeling courses. Wilson offers four years of computer science, the only four-year program in the Portland area. Read more from the Oregonian here. Congratulations Mr. Bartlo and Mr. Nohner!



    2019 Les Schwab Bowl
    Senior Keating Hinkley has been selected to play in the 2019 Les Schwab Bowl on Saturday, June 15, at the Hillsboro Stadium. Kick-off is at 6pm. This is a wonderful honor for a great student-athlete who is going on to play at Western Oregon University in the Fall. For more information, go to

    AP Art Students Paint to Win!

    AP Art Team

    On Wednesday, June 5, students from Ms. Pearson’s AP Art Class participated in the “En Plein Air” painting competition held at PCC. This fun event re-imagined plein air painting as a wrestling match, with two 50-minute rounds a half-time, DJ, referee, MC, and a drumline. Three kindergarteners from the PCC Child development Center served as judges as PCC students gathered to watch the paintings develop. Wilson students worked collaboratively from start to finish on a 4' x 10' canvas with a Halloween rock concert as the subject of the painting. The judges showed excellent taste and discrimination and chose the Wilson canvas as the winner! The winning team consisted of Aria Delamarter, Georgia Feld-Denae, Anna Hansen, Deidra Kolnick, Kylie Robinson, Isaac Soto, Sophia Burton, Graham Lampe and Lucas Yao.

    End-of-year Awards

    Gifford Family Community Scholarship: Amy Sloan
    Wilson Community Scholarship: Thomas Reynolds, Nikos Zumberis, and Athina Watkins
    Hand in Hand Scholarship: Tim Denniston
    Harrison J. Blackwell Scholarship:  Jasmine Maldonado
    PTA Scholarships: Amy Sloan and Andrew Harker
    National Merit Scholarship: Ryan Bernstein
    PCC Future Connect Scholarships:
    Nasra Abdullahi
    Idarus Abdullahi
    Maryama Ali
    Hailey Anderson
    Yassen Bajali
    Jacob Bell
    Macenzie Braithwait
    Emma Charlone
    James Coefield
    Shelby Garrett
    Dora Hernandez
    Abdiaziz Hussein
    Isaiah Hill
    Omar Menye
    Yeni Miranda
    Christevie Mpunga
    Abdi Noor
    Nikki Owens
    Asad Sheikh Ahmed

    Order of the Golden W
    David Williams (staff)
    Matt Carlson (staff)
    Sarah Lemier (staff)
    Kelly Milford (staff)
    Irene Hediger (Community)
    Jean Hinkley (Community)
    Andrew Harker (student)
    Zoe Bennett (student)
    Amy Sloan (student)
    Ryan Bernstein (student)

    Valedictorians and Highest Weighted GPA
    Ryan Bernstein
    Gabe Colasurdo
    Emily Eddy
    Jessica Ewton
    Andrew Harker
    Fran Ierulli
    Sierra Loiselle
    Ella Lurix
    Eli Molloy (Highest Weighted GPA)
    Vivian Monteiro
    Delaney Oliver-Nutt
    Anthony Piacentini

    Athletic Awards
    Paul McCall Award: Maia Uili, Mason Lommen
    Scholar Athletes: Jake Winkler, Jessica Ewton
    Male/Female Athletes of the Year: Caden Samkutty, Francesca Ierulli
    Head Coach of the Year: Thor Esbensen
    Assistant Coach of the Year: Tony Petraglia

    Department Awards
    Excellence in Jazz Band: Anthony Piacentini
    Excellence in Band: Devon Johnson, Jackson Ruhl
    Wilson Band Hall of Fame: Sid Mesirow
    Outstanding Ceramics Students: Benny Silverberg, Luke Bessette, Quinn Johnson, Jessica Ewton
    Outstanding Work in AP Art (Drawing and Painting): Susan Behrends Valenzuela
    Outstanding Photography Student: Nicholas Olenich, Annika Sundstrom, Francesca Ierulli, Sebastien O'Halloran
    Outstanding Musicianship in Choir: Annika Phillips, Cooper Poole, Maia Uili, Jackson Wray
    Outstanding Musicianship for Orchestra: Gabriel Colasurdo, Katja LaFlamme
    English Department
    Outstanding Students in Language Arts: Olivia German, Lizzie Scriven, Ella Lurix, Adam Blaine, Janacia Robertson, William Britton
    Outstanding student in English Language Development: Abas Menye, Christevie Mpunga
    Health Sciences CTE
    Outstanding student in Health Sciences: Zoey Nolan, Alex Worden
    Outstanding Leadership Student:  Zoe Bennett
    Marketing Student of the Year: Ella Lurix
    Award for Diligence, Excellence, Integrity: Amy Sloan
    Noblesse Oblige - Of Service to Others: Sean Cunningham
    Outstanding Math Student:  Jaren Friesen
    Outstanding Calculus Students:  Jessica Ewton and Ryan Bernstein
    Outstanding Statistics Students:  Eli Molloy, Emily Eddy
    Computer Programming Student: Henry Pigg
    Physical Education
    Outstanding student in Strength and Conditioning: Tavares Tims
    Outstanding student in Physical Education: Barbara Miranda-Reyes
    Outstanding Yearbook Student:  Gaby Mendoza, Susan Behrends, Lily Martinson
    Outstanding student in Biology: Emily Eddy
    Outstanding student in Chemistry: Spencer Machinski
    Outstanding student in Physics: Ryan Bernstein
    Social Studies
    Outstanding students in social studies: Lucas Yao, Claire Haats, William Sweek
    Room 17
    Resident Photographer: Cedrex Charley
    Studious Student Award: Janet Gonzalez 
    Pop Culture Guru: Kendall Voigt
    Outstanding Contribution to Theatre, Overall: Parker Callais, Jackson Wray
    Outstanding Contribution to Theatre, Offstage: Annika Phillips, Sophia Burton
    Outstanding Contribution to Theatre, Onstage: William Britton, Lucy Grissom
    Woods and Metals
    Outstanding Woods & Metals students: Max Kemling, Maya Goines, Oscar Sloop
    World Language Department
    Outstanding American Sign Language Student: Sierra Loiselle
    Outstanding French Student: Annika Phillips, Pascal Tower
    Outstanding Achievement in Spanish: Andrew Harker, Jessica Ewton
    Outstanding German student: Christine Castles
    The OSAC Peggy Dickinson Miller Scholarship: Ariel Ortega, Samantha Torres
    The OSAC Marsha K. Richards Inspirational Scholarship: Taumaia Uili
    The Carl & Dorothy Crow Scholarships: Jessica Ewton, Fran Ierulli, Olivia Worley

    Woodrow Wilson Scholars
    Lyla Balthazaar
    Susan Behrends
    Zoe Bennett
    Ryan Bernstein
    Solomon Burr Harris
    Gabe Colasurdo
    Emily Eddy
    Jaren Friesen
    Ellie George
    Claire Haats
    Andrew Harker
    Julia Johnston
    Hayden Lohr
    Sierra Loiselle
    Ella Lurix
    Madeline Mapes
    Gabby Mendoza-Estrada
    Eli Molloy
    Connor Moragne
    Elizabeth Reunert
    Sarah Robertson
    Jackson Ruhl
    Taegan Snyder
    Annika Sundstrom
    William Sweek
    Morgan Thiers
    Elizabeth Vodden
    Isaac Vollen
    Justine Wendt
    Sarah White
    Jake Winkler
    Alex Worden

    Faculty Service Award: Janacia Robertson


    We are proud to announce Valedictorians for the Class of 2019

    Back row, from left: Gabe Colasurdo, Anthony Piacentini, Ryan Bernstein, Eli Molloy, Emily Eddy, Sierra Loiselle
    Front row, from left: Fran Ierulli, Ella Lurix, Andrew Harker, PPS School Board Student Representative Nick Paesler
    Not pictured: Jessica Ewton, Vivian Monteiro, Delaney Oliver-Nutt


    Student-Athletes of the Month


    Junior Henry Anderson, Men’s Lacrosse: According to his teachers, Henry is a brilliant and dedicated AP physics student who excels on the theoretical work and in the lab. This continues beyond science where he excels in all of his classes and on the field and court. Toss in his charm and modesty. Mix all of this with his calm good nature. The result is a true Renaissance Man. Henry is a leader in the classroom and for his teams. He is dedicated, passionate, and an all-around great kid!



    Junior Rachel Weirnick, Women’s Tennis: According to her teachers, Rachel’s intellectual rigor and attention to detail and excellence in the classroom is just as evident on the tennis court. Her understated style of study and play is not showy, but the final result is always impressive. She is an authentic scholar and athlete who lets her actions speak for her. These actions speak loudly and clearly. Look out world, here comes Rachel. She's a super-dedicated band student. Very reliable and a great musician. Rachel is a highly talented student. She was consistently able to balance the demands of a rigorous academic schedule and being an athlete. She also managed her end of the year schedule effectively to make sure that she was up to date on her assignments. Even after a long time, she worked hard to make sure she maintained a high level of readiness for tests that she may have missed. The bottom line is that she is a responsible student who could manage the competing responsibilities of school and sports.

    Teachers of the Month
    Marie Pearson,
    Art: Wilson students say, “Ms. Pearson is the most positive and outgoing human being I know. She flies around the classroom everyday sharing her ideas, teaching new techniques, and also doing handstands. She has created an all-inclusive environment for students to be free from the normal classroom stress and also get your hands a little bit dirty. She creates a fun, caring, and creative programs and does an outstanding job of promoting Wilson Art.”

    Ellen Whatmore,
    Language Arts: Mrs. Whatmore’s students say, “she was always trying to further our knowledge and helped us understand literature and social justice in an interesting way. She is always open to questions and would help to the best of her abilities. She also was super spirited and involved with building class spirit. Mrs. Whatmore cares about each and every student in her class and wants them all to live up to their potential. Her classrooms are engaging, fun, and inquisitive.”

    Norm Stremming,
    Language Arts/Social Studies: According to his students, “Mr. Stremming is extremely relatable with his students and makes class fun and engaging. He is easy to communicate with and passionate about what he does. Mr. Stremming is a great teacher that takes a unique and engaging approach to learning. He focuses on making students ready for college and life. Stremming is one of the realest teachers I’ve ever had. He has made such an impact on my life and the lives of Wilson Students.”

    National Signing Day, May 22

    national signing day

    We celebrated our Wilson student-athletes going on to play at the next level!

    Annika Sundstrom, Oregon State XC/Track
    Zoe Andersen, Portland State XC/Track
    Francesca Ierulli, Oregon XC/Track
    Finn Tyvoll, Humboldt State XC/Track
    Ben Fowler, Linfield Track
    Mason Lommen, Linfield Track
    Cooper Curtin, Track
    Tavares Tims, Mount Hood Community College Baseball
    Keating Hinkley, WOU Football/Track
    Lizzie Scriven, Whittier College Basketball
    Caden Samkutty, Azusa Pacific Tennis
    Logan Clizer, Linfield Soccer
    Olivia McKinnon, Highline Community College Softball

    All-City Teams
    Baseball All-City Team
    1st Team-Tavares Tims, PIL Pitcher of the Year
    1st Team-Tyson Davidson, 1st Base
    2nd Team-Devan Knight, INF
    2nd Team-Tavares Tims, INF
    2nd Team-Jordan Taff, OF
    2nd Team-Zach Lewis, OF
    Honorable Mention-Devan Knight, Pitcher

    Softball All-City Team
    1st Team-Ellie George, INF
    1st Team-Ava Hergenhan, DH
    2nd Team-Kailin Gilzow, Pitcher
    2nd Team-Kaija Shreeve, Pitcher
    2nd Team-Lexi Krake, INF
    2nd Team-Olivia McKinnon, OF
    2nd Team-Becca Gurnee, Utility
    Honorable Mention-Maya Goines, INF
    Honorable Mention-Malea Triplett, OF

    Men’s Lacrosse 2019 Columbia All-Conference Team
    2nd Team-Logan Clizer, Attack
    2nd Team-Henry Anderson, Midfield
    2nd Team-Dylan Gwaltney, Defense
    Honorable Mention-Eric Tervo, Attack
    Honorable Mention-Jesse Brodrick, Attack
    Honorable Mention-Kevin Pixley, Midfield
    Honorable Mention-Rij Dorfman, LSM

    Women’s Lacrosse All-League Teams
    2nd Team-Hyland Cullen-Musengo
    Honorable Mention-Ursa Freeman
    Honorable Mention-Claire Haats
    Honorable Mention-Ashley Fale-Olsen
    Honorable Mention-Daphne Haats

    Student-Athletes of the Week, May 20-24


    Senior Logan Clizer, Men’s Lacrosse: Logan has been a dominant force for our team during the regular season and has continued to do so in the playoffs as well. In playoff games, against Beaverton and in the quarter finals against Roseburg, he earned 10 goals, 4 assists, and 4 forced turn overs. For the regular season, he finished with 47 goals, 20 assists, and 9 forced turn overs.



    Junior Hyland Cullen-Musengo, Women’s Lacrosse: Hyland had an incredible year this past season. She was instrumental in the team’s success this year posting 82 goals, 117 draw controls, 57 caused turnovers, and 67 ground balls for the season. She earned a spot on the 2nd All-League Team and was the leading scorer in the state.


    Wilson Computer Scientists Got Game!

    photo photo photo

    Seven Wilson teams competed against over 300 students from around the state in the Oregon Game Project Challenge at Western Oregon University, with two Trojan teams winning awards for Programming and Game Design.  This year's theme was scarcity.  Teams are judged on a variety of aspects of the software and game design process.  Students had a chance to have their work evaluated by professional software engineers, game developers and college students.  We had an excellent showing at the event with all of our teams receiving high marks for the quality of their work and presentation skills.

    The Game Design Award went to the team of Henry Pigg, Oscar Sloop, Andrew Harker and Zoe Bennett.  Their game, Boinga, is a mobile game where you draw lines to bounce a ball as far as you can before you run out of ink.  Available in the Apple App Store now!

    The Programming Award went to the team of John Nguyen, Max Finke, Louis Rizzo and Karsten Dinsmore. Their game, Corp Inc LLC, is a multiplayer strategy game played over a local network.  Players manage the needs of employees as they build their corporation.

    Student-Athletes of the Week, May 13-17


    Freshman Nolan Malcomson, Track & Field: Here is what the coaches had to say about Nolan: Nolan qualified for all four of his events for the State Meet, 4x100, 110 hurdles, 300 hurdles, and 4x400. Still trying to find the last time Wilson had a four-event qualifier. Outstanding kid with a tremendous future ahead.



    Senior Olivia Worley, Track & Field: Here is what the coaches had to say about Olivia: Olivia competed and scored big points for her team in the 4 X 100, 100 hurdles, 300 hurdles, and the 4 x 400. We are very excited to watch her compete next weekend at the State Track Meet. She is the heart of our program.

    Wilson Student Artists Bag Awards

    Ezra Scriven
    Zasu Hostetter Smith

    Please congratulate Wilson art students Ezra Scriven and Zasu Hostetter Smith for their Portland Farmers Market Bag Contest designs! Zasu won the People's Choice Award and will receive a $250 prize. Ezra is one of three finalists. Winners will be announced at the PSU Farmers Market on Saturday, June 8, at 10:45am. The winning design will be printed on 1,000 reusable canvas bags, handed out for free at the market following the announcement. The winning student will receive $2,000, second place will receive $1,000, and third place $500.




    Second Annual Wilson Science Awards

    Each year the science department faculty recognizes achievements of students in grades 9-11. This year’s ceremony took place during Tutor Time on Friday, May 17. Seniors will receive recognition at the Senior Awards Ceremony on June 3.

    The Donna Strickland Award for Creativity and Critical Thinking
    Baz Brenn
    Dino (Alden) Leback
    Emily Petersen
    Joshua Bromley
    Jules (Adi) Solomon
    Kelson Gipp
    Lukas Castrina
    Mei Li Hawthorne
    Natalie Taylor
    Noah Shapera
    Riley Baker
    Shawn Sussman
    The Carl Sagan Award for Communication and Scientific Literacy
    Danielle Chang
    Deva Paris
    Duncan Larson
    Emma Brady-Wright
    Emma Laboe
    Mira Coles
    The Marie Curie Award for Excellence in Experimentation
    Ella Janssen
    Emily Bugbee
    Emily Petersen
    Jack Conway
    Kaija Shreeve
    Roger Millar
    Sundus Ahmed
    The Shirley Jackson Award for Tenacity in the Pursuit of Scientific Achievement
    Amanda Mesirow
    Aslan Newson
    Ava Martins
    Charlotte Richman
    Gabriel Lopez
    Gavriella Froelich
    Jacob Berg
    Jakob Person
    John Nguyen
    Jordan Moliken
    Kaden Leeper
    Khadija Abdalla
    Logan Reuter
    Manar Surur
    Osman Menye
    Owen Van Horn
    Skylar Tunstall
    The Temple Grandin Award for Connecting Science and Society
    Anna Martin
    Ashling Gregory
    Bronte McKinnis
    Ella Rhea
    Nate Meyers
    Serena Best-Prostrednik
    The Muhammad Abdus Salam Award for Interdisciplinary Excellence
    Chloe Johnson
    Eliza Di Giulio
    Kaleb Hedding
    Kira Dobbins
    Max Flecker
    Oli Devereux
    Paul Simko
    Rachel Weirnick
    Rachel Woods
    Ruby Telles
    Togtuun Tumurkhuu
    The Marie Tharp Award for Team Leadership and Mentoring in Science
    Abby Steward
    Ember Summer
    Emilee Augsburger-Fisher
    Emma Koontz
    Jacen Caldwell
    Katya Brodsky
    Madison Moore
    Nolan Sottoway
    Sam Makuch
    Samantha Jacobson
    Sophia Chappell
    Sophia Christensen

    Wilson Student Athletes of the Week, May 6-10


    Senior Maya Goines, Softball: Maya had a big week at the plate for the Trojans batting .500 with some key hits to help seal a third place finish. She strengthens the defense with her quick glove work at third base and has shown herself to be an excellent teammate.



    Junior Devan Knight, Baseball: Devan, in two wins over Cleveland was 3 for 6 at the plate with a walk-off single in game one. In game two, he pitched a complete game shutout on 79 pitches allowing only four hits.


    Wilson Teacher Is a Finalist for Educator of the Year


    Wilson Physics teacher Joe Minato has been recognized with the OnPoint Community Credit Union Circle of Excellence award; he is also a finalist for their Educator of the Year award. Circle of Excellence recognition comes with a $1,500 cash prize and a $1,000 donation to Wilson. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 21. Mr. Minato has been responsible for the growth of AP Physics at Wilson, which had no classes when he arrived and now has five. He started "science salons" that pair AP Physics students with underclassmen who need help, as well as an astronomy club, and he hosts community star parties and teaches continuing education courses to teachers who are in the early-to-middle parts of their careers.
    “Mr. Minato can galvanize the sleepiest class of teens and set them on fire with his inspiring combination of passion, creativity, knowledge, compassion and humor," writes Kathy Weeks, the parent of a former student, for the award webpage. "Even at lunchtime, Joe’s classroom is packed with students who want more.” Mr. Minato is a great of example of what makes Wilson great!


    Trojan Student-Athletes of the Month


    Junior Liban Dahir, Track & Field: Here is what teachers had to say about Liban: Liban Dahir is a super dedicated student who will do anything needed to succeed academically. Plus, he is fast on the track. He is kind and patient and has a powerful life story of perseverance and dignity through hardship. He may be less likely than some other students at Wilson to be noticed, but he is deserving of this award. Liban is a model citizen who genuinely cares for the people around him and it shows how he conducts himself at Wilson High School.



    Junior Deva Paris, Women’s Tennis: Here is what teachers had to say about Deva: Deva Paris is an exceptionally well-rounded student/athlete. In addition to being a great Wilson High School student body leader, she is also a very hard-working and very, very successful student. Deva asks many insightful questions in AP Calculus class that not only enhance the learning for everyone else, but also often cause me to think more deeply about a topic. And I can always count on Deva to give me her very best effort every single day. She has been an exceptional student in AP Psych. Not only does she seek out opportunities to strengthen her skills she also helps strengthen those around her.


    Teachers of the Month
    Brittney Jenkins (Math): Here’s what students say about Ms. Jenkins: Mrs. Jenkins gives 110% everyday and walks into the room with a smile in her face, sparkle in her eye, and heartfelt laugh ready to be shared. She strives to help all her students understand and really learn the material while also keeping it fun. Mrs. Jenkins is always is eager to help out a student with anything, even if they are not in her class. A great soccer player and an even better person. Mrs. Jenkins is a great person with a kind heart. She is humorous and relates to her students and is always willing to talk. I had her my freshman year for Geometry. Ms. Jenkins is very caring and engaging and makes sure that students are supported and understand everything before moving forward. I have had Ms. Jenkins for two years now and she is also one of the soccer coaches so I have gotten to know her pretty well. One of the things that makes her different than many other teachers is that she always makes a real effort to get to know every one of her students. She is always wanting to help and be there for her students and is always interested in what is happening in everyone's life which I think is really cool.

    Frank Mathews (Social Studies): Students say: Mr. Mathew's classes are engaging, fun, and interactive. He always has a way of making history come alive. He is always asking us how our lives are going on outside of class. He makes connections with history that are relevant and interesting. His taste in music is awesome! Mr. Mathews genuinely cares about his classes and finds ways to make history relate to us all. He finds ways to connect history to sports sometimes which makes the class that much more enjoyable for me. He finds ways to make us laugh when we need it the most. He is creative, outgoing, and super invested in history. 

    Women’s Golf Wins PIL!

    2019 Women's Golf

    For the second year in a row, Wilson Women’s Golf has taken the PIL title and is headed to the state tournament. Good luck to them at Quail Valley Golf Course on May 13and 14!

    OSAA State Ensemble Results
    Congratulations to our outstanding Wilson musicians!

    WAVE: 2nd place in state
    Chamber Orchestra: 3rd place in state
    Fiona Dubay and Akseli Mende, Viola Duet: 3rd place in state
    Taumaia Uili, Alto Voice: 3rd place in state
    Annika Phillipes, Mezzo-soprano Voice: 4th place in state

    Wilson Student to Perform at Lincoln Hall, PSU
    Wilson High School freshman Isaac Jacobwitz will perform in The Portland Ballet's production of Current/Classic May 10-11. Isaac is in his fifth year at The Portland Ballet. The mixed-repertoire program of contemporary and classical pieces will showcase the academy’s advanced company dancers. The bill includes George Balanchine’s Serenade, Swan Lake Act II, Tom Gold’s Festival Russe, Rip/Tide by the founders of BodyVox, and Quinary, a brand new work by TPB Ballet Master Jason Davis. Performances are May 10-11 at 7:30pm at Lincoln Performance Hall at Portland State University. For more information go to or call 503-750-3157.


    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, May 22-26


    Freshman Nolan Malcomson, Track: Nolan had an incredible week during a historic freshman year. On Saturday, Nolan competed in five races in the prestigious Centennial Invitational. He was 7th in the 100 hurdles and 3rd in the 300 hurdles. His poise and athleticism were on full display. There were 48 teams and 1200 student-athletes competing.



    Senior Olivia Worley, Track: Olivia showed tremendous leadership as she competed at the Centennial Invite. She ran a personal best in the 100 Meter Hurdles at 11am and also ran on the 7th place 4 X 100 and the 4th place 4 X 400 at 8:45pm! What a great long day!

    PIL Hall of Fame
    Wilson High School is pleased to announce that Wilson alumni Tim Baltus (Baseball, class of 1976), Sol Sallos (Soccer, Track & Field, class of 1990), and Jason Porter (Football, Wrestling, Baseball, class of 1989) will be inducted into the PIL Hall of Fame on October 27, 2019.  Outstanding accomplishments for these three former Wilson Student-Athletes.

    Wilson Robotics News
    Wilson Robotics Club is very proud to announce that junior Rispa Vranka Wafula has been awarded the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Dean's List Award for the 2018-2019 robotics season at the World Championships this week in Houston.
    The Dean's List award is FIRST's highest individual achievement and only 10 awards are given each season, worldwide.  Rispa is in her third year at Wilson Robotics and is the team captain for Team 7776, Loose Screws.

    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, May 15-19

    Senior Ellie George, Softball: Ellie is exceptional on and off the field. She juggles a busy softball season with five AP classes. She is a captain for the team as well as a top infielder and hitter. She does it all with a positive attitude and smile. She is a supportive teammate, talented athlete and an absolute pleasure to coach.



    Senior Tavares Tims, Baseball: Tavares Tims pitched a complete game one-hit shutout over Madison striking out six. He faced the minimum number of batters as the only runner that reached was thrown out trying to steal.

    Wilson Teacher Recognized as Outstanding Literacy Leader
    Each year, the Portland Reading Council honors individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to literacy. Wilson teacher Jamie Suehiro (Language Arts) is a winner of this year’s Celebrate Literacy Award!
    Ms. Suehiro was chosen because of her invaluable contributions to individual student achievement in Language Arts, to growing a positive professional culture here at Wilson, and to our historically underserved communities.

    Speech and Debate Goes to State!
    The Wilson Speech and Debate Team had great success at the recent state qualifier tournament. Qualifying for state:

    Junior Aiden Snodgrass-Ward and senior Christian Zayas in parliamentary debate; senior Amy Sloan in prose and radio commentary; junior Ari Lohr in program oral interpretation; senior Chester Mantel in student congress; junior Emma Koontz in Lincoln-Douglas debate; junior Ethan Eisner in impromptu; junior Ginger Felberg in humorous interpretation; seniors Jaren Friesen and William Sweek in parliamentary debate; sophomores Oli Devereux and Zoe Carver in duo interpretation; and freshman Preston Bushnell in Lincoln-Douglas debate. Junior Nathaniel Nelson placed as state alternate in both oratory and after dinner speaking, and Zoe Carver was also the alternate in humorous interpretation. Additionally, Ari Lohr and Emma Koontz qualified for the national tournament in POI and Worlds debate, respectively. The team will compete at the state tournament April 18-20, so wish them luck!



    Model United Nations 2019
    Wilson MUN is just back from their annual event in Eugene where they represented Ireland, The Holy See, and Thailand.  The team made a Big Five bid and won China (sharing with another school) for next year. 

    Seven Wilson members won a speaker's award in their committee:  Aiden Brahn-Perrot, Zoe Carver, Maggie Downey, Ashley Eddy, Max Finke, Chester Mantel, and Nathaniel Nelson, who also won the talent show for his multiple recorder performance.

    The next MUN meeting will be Wednesday, April 24, to elect next year's leaders.  A big thank you to this year's leaders:  Gabe Colasurdo, Julia Johnston, and William Sweek.

    Congratulations to Wilson High School Poetry Slam Winners!
    We had over 30 students share amazing, original poetry at our slam.  Teen poets share inspiring, heartbreaking, and incredibly moving works of poetry.  Ari Lohr and Elisa Mickelson will represent Wilson at Verslandia at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall on April 25.  Aslan Newson will serve as our alternate at Verselandia and will perform if Ari or Elisa become unavailable. Daisy Valdez placed 4th and Jules Solomon placed 5th. Congratulations to all of our teen poets!

    Congratulations to Wilson's OBOB Team, The Doom!
    After an outstanding showing at the regional competition, The Doom represented Wilson well at the State Battle of the Books competition at Chemeketa Community College.  They battled five times and earned enough points to be placed in the Super Eight competition, resulting in a final standing of 5th in State!  Congratulations to The Doom!  Teammates competing at state were Grace Pendergrass, Ember Summer, and Jack Conway.  Sophia Stedman was part of the team at regionals.  Congratulations again to The Doom!

    Student-Athletes of the Week, April 1-5


    Junior Hyland Cullen-Musengo, Women’s Lacrosse: Hyland has been averaging 3.67 points, 4 ground balls and 6 draw controls per game in leading the Wilson Women's lacrosse team to a 3-3 start. Co-captain Musengo has dominated games in transition as the Trojans have posted convincing wins over PL rivals Cleveland 17-3 and Grant 17-5.


    Junior Ben Finnel, Baseball: Ben pitched his best game of the season in a 2-1 loss versus Wilsonville. He allowed only 2 runs wile striking out 6 in 5 2/3 innings.


    Wilson Senior Gets a Head Start on Health Care Career
    The Wilson Health Sciences department is pleased to announce that Senior Meama Scott has been selected to receive the Kaiser Permanente Health Care Career Scholarship! Kaiser Permanente awards scholarships in amounts of $2,000+ to seniors at eligible high schools in the Northwest to help them achieve their dreams of becoming health care professionals.  Meama is an outstanding student and we wish her well. We’re all lucky to have her going into health care!


    Teachers of the Month


    Derek MacDicken, Science: What students say: Mr. MacDicken is a teacher who expects his students to work hard and gives us the opportunity to always do so. An example of this are the projects he assigns us in AP Environment. He is a very captivating speaker when it comes to environmental topics and his class really helped me decide what I want to go to college for: civil engineering, emphasis on energy and environment. Mr. MacDicken challenges us to see the world through different lenses and creates an inclusive classroom where all of his students feel welcome. He challenges us to think creatively, reflectively, and has high expectations.



    Jamie Suehiro, Language Arts: What students say: Ms. Suehiro consistently gets to know her students outside of the classroom. She is intrigued to know about how each sport and student athlete is doing. She provides a great environment in the classroom and takes time out of her busy day to get to know each student individually. Ms. Suehiro is always very kind and caring of not only what you do in class but what you do outside of class. She's always asking how your track race, or soccer game went. Ms. Suehiro is such an awesome teacher. She pushes us to do our best work in a hard AP course, but makes sure it is fun at the same time. She also provided lots of extra support, including granola bars, when students are in need of that extra boost. Her classrooms are engaging, though-provoking, and she makes us all feel welcome!


    March Trojan Student-Athletes of the Month


    Junior Kailin Gilzow, Softball: An editor for the magazine, Kailin is an extremely hard working and dedicated student. She is one of the people directly responsible for the successful publication of each issue of the magazine this year. She took it upon herself to learn layout and InDesign to make this happen and has a lot of patience when it comes to encouraging her fellow staff members to get all components of their work in on time. Kailin is indeed a great human being.  She is also great in the classroom.



    Junior Grady Laas, Men’s Lacrosse: Grady is a very hard working and talented student.  He pushes himself academically and embraces the challenge of advanced classes.  He works well in any group and is kind, inclusive, and thoughtful.  He has a diverse set of interests and talents and manages to juggle a busy schedule, impressing his teachers and coaches alike.


    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, March 18-22


    Senior Mason Lommen, Track: Mason won the high jump on Wednesday and, despite being injured and not able to participate to his fullest capacity, has stayed positive and shown great dedication to his team.



    Senior Maia Uili, Track: Maia won both her events, shot put and discus, helping lead the team to victory on Wednesday. She is a tremendous resource for her teammates and is one of the most well-liked and respected athletes in the city.

    Wilson High School Baseball Earns OSAA Sportsmanship Nomination
    In a recent contest, game officials noted that Wilson Baseball exhibited the great qualities that the Oregon School Activities Association looks for in teams, programs, and communities across the state. Wilson Baseball is now eligible for the OSAA Sportsmanship Award, which includes 100 OSAA Cup points for our school. This recognition program gives officials the opportunity to highlight the positive sportsmanship that they see on the field.

    Wilson Students Write Winning Essays
    Two Wilson students are winners in the 2019  Minoru Yasui Day Essay Contest sponsored by the The Oregon Nikkei Endowment and the Minoru Yasui Legacy Project. Junior Emmett Rashleigh is the first-place high school winner and Sophomore Benjamin Kono is a runner-up winner.

    Prize-winners will be recognized in an awards ceremony as part of the Minori Yasui Day celebration on March 28, at the University of Oregon School of Law Portland campus. Following the awards ceremony are a panel discussion and free screening of the film Never Give Up! Minoru Yasui and the Fight for Justice.

    The contest honors the legacy of Minoru Yasui, an Oregon attorney who committed his life to the defense of human and civil rights. His arrest and conviction for challenging the curfew and relocation orders for Japanese American citizens during World War II went all the way to the Supreme Court.  In November 2015, President Barack Obama bestowed upon Minoru Yasui the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award given in the United States.  In February 2016, the Oregon Legislature unanimously voted to designate March 28 of each year as Minoru Yasui Day in recognition of the importance of standing up for what you believe in and working to end discrimination in Oregon.

    Congratulations to Wilson’s Oregon Battle of the Books Team!
    Wilson's OBOB team, The Doom, did an excellent job at the district competition on Saturday, March 16. They will be advancing on to the state competition in April! Team members include Grace Pendergrass, Jack Conway, Sophia Stedman, and Ember Summer. Janacia Robertson, Ethan Satterstein, and Blu Brunson also participated in OBOB and placed second in our school competition. Each student read at least four books and as a group, they read over 50 books!

    Snowboard Ends Season Strong!
    The Snowboard Team finished up their season at state this past weekend. Carmen Donnerberg was 1st place in the Banked Slalom and as a team they finished 2nd in State!

    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, March 4-8


    Sophomore Kiana Roletto, Women’s Tennis: According to Coach Daigle, Kiana has won two challenge matches in prior weeks to earn a spot on the varsity rotation. Last week, with injuries and illness affecting attendance, Kiana landed at #2 doubles against West Linn and #3 singles against Wilsonville. Despite losing to a seasoned West Linn opponent, she came back the next day to score a 6-3, 6-2 win against Wilsonville and help the team record a 4-4 tie in that match. Way to persevere, Kiana!


    Sophomore Nolan Sottoway, Men’s Tennis: According to Coach Sussman, Nolan began his sophomore season with two huge 4th singles victories on the road managing to not even lose a set. Nolan is an outstanding student in the classroom as well taking a rigorous course load. Nolan has helped the Men’s Tennis Team become true contenders this year!

    photo photo

    Congratulations to Chloe Unflat, Wilson’s 2019 Rose Festival Princess!

    Wilson Junior Goes to Salem
    Junior Joshua Love was invited by Representative Jennifer Williamson (D-Portland) to be an Honorary Page in the Oregon House of Representatives on Wednesday March 6, 2019.  In this capacity, Joshua was able to actively participate in the legislative process in the House Chamber and witness multiple bills being voted on in a collegial bipartisan manner.

    Robotics Season Wraps Up
    Team 10565 (System Online) and Team 7776 (Loose Screws) from Wilson Robotics competed against the best teams in the state in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Oregon State Championship Tournament on March 9 and 10, but failed to find a place among the nine Oregon teams advancing to the World Championships. These Wilson teams had a great season with the following highlights:

    • Rispa Vranka Wafula, 7776 Team Captain was named as one of four Dean's List Finalists from Oregon.  Rispa will be going to the FTC World Championships where she be considered for the Dean's List Awards.  There are only 10 Dean's List awards worldwide.
    • Rachel Rodriguez, 10565 Team Captain was one of 11 on the short list for the Dean's List Finalists. 
    • Martin Waugh, Wilson Robotics mentor, received the Compass Award for the most outstanding FTC Robotics coach or mentor in the state.  Special thanks to club member Senior Devon Johnson for preparing Martin's video Compass Award submission.

    Meet the Wilson Rose Court Candidates
    Click to watch the Rose Court video and learn more about Wilson’s candidates, Chloe Unflat and Amy Sloan. One of these young women will be selected as the 2019 WHS Rose Princess.

    2019 NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing
    The National Center for Women in Technology has recognized eight Wilson students with their Aspirations Award, aimed at acknowledging high school girls with excellent skills and future potential in computing. The awards event is scheduled for Sunday April 7, at Lewis and Clark College. Wilson’s recipients are:

    Zoe Bennett, Senior
    Bronte McKinnis, Sophomore
    Amelia Ellis, Junior
    Lily Stoll, Junior
    Sierra Loiselle, Senior (Honorable Mention)
    Chloe Unflat, Junior (Honorable Mention)
    Rachel Weirnick, Junior (Honorable Mention)
    Huarui Lai, Sophomore (Rising Star Award)

    The NCWIT advises girls planning a career computing to continue to take programming classes; participate and take leadership roles in robotics programming, or other tech teams; take technology courses outside school through (Saturday Academy, college programs, summer technology camps, etc.);  participate in ASE, college or industry internship programs; teach your skills in community programs (be a counselor in a technology summer camp, mentor a robotics team in your local elementary school, form a Girls who Code or other technical club, etc.). Go, girls!

    Solo and Ensemble Results
    Wilson musicians competed in the Oregon Music Education Association’s Solo and Ensemble District Competition on March 2, with both Choir and Orchestra programs faring very well:

    Wilson Advanced Vocal Ensemble (WAVE) placed 1st in the large mixed vocal ensemble category
    Chamber Orchestra placed 1st in the large strings ensemble category
    The following students placed 1st in their vocal category: Annika Philipps, Adia Jones and Taumaia Uili. Jackson Wray placed 1st alternate in his vocal category followed by George Ramsey as 2nd alternate
    Fiona Dubay placed 1st alternate for viola solo
    Fiona Dubay and Akseli Mende placed 1st alternate in strings duet category, followed by Fiona Dubay and Shea Yurdana as 2nd alternate

    First-place winners will go on to the State Competition. First alternates will most likely go on to State if performance time slots are available in their category. Congratulations, Wilson musicians!


    February Teachers of the Month


    Chris Bartlo, Computer Science: Here are some student comments about Mr. Bartlo: “I really like Mr. Bartlo because of his class. He is always kind and supportive making everyone feel welcome. Although I do not have Bartlo as a teacher, he is my faculty advisor for Key Club: Bartlo is always excited to engage with students, no matter what the topic is. Even if you are not his student, he is always happy to talk with you and is great at holding meaningful conversations. He is an ally to all and is passionate in helping others around him. Mr. Bartlo is always pushing us to think of problems in new ways. He guides us in our problem solving and is always ready to give us some words of wisdom to motivate in and out of the classroom. He’s a great teacher and role model and also super fun to be around. Mr. Bartlo has interesting projects and shows real world applications of the coding we're doing.”



    Kate Nichols, Physics: Here’s what students say: “Mrs. Nichols inspired my interest in physics and science making the the world a fascinating place. Mrs. Nichols did an excellent job of almost single-handedly creating a curriculum for and organizing the freshman physics program which I was a part of, being a freshman the first year of the transition. She did a great job of making the subject interesting and exciting through real world examples and fascinating demos. Her teaching and grading policies set up students for success and I was able to learn that I had a knack for physics through taking her class. Mrs. Nichols creates a warm and welcoming classroom that is challenging and engaging!”

    Thanks to all of our Wilson teachers for creating a stimulating learning community for our students!


    February Trojan Student-Athletes of the Month
    Two outstanding student-athletes who embody all that is awesome at Wilson!


    Sophomore Togtuun Tumurkhuu, Swimming: Here is what Togtuun's teachers had to say about her: “I am in awe of Togtuun. She is mature beyond her years with a clear sense of how her work and her actions impact her community. She moves through the world with integrity and quiet strength, reminding us all to be a little wiser and more mindful in everything we do. I use her work often as a model for the class because of her attention to detail and critical thinking skills. She is a fantastic teacher and leader. Thanks, Togtuun!”



    Senior Kalycia Hodge, Basketball: Here is what Kalycia's teachers had to say about her: “Kalycia is an invaluable member of my Anatomy and Physiology class.  She’s new to Wilson this year and seems to have made a smooth transition into the community.  She is an intelligent young woman who works hard and is excelling in class.  She is a quiet leader in the classroom, often leading by example.  While some of her classmates socialize and get off task she manages to get her work done and appropriately socialize!   Although she is often quiet in class, she always participates and asks good questions and I appreciate her sense of humor!”

    Student-Athletes of the Week, February 25-March 1


    Junior Anna Hansen, Unified Basketball: Anna was a vital part of our success at the tournament. She really stepped it up on the boards, leading the team in offensive rebounds. She was a physical presence in the paint and gave us countless opportunities for second chance points. Anna is a leader on the court and always gives her best effort. Her positive attitude is contagious and we're lucky to have her back with us for another season.


    Freshman Mac Montgomery, Unified Basketball: Mac’s defense was a big reason for our success this year, but he really stepped up his offensive game at the tournament in Wilsonville, directing teammates to get open and set screens. He's a confident and aggressive player and a leader in our program. Mac frequently guarded the other team's best player and consistently frustrated opponents with his passion for defense. We're excited to have him back next season!

    Wilson DECA News
    It was a big week for Wilson DECA and staff advisor Ms. LeMier! 2019’s DECA State Career and Development Conference (SCDC), February 24-26, gave students a chance to enhance their academic preparedness, renew their commitment to community, exercise professional responsibility, and become experienced leaders. 

    The team of Lauren Peterson, Alex Worden, and Sarah Jaworski submitted a 24-page business plan for SBE (student-based enterprise) Certification and received top honors with a Gold Certification!

    Other highlights:

    • Sydney Baril: 8th Place, Entrepreneurship Start‐Up Business Plan
    • Sean Cunningham: 13th Place, Principles of Marketing
    • Dakota Hedger: 7th Place, Human Resources Management Series; 8th Place, Business Finance Series; Top Ten Exam, Business Management; Top Ten Exam, Business Finance
    • Drew Wiley: 8th Place, International Business Plan
    • Ella Horvat: 8th Place, Entrepreneurship Start‐Up Business Plan
    • Reid Kille: 11th Place, Integrated Marketing Series, Event; 9th Place, Marketing Communication Series; 2nd Place Exam, Retail Merchandising, 2nd Place Exam, Market Communication Series; 2nd Place Exam, Integrated Marketing Series, Event
    • Ike Lear: 8th Place, International Business Plan; 12th Place, Restaurant and Food Service Management Series
    • Daniel Raber: Top 10 Exam, Apparel and Accessories Marketing Series
    • Alex Quan: 13th Place, Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making Event
    • Togtuun Tumurkhuu: 13th Place, Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making Event

    What’s next for DECA?

    Career Exploration: Preparations are underway for the annual DECA SPEAKER SERIES every Thursday at Tutor Time for the months of March, April, and May, featuring a Portland mover and shaker in the field of Marketing/Business/Leadership. The Speaker Series is hosted in Room 213. 

    Leadership: DECA is collaborating with Key Club to help administer the annual Shamrock Run benefiting the Thirst Project. In addition, DECA is nurturing an emerging relationship with the Leadership Class in collaboration with the Communicare Initiative.
Community Service: After working with the Muscular Dystrophy Association for their Toast to Life Gala, DECA will continue that relationship and grow their efforts. Spring volunteer activities include: Shamrock Sales, Bowl-a-Thon, and Firefighters “Fill the Boots” events.

    Go DECA!

    Congratulations to Wilson’s Truth Be Told Story Slammers!
    All of the Story Slammers told an amazing, original, and true five-minute story on the theme “Endings." Ari Lohr placed 1st with a heartfelt story about friendship, bullying, and loss. Muhammad Taylor won 2nd by regaling us with a humorous tale of accidental fire and childhood innocence. Fatimah Hobaish warmed everyone's hearts with a story about bonding with birds and overcoming hardship, earning the “Warming Wilson Hearts Award.” And, last but not least, Selah Monsef recounted a harrowing experience with pneumonia to win the “Rising Star Award.”

    Ari Lohr represented Wilson well at the 2nd Annual Interscholastic Truth be Told Story Slam and placed 3rd. Congratulations to Ari and all of our slammers.

    And a huge thank you to the Wilson PTA for funding generous prizes for our storytellers. We couldn't run our programs without your help!

    Wilson Ski Team 
    Congratulations to Wilson freshman Piper Easton, who will be racing in both Slalom and GS at the state championship at Mt. Hood Meadows, March 6-8.  Go Piper!

    Congratulations as well to Eleanor Potter, Carmen Donnerberg, and Ursa Freeman, who received Sportsmanship recognitions at the Three Rivers League's awards ceremony on Tuesday, February 26.  The Sportsmanship program recognizes ski racers whose conduct both on and off the mountain positively represents ski racing through team spirit, helping hand and courteous, respectful behavior.

    Wilson Student-Athletes Named to PIL All-City Teams
    Women's Basketball
    Charlotte Richman, 1st Team PIL
    Allison Klas, Honorable Mention
    Lizzie Scriven, Honorable Mention
    Head Coach Anthony Levrets, Coach of the Year

    Men's Basketball
    Mason Lommen, Honorable Mention

    Wilson Student in the News
    Senior Ryan Bernstein, author of OCD to Me, an Anthology of Anxieties, was showcased recently on Channel 6 News. Check it out here:

    Student-Athletes of the Week, February 18-22


    Senior Lyla Balthazaar, Women’s Basketball: Lyla is the prime example of all that is great in a student-athlete. She is a consummate teammate who is coachable, positive, and goes out of her way to ensure everyone on the team is valued. She is a model student who challenges herself with a rigorous course load. And she represents Wilson High School with respect in the hallways and community. She is a great kid!


    Freshmen Leo Sewell, Men’s Basketball: Excelling both in the classroom and on the hardwood, Leo Sewell is the consummate student-athlete. Leo has been the starting point guard for the Trojans varsity basketball team this winter. Last week, in a game at Jefferson, Leo scored 12 points and handed out 10 assists against one of the top teams in the state.

    Speech and Debate Success at UO
    The Speech and Debate Team competed at the University of Oregon’s Robert D Clark Invitational last weekend where many team members made it to the final rounds and placed in their events. Congratulations to our competitors who won speaker awards: In Parliamentary Debate, Chester Mantel (5th), Jaren Friesen (2nd), and William Sweek (1st). In Lincoln-Douglas, Emma Koontz (1st speaker and semi finalist). In speech events: Finalists Chester Mantel (Extemporaneous), Amy Sloan (Prose), Ginger Felberg (Humorous Interpretation), Oli Devereaux (Humorous Interpretation), and the Duo Interpretation Team of Zoe Carver and Oli Devereaux. Taking third-place were Zoe Carver (Humorous Interpretation) and Amy Sloan (Radio Commentary). Ari Lohr took home two first-place awards, in Impromptu and Programmed Oral Interpretation.

    Two Wilson Robotics Teams Advance to State Championships
    Wilson Robotics Teams 7776 (Loose Screws) and 10565 (System Online) have qualified for the FTC Oregon State Championships! Because the Super-Qualifying Tournaments were canceled due to weather conditions, State Championship qualification was based instead on the results from the three qualifying tournaments held earlier in the season.

    Congratulations Loose Screws: Captain Rispa Vranka Wafula, Scott Bremmer, Asher Clark, Rij Dorfman, Ori Friesen, Will Garrahan, Jack Hawkins, Senior Taylor May-Moorhouse, Rachel Weirnick and Escher Wright-Dykhouse.  Coached by Audrey Sherman and Janice Vranka.

    Congratulations System Online: Captain Rachel Rodriguez, Joshua Bromley, Jasper Bushnell, Boston Clark, Oliver Flood, Senior Jaren Friesen, Spencer Hartzog, Kagan Lund, Liana Murray and Julia Weirnick.  Coached by Jan Harrington and Johnny Rodriguez.

    Good luck at State! The championship will be held at Liberty High School in Hillsboro on Saturday and Sunday, March 9-10.

    Athletics Results
    Wilson Snowboarding was at the Half-Pipe Competition over the weekend at Mt. Hood Meadows where the women’s team finished in second-place with Carmen Donnerberg finishing fourth in the rankings. On the men’s side, the team finished in sixth place with Colin Rencher placing fifth. They have two more competitions and then it is off to State!

    Wrestling capped off a great year at the district meet, finishing fourth in the PIL, up from seventh last year. Henry Williams, Finn Whittaker, Jack Walker, and Jordan Taff all qualified for State. Other Wilson wrestlers placed at the meet as well for a total of 10: Shaho Meman, Ethan Mershon, Eric Tervo, William Wood, Francesco Bressanin, and first-year wrestler Tavares Tims!  The state meet is February 22-23 at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

    In swimming, Greta Cannon made the podium at the state meet, finishing fifth in the 500 Free!

    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, February 11-15


    Junior Greta Cannon, Swimming: Greta has had a tremendous year in the swim program, capping off a great run with a fifth-place finish at the state swim meet. She is an outstanding student-athlete who works hard in the classroom and is a leader in the swim program.



    Sophomore Jordan Taff, Wrestling: Jordan was a third-place finisher at the District Meet and qualified for the State Meet. He has moved up to the 170 pound weight class from 138 a year ago and has done a tremendous job this year battling it out in a very tough weight class. In his qualifying match for state, he had to battle from behind in the third round of his last match!


    Three Wilson Swimmers Qualify for 6A State Championships

    Junior Greta Cannon, 200 Freestyle and the 500 Freestyle: A two-time individual qualifier for State Championships, at Districts Greta hammered the 200 freestyle and led from start to finish leaving no question that she was taking her efforts to State.  As a distance swimmer, she made it clear she could step into the sprint swims.  Then she came back for the 500 freestyle and once again finished strong to qualify in another event at the 6A Championships.

    Junior Lindsay Smith, 100 Backstroke: Lindsay is another two-time individual qualifier for State Championships. At Districts, she fought hard to the finish: By the last flip turn, three swimmers were swimming hard for the final 25 yards. Lindsey continued to fight, each stroke she gained on the others but was out-touched at the finish.  However, her strong effort still earned her a qualifying swim for the 6A HS State Championships.

    Senior Linden Cho, 100 Breaststroke.  A three-time individual qualifier for the 6A High School Swimming State Championships.  At Districts, Linden led off the blocks but it was anybody's race at the first 25.  Each swimmer was now finding their stroke and tempo.  It was artistry in the water of sorts, according to the coach.  The third 25 was when the top swimmers began to pull away.  On the final 25, it was still too close to tell.  Fatigue was setting in, but Linden was determined to finish strong.  He was gaining ground on the leaders but came up short in the end.  Still his 3rd-place finish earned him the qualifying swim for the State Championships. 

    Congratulations and good luck to all of them at the state meet on February 15-16!


    Student-Athletes of the Week, February 4-8


    Senior Linden Cho, Swimming: According to his coaches, Linden is without a doubt the most positive member of the squad. He volunteers his time to his teammates to help with stretching their swimming journey. He helped our 200 Medley relay and 200 free relay to a close third. A solid fifth in the 100 Fly. Ending with a third place in the 100 breast with a PR of more than a one second.


    Senior Sid Mesirow, Swimming: According to her coaches, not only has she been a wonderful captain this season, she had a fantastic district meet. She had one of the toughest timelines and powered through. She placed 13th in the 100 back with a PR of almost two seconds, then eight minutes later swam the 100 Breast pulling in 16th place. She was also in both the 200 free relay and 400 free relay with a fourth and fifth place. She has done a wonderful job bringing everyone together for team building events.

    Speech and Debate January Success
    The Speech and Debate Team went to McMinnville twice in the last two weeks in January, and each time the team came away with a top-three sweepstakes finish. The team placed 3rd at McMinnville High School on January 26 and 2nd at Linfield College February 1-2. Students making finals and placing at McMinnville: Chester Mantel (semifinalist, Impromptu), Ethan Eisner (semifinalist, Impromptu), Preston Bushnell (semifinalist, Lincoln-Douglas Debate), Aidan Snodgrass-Ward and Christian Zayas (semifinalists Parliamentary Debate), Nathaniel Nelson (6th place, Oratory), William Sweek (5th place, Radio Commentary), Ari Lohr (4th place After Dinner Speaking, 2nd place Impromptu), Rou Rou Hutchinson (3rd place speaker award, Parliamentary Debate), Emma Koontz (2nd place speaker award, Lincoln-Douglas Debate) Ginger Felberg and Ella Brown (2nd place Public Forum Debate; Ginger 2nd place speaker award). Students making finals and placing at Linfield: Rou Rou Hutchinson (finalist Extemporaneous), Chester Mantel and Elana Siegman (semifinalists, Parliamentary Debate), Rachel Woods (4th novice Radio Commentary, 4th Lincoln-Douglas Debate, 3rd novice Impromptu), Cara Weathers (4th Prose Reading), Emma Koontz (4th After Dinner Speaking), Ari Lohr (1st Poetry Reading), Ethan Eisner (finalist After Dinner Speaking, 1st Oratory, 1st Impromptu). Team members compete again at the University of Oregon February 16-17.


    Trojan Student-Athletes of the Month


    Freshman Eve Hart, Women’s Basketball: Here is what teachers have to say about Eve:  “Eve is quick to catch on to new concepts and quick to help the people around her grasp the concepts. It's really great to see a student helping out others. And Eve is able to calmly ask for help when she doesn't grasp a new concept. She is prepared for class and checks to make sure she is getting the correct work done. Eve is a tremendous student who cares about the learning environment and goes out of her way to ensure she does the right thing all the time. She is a model student!”


    Junior Finn Whittaker, Wrestler: Here is what teachers have to say about Finn:
    “Finn is a student with razor-sharp focus and a drive to push himself both in and out of the classroom. He is always ready to go the moment he walks through the classroom doors and brings with him such an easygoing, yet focused attitude when it comes to his studies. Finn is a determined, funny, and kind student. He always has thought-provoking questions about the activities and concepts that we cover in class, something that brings a new level of depth into group activities and discussions. Finn knows how to balance work and play in the classroom and almost always has a light-hearted attitude and smile on his face. He doesn't give up when he is faced with a challenge, and that is something you can see both in the classroom and on the wrestling mat.”

    January Teachers of the Month: JoAnna Coleman and Ken Muraoka
    A huge thanks to these outstanding teachers and our entire community of teachers who continually challenge our students in the classroom, the hallways, and help foster civically minded humans!


    Esto es lo que los estudiantes tienen que decir sobre Profe Coleman: “Es una profesora muy útil y carismática que todos los estudiantes aman porque trabaja duro para involucrar a los estudiantes en clase. Ella es muy atractiva y divertida, se preocupa por nuestras vidas fuera del aula y dentro de ella y es muy comprensiva. Profe Coleman se esfuerza por crear un aula divertida e inclusiva donde todos sus alumnos se sientan respetados y escuchados.”

    Here is what students have to say about Profe Coleman: “She is a very helpful and charismatic teacher who all students love because she works hard to engage students in class. She is very engaging and funny, she cares about our lives outside of the classroom as well as inside of it and she is very understanding.  Profe Coleman goes out of her way to create a fun and inclusive classroom where all of her students feel respected and heard.”


    Here is what students have to say about Mr. Muraoka: “Muraoka’s classes are engaging and he challenges us to think outside the box. His classes are not just teaching us about the material he as to present but rather how it all relates to us in the real world. Mr. Muraoka genuinely cares for each one of us and goes out of his way to ensure all voices are heard in his classroom. He is fun, witty, and we appreciate how he lets us challenge him on any topic.”


    Wilson Student/Athletes of the Week, January 28-February 1


    Sophomore Colin Anderson, Men’s Basketball: According to the coaching staff, Colin was on fire in last Friday's win over the Cleveland Warriors, hitting six 3-pointers and pacing the Trojans with a game-high 23 points. Colin is diligent and working hard in the classroom as well. His perfect attendance record last quarter indicates the type of effort that Colin is putting into his studies.



    Senior Allison Klas, Women’s Basketball: The coaching staff reports that Allison played a pivotal role in their win against Cleveland on Friday, leading the team in both scoring and rebounding. She has steadily improved week in and week out while providing excellent senior leadership this season.

    Wilson Robotics Results
    The four Wilson Robotics teams competed Saturday, January 26, in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Qualifying Tournament.  

    Team 7776 (Loose Screws) finished fifth and advanced to the Oregon Super Qualifying Tournament in February.  They also received the Think Award for the best Engineering Notebook and were awarded third place for the Motivate Award, third place for the Connect Award (both awarded for outreach and connection with the greater community), and third place for the Inspire Award (the highest ranking award) for overall excellence.  Additionally, Rispa Vranka Wafula and Rachel Weirnick were selected as semi-finalists for the FIRST Dean's List Award.  Congratulations, Loose Screws: Captain Rispa Vranka Wafula, Scott Bremmer, Asher Clark, Rij Dorfman, Ori Friesen, Will Garrahan, Jack Hawkins, Taylor May-Moorhouse, Rachel Weirnick and Escher Wright-Dykhouse.  Coached by Audrey Sherman and Janice Vranka.

    Team 9231 (TBD) had the best day of their season.  Over the last six weeks since league play ended (and with a special effort in the last week) TBD greatly improved their robot and won four out of five matches on Saturday.  Only the first place team in their tournament won more matches.  Unfortunately, they did not advance and their competitive season has ended.  Congratulations, TBD: Captain Emily Carstairs, Erika Bahena, Savannah Danger, Nathan Edwards, Flynn Lorz, Koen Kuhn, Madeleline Michael, Michael Schuff and Lily Stoll. Coached by Aimee Knier and Kathryn Schuff.

    Team 10565 (System Online) won 13 out of 15 matches during the regular season.  They finished sixth and will advance to the Oregon Super Qualifying Tournament.  In addition, System Online received the Motivate Award for the best community outreach.  They were also awarded third place for the Think Award.  Additionally, Rachel Rodriguez was selected as a semi-finalist for the FIRST Dean's List Award.  Congratulations, System Online: Captain Rachel Rodriquez, Joshua Bromley, Jasper Bushnell, Boston Clark, Oliver Flood, Jaren Friesen, Spencer Hartzog, Kagan Lund, Liana Murray and Julia Weirnick.  Coached by Jan Harrington and Johnny Rodriguez.

    Team 116256 (Clockwork Robotics) brought their best robot of the season to the tournament.  It successfully scored in Autonomous mode, Tele-Op mode and the End Game.  Unfortunately, Clockworks Robotics did not advance and their competitive season has ended.  Congratulations, Clockwork Robotics: Captain Devon Johnson, Fran Amato, Zach Craven, Finnegan McCarthy, John Nguyen, Kaleb Rice, Levi Sparks, Sarah Woods and Karter Zwetschke.  Coached by Bruce Edwards and Jolene Rice. 

    A special shout-out to our Robotics seniors: Taylor May-Moorhouse, Jaren Friesen, and Devon Johnson.

    Wilson Student-Student-Athletes of the Week, January 21-24


    Senior Ezekiel Newey, Wrestling: According to his coaches, Zeke picked up a pin right at the last second of his match against his opponent from Jefferson. Zeke has been a consistent and hard-working individual during practices and has been technically sound in his matches this season. He continually pushes his teammates and has been one of our most improved wrestlers this season.


    Senior Simon O’Loughlin, Swimming: Simon’s coaches report that he is a great mentor to the new swimmers this year. He is a positive influence and has been a leader since day one. He helped the relay team place first this past week and finished first in the 100 back.

    Wilson Scholastic Art Award Recipients
    Congratulations to the following art students who received Scholastic Art Awards! Artworks receiving Gold Keys will be on display at Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) February 7-22. The opening reception and awards ceremony is Thursday, February 7, 6-7:00pm at PNCA at 511 NW Broadway. All are welcome to attend.

    Ilana Altland Gold Key Drawing and Illustration
    Maram Amboun Honorable Mention Mixed Media
    Zoe Andersen Honorable Mention Photography
    Taylor Ardantz Honorable Mention Digital Art
    Susan Behrends three Silver Keys and two Honorable Mentions for her art portfolio and painting and drawing
    Luc Bessette Honorable Mention Ceramics and Glass
    Mikayla Zoë Best-Prostrednik Honorable Mention Drawing and Illustration
    Adam Blaine Honorable Mention Photography
    Virginia Boutwell two Gold Keys Painting
    Sophia Burton Honorable Mention Drawing and Illustration
    Emily Carstairs Silver Key Photography
    Zoé De Boucherville-Dickson Silver Key Photography
    Aria Delamarter Honorable Mention Drawing and Illustration
    Carmen Donnerberg Honorable Mention and Silver Key Photography
    Maggie Anne Downey Gold Key Photography
    Dylan Ennis-Helzer Honorable Mention and two Silver Keys Drawing and Illustration
    Ashley Fale-Olsen Honorable Mention Mixed Media
    Georgia Feld-Denae Gold Key in Digital Art and Silver Key in Painting
    Natalie Fisher Honorable Mention Ceramics and Glass
    Max Goldstein Honorable Mention Art Portfolio
    Ashling Gregory Gold Key, Silver Key, Honorable Mention Drawing and Illustration and Photography
    Shelby Hasti Silver Key Photography
    Fatimah Hobaish Honorable Mention and two Silver Keys in Drawing and Illustration and Photography
    Aidan Hostetler Two Silver Keys Ceramics and Glass
    Zasu Hostetter Smith Honorable Mention Drawing and Illustration
    Arash Javaheri Gold Key and Silver Key in Photography
    Elliott Jeffords Two Honorable Mentions, One Gold Key, Two Silver Keys Art Portfolio and Painting
    Morgan Jessing Silver Key in Photography
    Quinn Johnson three Honorable Mentions, Gold Key Portfolio, Silver key Ceramics and Glass
    Julia Johnston Honorable Mention Ceramics and Glass
    Lucas Kensil Honorable Mention Ceramics and Glass
    Deidra Kolnick Two Silver Keys Drawing and Illustration and Sculpture
    Allison Krantz Grommes Honorable Mention Photography
    Makenzie Lee Gold Key Photography
    Ari Lohr Two Honorable Mentions and a Silver Key in Photography
    Zola Lungershausen Honorable Mention Photography
    Kaya Mandac Honorable Mention Mixed Media
    Aiden Mason Silver Key Digital Art
    Marina McClain Gold Key Comic Art
    Jane McIsaac Honorable Mention Ceramics and Glass
    Vivian Monteiro Five Honorable Mentions and a Silver Key Painting
    Trent Nesbitt Two Gold Keys Drawing and Illustration and Painting
    Nicholas Olenich Honorable Mention Photography
    Henry Pigg Honorable Mention Photography
    Gillian Prothe Two Silver Keys, Drawing and Illustration, and Painting
    Haylee Renne Gold Key and Honorable mention Photography
    Thomas Reynolds Silver Key Photography
    Chip Richman Honorable Mention Digital Art
    Kylie Robinson Silver Key Drawing and Illustration
    Rachel Rodriguez Two Honorable Mentions Photography
    Jazmin Rodriguez-Hernandez Gold Key Photography
    Rae Serrano Honorable Mention Digital Art
    Oscar Sloop Honorable Mention Art Portfolio
    Isaac Soto Honorable Mention Drawing and Illustration
    Claire Stellmacher Honorable Mention Art Portfolio
    Maggie Strecker Two Gold Keys Photography
    Annika Sundstrom Silver Key Photography
    Emily Thomas Three Gold Keys and Three Silver Keys in Portfolio, Painting, and Drawing and Illustration
    Chloe Unflat Two Gold Keys and an Honorable Mention in Mixed Media, and Drawing and Illustration
    Vivien Weinstein Gold Key Photography
    Mars Wilder Three Honorable Mentions, Three Silver Keys, and Two Gold Keys in Drawing and Illustration, Comic Art, Digital Art, and Art Portfolio 
    Henry Wilson Silver Key in Comic Art
    Lucas Yao Honorable Mention in Painting

    Wilson Speech and Debate Starts 2019 Strong
    The Speech and Debate Team kicked off the winter season with strong team showings at two major university tournaments. At Pacific University in Forest Grove on January 12-13, the team won 2nd place in the team sweepstakes awards and 3rd place in the Quality Award, which is awarded based on the performance of the team relative to its size.  The following week at Lewis and Clark College, Wilson again took 2nd place in team Sweepstakes and 2nd place in the team awards for individual speech events.  Special notice to the Parliamentary Debate team of Ori Friesen and Nolan Sottoway who took 1st place in junior division in a fierce competition with a large number of entries. The team competes again on January 26 at McMinnville High School and February 1-2 at Linfield College.

    Wilson Winner in PIL MLK Essay Contest
    Wilson senior Solomon Burr-Harris was named the second-place winner in the 3rd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Invitational Essay Contest on January 21. Congratulations, Solomon!

    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, January 14-18


    Sophomore Madyson Day, Wrestling: Here is what the coaching staff had to say about Madyson: “Madyson picked up a big pin versus Lincoln in their dual meet. She is constantly working on improving each time she hits the mat. Madyson is a leader at practice, continually pushing the team to continue to improve.”



    Junior Maggie Strecker, Swimming: According to her coaches, Maggie is a wonderful mentor to our new swimmers and is dedicated at every practice to improving. She tackled the 500 free the last two weeks and this week she PR'd with a 10 sec improvement. She also PR'd in her 50 free. We are lucky to have such a positive influence on the team and we are excited to see how she does the rest of the season.


    December Teachers of the Month
    The Wilson Athletic Leadership Council is pleased to announce the December Teachers of the Month, Jackie Kolesar (PE) and Max Trezise (Social Studies). Here’s what students have to say about these two outstanding teachers:


    According to her students, Coach K takes her job seriously but still allows her students to have fun. She creates a friendly environment and allows those who want to compete have the opportunity. Coach K creates a welcoming environment for all of her students and finds a way to make a connection with each and every one of her students. Her classes are engaging, exciting, and teach life lessons about the importance of physical activity. Furthermore, Coach K does an outstanding job of creating an inclusive and competitive Women's Golf Program and is an outstanding Volleyball Coach. You rock Coach K!


    According to his students, Mr. Trezise creates and welcoming and inviting environment in his classroom. He has the ability to relate to his students and making learning relaxed and fun while at the same time engaging the class to think critically and reflectively. Mr. Trezise's classes expose his students to a variety of historical methods, topics, and finds ways to make the subject matter very meaningful for all of his students. Keep up the great work Mr. Trezise!

    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, December 3-7



    Freshman Logan Erickson, Swimming: Logan is new to the team this year but was wonderful at the meet, supportive of other team members and didn't balk about swimming the fly in her first meet. We hope she continues to be a leader in her lane.



    Senior Jessica Ewton, Swimming: Jessica has been super dedicated at practice and it showed in her meet results. Not only did she PR in her 500 free she was an excellent leg of our 200 free relay.

    Speech and Debate Takes Sweeps at Clackamas/Cleveland
    The Wilson Speech and Debate Team capped off a successful fall season by winning the Team Sweepstakes trophy in Debate and overall last weekend in twin tournaments held at Clackamas High School and Cleveland High School.  Following individual achievements at Willamette University, Sprague High School and Sandy High School during October and November, this win cements Wilson’s status as a top player in Oregon Speech and Debate.
    Individual Event winners (held at Clackamas) are Amy Sloan (3rd Radio Commentary, 1st Prose Reading), Ari Lohr (2nd Programmed Oral Interpretation, 1st Student Congress held Friday evening at Cleveland), Huarui Lai (4th Storytelling), and Chloe Johnson (4th Novice Oratory).  Debate winners (held at Cleveland) are Nathaniel Nelson (1st SPAR debate), Preston Bushnell (1st Novice SPAR debate) Ainsley Leof (1st Novice Lincoln-Douglas), Emma Koontz (2nd Lincoln-Douglas), Ethan Eisner (3rd Student Congress), and the teams of Chester Mantel and Elana Welter (2nd Parliamentary) and Ethan Eisner and Nathaniel Nelson (3rd Public Forum).
    The team starts its winter season, running up to District and National Qualifiers, January 12-13 at Pacific University in Forest Grove.


    November Trojan Student-Athletes of the Month

    Sophomore Huarui Lai, Swimming: Huarui chose to tackle AP Physics 2 as a sophomore and is one of the top students in the class. She goes above and beyond in every regard: Completing independent ungraded work on a regular basis, asking fantastic questions, and leading collaboration with her peers. On a more personal level, she is mature and introspective and kind and funny and we know she’s going to make a difference in the world some day! Huarui is very conscientious, completing every assignment, whether it is for a grade or not; she wants to do everything she can to learn the subject. And she does not simply complete the assignments, Huarui wants to get them right—less than perfection is not acceptable to her. She does not need help or clarification very often, but when she does, you can count on Huarui to drop by on her own time before school or at lunch because she is always seeking a deeper understanding of the material.



    Junior Carolyn Stone, Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse: Carolyn is great student who is curious and diligent. Her effort helps get other students involved in class activities and supports other learners. She is very respectful and always puts her best work out. As an athlete, Carolyn is an excellent ambassador for Wilson. She pushes herself to be the best in her Athletic Development class and in practice. She is a tireless worker who does not let things like knee injuries prevent her from contributing to the team. She plays three sports and seems equally committed and excited about each of them. She always participates in class to the fullest extent. Carolyn listens intently and respectfully to her classmates and teachers when they share during class. She is very kind to others, helps whenever the opportunity arises and has a fun-loving spirit. She suffered a knee injury this fall and although she wasn't able to play in all the soccer games, she was still a member of the team as much as she could be. We appreciate her kindness, smile and wonderful attitude every day!



    November Teachers of the Month
    The Wilson Athletic Leadership Council is pleased to announce the November Teachers of the Month, Sarah LeMier (Marketing) and Joe Minato (Science). Here’s what students have to say about these two outstanding teachers:


    Sarah LeMier creates an inclusive and caring environment in her classroom where all of her students are heard and respected. She has a unique ability to connect with her students and each of her classes has an important purpose. Her Ethnic Studies class is a prime example of that where she integrates important concepts and themes that have direct relevance to our daily lives. She is constantly inspiring her students to be their very best and challenging them to think outside the box. Rock on LeMier!



    Mr. Minato's classroom is structured, inclusive, and challenges us to think in a broader perspective. He has a unique ability to connect the curriculum to our lives and the challenges we face. Mr. Minato is passionate about his classes and it comes across when he teaching. He is willing to go the extra mile with each and every one of his students which demonstrates his level of character and how much he cares that we all understand the material he is presenting. His level of dedication to all of us is inspiring. Thanks for all you do to challenge all of us Mr. Minato!


    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, November 26-30



    Sophomore Lucas Lommen, Men’s Basketball: Lucas knocked down four three-pointers and scored 15 points in his Trojan varsity debut in a home opening loss to the 4th-ranked Barlow Bruins. Lucas is strong in the classroom and exemplifies the type of student-athlete that makes Wilson HS proud. Lucas's play on the floor and his achievements in the classroom make him a great candidate for the Athlete of the Week award.



    Freshman Charlotte Richman, Women’s Basketball: Charlotte was selected to the Al-Tournament Team over the weekend at the Mountainside Basketball Tournament. She was 6-9 from the 3pt line and averaged 14.5 points and 6 assists per game.



    October Teachers of the Month: Kathy Diamond and Tim Loveless
    Students say: Mrs. Diamond creates a classroom that is engaging, thought provoking, and fun! She has the ability to make the subject matter come alive. She is caring with all of her students and goes out of her way to make sure all kids are represented and acknowledged. Mrs. Diamond is always asking about our day and how we are doing in this crazy mixed up world we live in. She genuinely cares for each and every one of us! She is an All-Star!

    Here is what students have to say about Mr. Loveless: Mr. Loveless's classes make you think beyond the immediate and force you to peel back the layers and peek inside. His lessons are creative, stimulating, and challenging at the same time. He is one the funniest teachers in the building with a sense of humor that is like no other. He cares about all of us and challenges us to be better humans on a daily basis. His approach to social studies is creating a generation of civically minded students. He rocks!


    October Student-Athletes of the Month


    Ebrahim Khalifa, Sophomore: Ebrahim is a dedicated scholar, a generous soul, and a cool dude. He continuously reaches for excellence in the classroom with his individual work, and he also pushes the whole class forward with his enthusiastic participation. Ebrahim shares genuinely of himself to advance discussions and help folks understand new viewpoints. Anyone who has a class with Ebrahim can feel his positive presence. Ebrahim  is a great student and a great human being. He is always engaged in class and is an excellent classmate other students. He’s kind, friendly and caring. 



    Justine Wendt, Senior: Justine is an outstanding young woman who is greatly respected by both staff and students here at Wilson. She has earned this respect due to her extraordinary attitude, generosity and the level of commitment that she puts into everything she does. Academically, Justine has always challenged herself with higher-level courses and is a member of NHS. It is very impressive how she juggles a schedule of advanced classes, playing varsity sports, working a part-time job, being a peer counselor and volunteering in the community. Last year as a peer counselor Justine and another student developed a website and flyer for freshman parents to address mental health challenges and provided a list of resources for families that was very well received. Justine is compassionate, ambitious, delightful and we are very proud to honor her with this recognition!


    Fall Sports Wrap-Up
    The Fall Season ended strong with the Cross Country Program battling it out at the State Cross Country Meet and the Unified Soccer Program competing in their end of the season tournament as well. Thanks again to the all the student-athletes, coaches, parents, and teachers for making this Fall Season great! We March On!

    The Cross Country Program headed down to Lane Community College on Saturday for the 6A State Meet and competed well. On the men’s side, Giuliano Scasso, Finn Tyvoll, Caden Samkutty, Torsten Huseby, Quinn Wilcox, Fischer Kirk, Luke Bexelius finished 11th in the State. On the women’s side, Francesca Ierulli, Sylvia Ingram, Annika Sundstrom, Zoe Andersen, Avery Poulsen, Annika Deazley, Autumn Darrah finished 6th in state with our own Francesca Ierulli capping off her senior season with a 6th-place podium finish!

    We also had great representation for the PIL Cross Country All-League Teams as well. On the women’s side, Francesca Ierulli and Sylvia Ingram made 1st Team, Annika Sundstrom and Avery Poulsen made 2nd Team, and Zoe Anderson and Autumn Darrah made Honorable Mention. For the men, Giuliano Scasso made 1st Team, Caden Samkutty and Finn Tyvoll made 2nd Team. Excellent accomplishments for our Cross Country Program.

    The Unified Soccer Program traveled to Wilsonville on Saturday, November 3, for the State Tournament and competed well. The squad ended up finishing 6th in the State for the year. A great accomplishment for a great group of Wilson students who demonstrate great character and leadership for Wilson High School. A huge thanks to the coaches for making this year special as well.

    The Wilson Football Program had some players get recognized for their hard work making the All-League Team for Special District 1.

    1st Team
    Henry Williams, Wide Receiver
    Andy Martinez, Running Back
    Gavin Martini, Punter

    2nd Team
    Keating Hinkley, Down Lineman + Guard
    Andy Martinez, Linebacker
    Henry Williams, Safety

    Honorable Mention
    Cole Thomas, Tight End
    James Coefield, Guard
    Bailey Jaramillo, Center
    Jack White, Place Kicker
    Henry Williams, Returner

    Every year, the OSAA and the Oregonian team up for the Oregonian Cup. Each school collects points for making the Academic All-State Team and can accumulate points for other accomplishments as well. The Fall Academic All-State Teams came out and Wilson did great!

    • Women’s Soccer finished 2nd getting edged out by .01 to Cleveland!
    • Men’s Soccer finished 1st
    • The Volleyball Program finished 1st
    • The Football Program finished 2nd

    Well done by our student-athletes and thanks to our great staff of teaches for providing the support and challenging our kids to do their very best!


    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, October 29-November 2


    Patrick Charley, Unified Soccer: According to his coaches, Patrick is what Unified is all about. He works hard, gives his best effort in every game, and is willing to do whatever he can to help his team. His sportsmanship at the state tournament was incredible, as he was always there to help others when they needed it (even if they were on the other team). Patrick has been an awesome addition to Wilson Unified and we can't wait to see him on the court for basketball.


    Cami Reynolds, Unified Soccer: The coaches report that Cami was amazing at the state tournament, scoring a key goal in our tie against Bend. Her positive attitude and work ethic were contagious all season. Cami always gives her best effort and is a wonderful teammate. Her confidence grew as the season went on and we all look forward to seeing what she can do for Unified Basketball in the winter. Cami is a star and we're lucky to have her in the program.

    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, October 22-26


    Avery Poulsen, Women’s Cross Country: According to her coaches, Avery ran a really gutsy race to help the Trojans make a run at the district title. Her performance solidified the team’s runner-up finish and state-qualifying berth. Her aggressiveness inspired her teammates and she had the fastest final finish on the track passing several runners in the last 300 meters!



    Caden Samkutty, Men’s Cross Country: The coaches report that Caden ran a PR of 16:09 to move him into the Wilson All-Time Top Ten. His 9th-place finish at the PIL Championships greatly helped lead the Men’s Team to a 3rd-place finish and a state-qualifying berth. He is one of the best leaders for the Wilson XC Team ever!


    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, October 15-19


    Sophomore J’Quan Smith, Unified Soccer: J’Quan has emerged as a leader on the Unified Soccer team this season, both on the field and in the classroom. His work ethic and positive attitude make him an outstanding role model for his teammates and his peers at Wilson. He's one of the best defenders on the team and has notched a few goals and assists as the team has battled its way to a perfect 6-0 record. He will have an important role at the state tournament on November 3rd and in seasons to come. J'Quan truly exemplifies what it means to be a student-athlete.



    The Senior Volleyball Players: The Seniors led the Trojans to a great night of volleyball against Jefferson, for their last home match. Delaney, Dylan, Mia, Zoey and Karly played great all season but highlighted their efforts the last week of the season beating Jefferson and Cleveland in three sets! The seniors have been a vital part of the program for four years, and will be missed.

    Speech and Debate Hosts Tournament and Finds Wins
    The Speech and Debate Team hosted the Wilson Invitational Tournament last Saturday and team members had another successful week.  The tournament was the largest it has ever been, with over 500 coaches, parents, and competitors from 30 schools attending.  The team would like to thank the faculty, staff, and administration at Wilson for their unfailing support of the event, which is their principle fundraiser and responsible for about 30% of the team’s annual budget.
    Congratulations to Wilson speakers on their success: Emma Koontz (Finalist After Dinner Speaking), Ari Lohr (3rd Programmed Oral Interpretation, Finalist After Dinner Speaking), the Duo Interpretation team of Oli Devereaux and Zoe Carver (2nd place), Amy Sloan (2nd Radio Commentary), Huarui Lai (3rd Prose Reading), Chester Mantel (Finalist, Impromptu), Nathaniel Nelson (Finalist, Oratory), novice division speakers Preston Bushnell (3rd Lincoln-Douglas Debate, 1st Impromptu) and Cara Weathers (2nd Impromptu, 1st Poetry Reading), and the Public Forum Debate team of Nathaniel Nelson and Ethan Eisner (3rd place).
    The team competes again the weekend of October 20 at Willamette University in Salem.


    Wilson Teacher’s Work on Display at Maryhill Art Museum

    Me and Bee The Trees of Eagle Creek

    Two of art teacher Marie Pearson’s  pieces have been selected for the juried exhibition "Oregon Teachers as Artists" at the Maryhill Museum of Art in Goldendale, WA. The Show runs October 1-November 15. Congratulations, Ms. Pearson!


    Speech and Debate Team Wins Season Opener, Recognized as Top 100 Nationally
    The Wilson Speech and Debate Team has started strong with big wins at the first tournament of the season Saturday, October 6, at Sandy Union High School.  Congratulations to all the finalists and winners: Ari Lohr (1st Programmed Oral Interpretation, 1st After Dinner Speaking, Finalist Impromptu), Nathaniel Nelson (2nd After Dinner Speaking, Finalist Oratory), Huarui Lai (2nd Prose Reading), Emma Koontz (2nd Lincoln-Douglas Debate, 3rd After Dinner Speaking), Ethan Eisner (1st Impromptu), Cara Weathers (1st Novice Poetry), and Preston Bushnell (Finalist, Novice Impromptu). Wilson closed out Parliamentary Debate, with two teams tied for 1st place (Chester Mantel/Elana Welter, Ari Lohr/Rou Rou Hutchinson).
    In addition, the team has been recognized by the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) as one of the Top 100 teams in the United States based on student achievement and activity at tournaments.  Last year, a record eight students from Wilson qualified to compete at the NSDA National Tournament in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
    The team hosts its own annual OSAA tournament on Saturday, October 13, at Wilson, with over 25 schools registered to take part.  If you want to check out what Speech and Debate can do for you, drop by a practice Wednesdays or Thursdays at 3:30 pm in Room 213.


    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, October 8-12

    Junior Debby Austin, Soccer: Debby scored the equalizer in a hard fought 1-1 tie at Lincoln this week with a  goal was a great symbol of the positive energy and effort she has put in all season. It was a huge goal for our team and gave us a great shot at winning the PIL title, if only we could have found the net one more time in the match.


    Senior Jake Winkler, Soccer: Jake is having an outstanding year as one of the strongest defenders in the PIL! He always plays hard and with integrity, inspiring his teammates to play a little harder each day and with GRIT!


    Wilson Athletic Leadership Council Teachers of the Month for September
    Jaydra Johnson: The Leadership Council says Ms. Johnson is one of the most inclusive, outgoing, and thoughtful teachers here at Wilson High School. Her classes are engaging and thought provoking. She genuinely cares about the school and community and she goes out of her way to genuinely get to know her students in her classroom. Ms. Johnson makes everyone in her class feel welcomed and everyone is heard. She is awesome!

    Aaron Olsen: The Leadership Council had this to say about Mr. Olsen: Mr. Olsen's classes are more than just about the day to day but rather, he is teaching life skills and lessons that students can take with them for life. He is passionate about the subject matter that he teaches and that comes across in his energy in his classroom. He makes everyone feel welcome and respected in his classes and he goes out of his way to challenge all of his students. He rocks!


    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, September 17-21


    Senior Francesca Ierulli, Cross Country: Francesca set a new Wilson High School record with a time of 18:26 and a 7th-place finish at the Elite Northwest Classic in Eugene. She is currently 10th in the state with her current time—a 5:55 mile pace! We March On!



    Sophomore Giuliano Scasso, Cross Country: Giuliano ran 16:15 for Wilson at the Elite Northwest Classic, finishing 18th in a very competitive field. That time puts him 10th on the All-Time Wilson Record Board and 2nd for the sophomore class behind Alex Slenning (class of 2018). He is running at a 5:10 mile pace! We March On!


    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, September 10-14



    Senior Sarah White, Cheerleading: Coach Soppe-Navetta shares that Sarah has done a great job as a team captain and is dedicated to helping other athletes on her team. She has set a great example of a driven student-athlete, doing amazingly in the classroom, participating in multiple activities, and still making time for leadership activities. Sarah is a huge asset to her team and her coach and we are lucky to have her.



    Senior Henry Williams, Football: Henry racked up 11.5 tackles in week one and added another seven tackles in last week’s game against Cleveland. He also had two receptions and 50 yards rushing in addition to a kickoff return for TD and the game-winning touchdown against Cleveland. Henry is an excellent student and is finalizing his Eagle Scout work.


    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, September 4-7


    Erik Maack, Cross Country: According to Coach Esbensen, Erik ran great in the first meet of the year, improving his 3000m race time by over a minute from the same race last year and over three minutes from his freshmen year. Erik ran well enough to earn himself a place on the varsity team. He has stepped up his leadership and become a vital teammate with his positivity, amazing work ethic, and confidence.



    Hannah Romeis, Volleyball: As one of the team captains, Hannah has continued to lead by example on and off the court, leading the Trojans in kills and aces against Benson and Grant while adding digs and positive mojo. Her engine never stops and she does whatever she can to help her teammates pull out a victory.




    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, August 27-31


    Liam Nelson, Men’s Soccer: According to Coach Mathews, Liam has set the tone with his work ethic these first couple of weeks of the season. He has worked extremely hard to improve his game this season. His hard work and dedication translated into scoring two goals against Grants Pass.



    Justine Wendt, Women’s Soccer/Senior Captain: According to Coach Bundy, Justine is always looking to improve and lead the team.  Justine is the only returning defender from last years’ squad and looks to lead a great new group of defenders to a great year ahead.




    Way To Go WHS Astronomy Club!
    Eighteen Wilson High School Astronomy Club members won five of the seven Young Astronomer Awards from the Rose City Astronomers. The winners will be honored at the Rose City Astronomers General Meeting on Monday, June 18, 7:30-9:00pm, OMSI auditorium. The students and their mentors all put in extraordinary effort and long hours on their projects. Find more details at

    Tali Emlen and Diana Herrera, "Calculating the Distance to Star Cluster M52, Telescopic Spectroscopy, Pine Mt., Oregon”

    Molly Cohen, Diana Herrera, Kaden Flick, Hannah Weinstein, Craig Weeks, Anna Kien, Stella Burlingame, Alec Sautter, Sarah Pfeiffer, Ruby Minato (the Wilson High School Astronomy Club), "The Big Eclipse Camp: Public Education Eclipse Gathering”

    Sofia Solares and Kate Kelly, "The Vega Project, Part 1: Is Vega a Variable Star?”

    Quinn Brown, "Tensegrity Telescope: Building a Portable Telescope”

    Mitchell Simmons, “Computer Program to Predict Eclipses.”


    Seniors Earn Eagle
    Four Wilson Seniors earned the highest honor in Boy Scouting, the rank of Eagle Scout. Alex Duley, Reid Wiley, David Scheurer and Joe Fitzpatrick started together as Tiger Cub Scouts in first grade and this year all four earned their Eagle ranks while seniors at Wilson High School. As part of Boy Scout Troop 1, they have experienced many high adventure outings together including rock climbing, rafting, canoeing, snow cave camping, snow shoeing, hiking, wilderness backpacking and more. Congratulations Alex, Reid, David and Joe for their perseverance, hard work, leadership and tenacity that led them to the rank of Eagle.


    Wilson Theatre Awards, 2018
    And the award goes to . . .

    Outstanding Contribution to Theatre: Sofia Solares and Bryce Snyder
    Outstanding Lead Actors: Rivkah Zigman and Nathaniel Nelson
    Outstanding Supporting Actors: Clay McAllister and Jackson Wray
    Outstanding Ensemble Actors: Virginia Esposito, Sophie Chappell, Maddie Limon, Zoe Maloney-Dunn
    Outstanding Crew Leads: Sofia Solares and Annika Phillips
    Outstanding Crew Specialists: Erin Hocraffer and Kate Kelly
    Outstanding Crew Members: Ravi Cullop, Zoe Maloney-Dunn, Cassidy Stevenson, Sophia Burton, Emma Jeffcock
    Outstanding Community Support: Kate Carson and Teri Price
    Outstanding Improv Team Actors: Aidan Sivers-Boyce and Maxwell Finke
    Outstanding OneAct Direction: Amy Rodgers and Aidan Sivers-Boyce
    Outstanding OneAct Actors: Ella Carson and Julia Meyers
    Outstanding MicroPlay Writing: Aidan Sivers-Boyce and Maxwell Finke
    State Showcase Audition Selectees, Solo Acting: Bryce Snyder and Parker Callais



    Track & Field Results

    State Track and Field

    Congratulations to Alex Slenning, Oregon 6A State Champion in 1500m. Alex also placed 2nd in the 3000m race. Congrats as well to our other state Track and Field podium winners: Francesca Ierulli, 6th in 1500m and 7th in 3000m, Mason Lommen, 7th in High Jump, and Izzy Esler, 6th in Javelin. Other state qualifiers were Keating Hinkley, Shot Put; Ben Fowler, Pole Vault; Sam Duchow-Pressley, 110/300m hurdles; Briley Pull, 200m; and Avery Poulson, 800m. Well done, Trojans!


    A Bang-Up End to the Season!
    Wilson Unified Soccer had a huge day at the state tournament on May 12, winning the gold medal and the sportsmanship award. They won with class and were outstanding representatives of our community. Congratulations to all the players and Coaches Bradach and Holzmer!


    Wilson National Merit Scholarship Winners
    Senior Craig Weeks has been selected to receive a National Merit $2500 scholarship. Only about 7,500 students are awarded this honor, from an initial pool of 1.6 million students nationwide! Craig plans to study mechanical engineering at the Oregon State University Honors College next year, to continue running and to keep up with music. At Wilson, Craig plays trumpet in the band and runs cross country and track. His favorite classes have been computer science and Mr. Boly’s English class.

    Senior Steven Peterson has been awarded a full-tuition scholarship to Arizona State University, in Tempe, Arizona, through the National Merit Scholarship Competition. He will attend the Honors College and study computer systems engineering with plans to explore careers in computer engineering at a company like Intel, or possibly in cybersecurity. He looks forward to hiking and other outdoor activities in Tempe, and is excited to be near Phoenix and all the tech opportunities in that region.

    Congratulations to Craig and Steven!


    April Trojan Student Athletes of the Month
    Reid Wiley is an outstanding student and athlete, maintaining excellent grades while contributing to his community, exploring internships and playing sports. When asked to do something he graciously commits himself to the task and gives it 100%! He is driven, kind, conscientious and well deserving of recognition.  

    Kendal Chatard is a model student-athlete, an extremely disciplined student  who is always in class, on-time, and who works diligently on all of her assignments, tests and essays.  Kendal's strength both on and off the field is her consistency and reliability.  You always know what you are going to get from Kendal and that she is going to get the job done no matter what and that the level of her work will be of the highest quality.


    Young, Gifted and Black Ceremony, 501 N. Dixon Street Wednesday, May 30, 5:30-7:30pm
    Parents, students, staff and community members are invited to attend this year’s Young, Gifted and Black ceremony, recognizing the success of Black and African American students across PPS, including Wilson’s own Sincere Bartlett and Noreena McLeave! The ceremony will include a full program including a keynote speaker, music, presentation of certificates, beverages and hors d’oeuvres. Congratulations, Sincere and Noreena!


    Julia Taylor Wins Global Scholarship Award
    Congratulations to Julia, Wilson's student body president, for earning the prestigious and very competitive University of British Columbia's International Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship, which comes with admittance into an honors/leadership program and a four-year award of more than $100,000. Great job!


    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week
    Lucy Quinn, Freshman Track: Lucy had and incredible week at the JV District Meet. To start the day, she won the 1500 and then ran the 800 and won, both personal best times. She then competed in the long jump and finished 4th on her final jump.  She finished off the day running an incredible leg of the 4x400 to seal the race and help secure the team championship title.

    Kaden Leeper, Sophomore Track: Kaden had an outstanding day at the JV District Meet winning both the Shot Put and the Discus competitions scoring 20 points and securing the Team Championship Title. Both throws were personal bests!


    Wilson Students Bag It!

    Trent Nesbitt bag design
    Trent Nesbitt
    Chloe Unflat bag design
    Chloe Unflat

    Congratulations to Wilson art students Trent Nesbitt and Chloe Unflat! Trent and Chloe are finalists in the Portland Farmers Market Reusable Bag Design Contest. The winning design will be unveiled on Saturday, June 9, at the PSU Portland Farmers Market. The winning student will receive a $2,000 scholarship and their design will be featured on thousands of reusable bags which will be distributed at the Portland Farmers Market. Second place will receive $1,000, and third place $500. Please congratulate Trent and Chloe, and if you can, come to the unveiling on June 9!


    Wilson Women Win PIL Golf

    Women's Golf

    Wilson Women's Golf Team clinched their first 6A League Title on May 2 at Heron Lakes Golf Course!  It is the first time that Wilson has beaten Lincoln for a league title since 1995.  The Women's Golf Team marches on to the State Tournament May 14-15 at Trysting Tree Golf Club in Corvallis.


    OSAA Academic All-State Top Ten Listings Are Out, And Wilson Scores!
    Winter Sports
    Cheer #1 in the state with the highest GPA!
    Wrestling #6
    Women’s Swimming #7

    Spring Sports
    Band #1 in the state with the highest GPA!
    Men’s Track & Field #1 in the state with the highest GPA!
    Softball #3
    Speech & Debate  #5
    Women’s Track & Field #5
    Women’s Golf    #6
    Women’s Tennis #7
    Men’s Golf #8
    Men’s Tennis  #9



    State Music Competition Results
    Congratulations are in order for the Wilson Orchestra, small ensembles and soloists who performed so well at state competitions April 27 and 28.  Wilson State Champions are:

    Fiona Dubay and Akseli Mende, viola duet: 2nd place in the small strings ensemble category
    Fiona Dubay: 4th place in the solo viola category

    Way to go Wilson!


    Wilson Team 7776 Loose Screws -  1st PPS FTC Robotics Team to Compete at the World Championship
    Wilson Robotics Team 7776 Loose Screws competed in the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship last week in Houston, TX. They finished with a 6-3 record at the championship placing them 23rd in a field of 64 teams from around the world. In the 11-year history of the program, they are the first PPS team to qualify for the FTC World Championship. Their season kicked-off September 9, 2017, and through a series of elimination tournaments they qualified for the FTC World Championship (the “Olympics” of high school robotics competitions). Over the past four years, with the support of volunteer coaches and mentors, team members taught themselves to program in Java, use Autodesk Inventor to design their robot in CAD, document their design process in their award-winning engineering notebook using ShareLaTeX and give presentations of their work to a panel of judges at each competition.
    Congratulations Team 7776 Loose Screws: Captain Alissa Bergquist, Scott Bremmer, Benjamin Carleton, Sean Harrington, Noah Koontz, Tomas Lemoine, Jake Makuch, Taylor May Moorhouse, Rispa Vranka Wafula; and volunteer coaches Scott Koontz and Brian Carleton.
    Congratulations to seniors Alissa Bergquist (Captain), Benjamin Carleton, Noah Koontz, Thomas Lemoine, and Jake Makuch for completing four years on a Wilson Robotics team, and Sean Harrington for completing three years on the team.


    Wilson Speakers Shine at State Tournament
    Members of the Speech and Debate Team were successful last weekend at the OSAA State Tournament at Western Oregon University in Monmouth.  Almost all entries made it to the final round, including two speakers from Wilson in the After Dinner Speaking finals performing in front of hundreds of competitors, coaches and officials. Congratulations to our winners, finalists, and semi-finalists: Ari Lohr (1st Student Congress), Diego Millan (2nd Dramatic Interpretation, Semi-finalist in Dual Interpretation with Bryce Snyder), Fletcher Calcagno (3rd Radio Commentary, Finalist Oratory), Tosca Ruotolo (3rd After Dinner Speaking), Wolf Morgan-Steiner (finalist After Dinner Speaking), and Moses Felberg (Finalist Impromptu).  Moses was also recognized among a small group of competitors from schools statewide for qualifying for the State Tournament all four years of his high school career.
    Eight students from Wilson will be competing in June at the National Tournament in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  The team will be holding practices and working with competitors getting a jump on preparation for next year; if you are interested in joining the fun drop by room 213 Wednesday or Thursday afternoons at 3:30 for more information.


    Chess Club goes to the State Championship in Seaside!
    Six members of the Wilson Chess Team travelled to Seaside April 14-15 to compete in the 13th Annual Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation State Championship. There were 338 contenders from all over Oregon, and all six Wilson players qualified to play in the Platinum Elite section, the top high school section—what a fantastic achievement!

    River Bednark, 12th grade
    Jake Winkler, 11th grade
    Josh Bromley, 10th grade
    Sinan Grehan, 10th grade
    Chris Ng, 10th grade
    Michael Schuff, 9th grade

    Congratulations to Chris Ng, who placed 9th in the state among high school contenders and brought home an Honorable Mention trophy. Jake Winkler placed 16th bringing home a plus score medal for winning half his games. River Bednark was close behind, placing 18th, followed by Sinan Grehan in 23rd place, Josh Bromely in 25th place and Michael Schuff in 28th place. Congratulations to all these Elite chess players!


    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week
    Thomas Berg: Thomas is an incredible leader. He has founded the Students of Color in Action Association (SOCAA) Club this year and has been instrumental in bringing racial equity to the forefront of conversations among his peers. In class, he is a standout student, engaging with learning, advocating for himself and his peers, and treating everyone with respect and dignity. Most importantly, Thomas is not just a student-athlete his a social justice advocate too.

    Katie Reunert: Katie Reunert is one of the hardest working and also one of the kindest students.  She is the epitome of a student/athlete/person who is adept at finding the proper balance between pursuing her education, playing sports, and being a good friend and family member.


    Wilson Speakers Qualify for National Tournament
    A record eight members of the Wilson Speech and Debate Team have qualified for the National Speech and Debate Association’s National Tournament.  They placed in their events at the North Oregon qualifying tournaments, held March 22-24 and April 14.  Wilson placed 2nd among teams at the March event and won the team award on April 14.  Congratulations to our qualifiers: Wolf Morgan-Steiner (Dramatic Interpretation), Andrew Foran (Humorous Interpretation), Fletcher Calcagno (Original Oratory), Moses Felberg (International Extemporaneous), Ari Lohr, Tosca Ruotolo, Elijah Moon (all in Congressional Debate), and Bryce Snyder (Worlds Debate).  They will compete at the National Tournament June 17-22 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
    State qualifiers will compete April 21-22 at the OSAA State Tournament at Western Oregon University in Monmouth: Wolf Morgan-Steiner, Tosca Ruotolo (both in After Dinner Speaking), Fletcher Calcagno (Original Oratory and Radio Commentary), Moses Felberg (Impromptu), Andrew Foran (Poetry Reading), Diego Millan (Dramatic Interpretation) Bryce Snyder (partnered with Diego Millan in Dual Interpretation and with Moses Felberg in Public Forum Debate) and Ari Lohr (Student Congress). 

    There are many ways to enjoy competing in speech and debate—interpretation events (like acting), original speeches to persuade, inform and entertain, and traditional academic debate.  Drop by room 213 after school Wednesdays or Thursdays through spring and we’ll show you how the Speech and Debate Team can help you with your interests (and college admissions). The team is already starting to think about and prepare for the 2018-19 season. Come join us!


    Wilson Poetry Slam Winners
    The winners and alternate will be treated to an super -fancy evening at the Schnitz  sponsored by Wieden+Kennedy and Literary Arts, including dinner and orchestra tickets to Verslandia, our citywide youth poetry slam. The winners will also compete at Verslandia and share their poetry from the stage of the Schnitz.


    verselandia ari lohr

    verselandia mia sedory

    left to right: Ari Lohr, Mia Sedory, Muhammad Taylor

    Verselandia mohammed taylor

    1st place: Ari Lohr
    2nd place: Mia Sedory
    Alternate: Muhammad Taylor


    Code Champions
    Freshmen Michael Schuff and Oliver Flood have won first place at Caitlin Gabel's coding competition. Way to code!



    Student-Athletes of the Week
    Keating Hinkley, Wilson Track: Wilson’s track coaches say Keating is their go-to guy, always willing to demonstrate drills, help younger athletes integrate into the program, and stay late to help the coaches. Keating is showing huge improvements this year hitting a new PR in the shot with a throw of 43’5”.

    Chloe Unflat, Wilson Track: According to the coaching staff, Chloe is one of the most energetic and positive influences in the program. She always puts the team before herself and is a natural leader that other athletes look up to. Chloe is also looking at a successful track season setting a new PR of 9’3” in the Pole Vault.


    Wilson Students’ Art on Display at Portland Art Museum Through April 21
    Congratulations to Wilson art students Chloe Unflat, Eden Bell-Wilkins, and Sage Finnell whose art will be included in The Heart of Portland K-12 PPS Art Show. The opening reception is on Wednesday, April 11, from 6:30-8:00pm in the Mark Building, Kridel Grand Ballroom at 1119 SW Park Avenue, Portland.


    Student-Athletes of the Week
    Maya Goines, Softball: According to Coach Walmer, Maya had a great Spring trip with the squad. She was a super-positive presence and performed under pressure. She batted .467 with a .600 slugging percentage while knocking in 6 RBI’s.

    Petie Wogan, Baseball: While in Arizona, Petie had 7 hits in 15 at-bats, including a triple, 3 RBI’s, 3 Runs Scored, and swiped 3 bases. Petie is a super-positive player on the team and is one of the most coachable kids in the program.


    Wilson Robotics Team Advances to World Championship!

    Robotics Team

    Wilson Team 7776 Loose Screws will compete in the first World Championship in Houston, TX, in April. They competed at the Western U.S. Regional Championship in Spokane, WA, where they progressed to the semifinals and advanced to the World Championship on the CONTROL Award for "for the use of sensors and software enhanced functionality" and robot performance. The season started with over 5,900 teams from 40 countries; 128 of these teams advance to the World Championship. Their performance at Regionals places Loose Screws 17th in the World!  
    7776 Loose Screws: Captain Alissa Bergquist, Scott Bremmer, Benjamin Carleton, Sean Harrington, Noah Koontz, Tomas Lemoine, Jake Makuch, Taylor May-Moorhouse, and Rispa Vranka Wafula.


    2018 Wilson Rose Festival Princess

    Anna Kien
    Congratulations to Wilson Senior Anna Kien, Wilson High School 2018 Rose Princess. Also, congratulations to her parents, Tung Kien and Chau Nguyen, for raising such an awesome young lady!

    February Trojan Student-Athletes of the Month: Lizzie Scriven and Charley Carey
    Two outstanding student-athletes who go out of their way to embody the Wilson Way!

    Multnomah Athletic Club Scholarship Winner
    Tristan Kryl is the Wilson winner of this year’s Multnomah Athletic Scholarship. He has been awarded a $1500 college scholarship and a two-year membership to the Multnomah Athletic Club. Way to go Tristan!


    Three-Ball Scholarship Winners
    The Women's Basketball program would like to congratulate both Noreena McCleave and Madaly Moore for being chosen as this year's co-recipients of the Three-Ball Scholarship.  Having two winners is a first for the program, however the selection committee felt strongly that both young ladies had impressive resumes and were deserving candidates.  Way to go!


    Wilson Alums Are Pitch Perfect
    PSU’s a Capella group, The Green Note, is headed to the intercollegiate a cappella championship semifinals on March 31 at the Elsinore Theater in Salem. This is the real-life Pitch Perfect! Wilson alumni members of the Green Note are: Daniel Nyounai-Herrera, Kendall Berry, Kyle Turner, Maggie Conroy, Alden Girsch, Natti Ratanavetin. The director is alumna Brooke Rencher, arrangers are alumni Ethan Conroy and Austin Mahar.


    2018 Rose Court


    2018 Rose Court

    L to R: Alex Morgan, Lizzet Garcia Garcia, and Anna Kien


    Two Wilson Students Win Awards at Leadership Conference
    On Friday, March 2, two of our students won awards at the Cesar E. Chavez Leadership Conference: Lisseth Barrios placed second in the art competition to design the t-shirt for the conference; Lizzet Garcia-Garcia was selected to be a member of the Leadership Board for the conference as a whole.  The conference is attended by about 2,000 students from throughout the state of Oregon.  Great work Lisseth and Lizzet!


    Speech and Debate Team Succeeds Throughout Winter
    Speech and Debate capped off a very successful winter season at Oregon City High School. Wilson has been in the top five at every tournament since winter break at tournaments ranging from 25-45 schools from up to four western states.  In January, the team took 2nd place in Sweepstakes (team awards) at Pacific University, 3rd place at Lewis and Clark College, 2nd place at McMinnville High School (1½ points behind the home team winner and 60 points ahead of 3rd place), 4th place at Linfield College, and 5th place at the University of Oregon.  A small group of debaters represented us at Lincoln High School’s Rose City Round Robin and Public Forum; debaters Nathaniel Nelson and Ethan Eisner made quarter finals in a very difficult “pod” of round robin teams.  At Oregon City, Wilson was again a top performer.  Congratulations to the winners: Fletcher Calcagno (1st Oratory, 1st Radio Commentary), Wolf Morgan-Steiner (1st Humorous Interpretation), Helen Fick (1st After Dinner Speaking), Ari Lohr (1st Student Congress), Ethan Eisner (2nd Impromptu), Moses Felberg (3rd Radio Commentary), the Parliamentary Debate team of Chester Mantel and Aidan Snodgrass-Ward (3rd), Amy Sloan (4th Radio Commentary), Andrew Foran (4th Poetry Reading, 5th Humorous Interpretation), and Zoe Carver (6th Humorous Interpretation).
    The team competes again in two weeks at the PIL District Tournament, where competitors will attempt to qualify for the State Tournament in April.


    Chess Club Wraps up Team Competition—Individual Championships Next!
    The Wilson Chess Club has played its final of 12 weekly games in the Portland Area League competition, with the Varsity team finishing fourth overall.  The Varsity team was led by Sinan Grehan (sophomore) and included River Bednark (senior), Josh Bromley (sophomore), Chris Ng (sophomore) and Michael Schuff (freshman). The Junior Varsity team included Wilson players Ryuu Joy (freshman) and supporting players from RGMS, Carter Lykins (6th grade) and Thomas Schuff (7th grade). Strong individual performances from Josh Bromley and River Bednark will be honored at the Awards Ceremony this Wednesday—strong work!

    The Varsity and JV teams travelled to Eugene, Oregon for the Oregon High School Chess Team Association state championship March 3-4.  Although tough competition prevented them from bringing home a trophy, they fared well, finishing in the top half of all teams. Josh Bromley was again honored for strong individual performance—Kudos!

    Chess Club continues in Room 19 on Mondays at 3:30, and now focuses on preparing for the individual state championship held in Seaside in April.


    Book Battle Results
    Madyson Day, Izabella Hunt, Lucy Nelson, and Ethan Satterstein did a great job representing Wilson High School at the Oregon Battle of the Books Regional Competition at Canby High School.  They won one battle and tied one battle.  Unfortunately, they did not earn enough points to advance to the semi-finals.  But, they displayed excellent sportsmanship, had fun, and read a total of 19 books as a team!


    Musicians Going to State
    The results of the District I Solo/Ensemble competition held at Wilson on Saturday, March 3, are impressive! The following Soloists and Ensemble groups all qualified for State Competition. Congratulations are in order!

    WHS Chamber Orchestra
    Fiona Dubay, viola
    Fiona Dubay, Akseli Mende, viola duet
    Gabriel Colasurdo, Morgan Thiers, violin duet
    Annia Hedlund, soprano voice
    Annia Hedlund, Adia Jones, Maia Uili, women's vocal trio



    Women in Tech Awards
    Three Wilson students were among the awardees recognized by The National Center for Women in Technology in the Regional Aspirations Award competition. Congratulations to:

    Zoe Bennett (junior)
    Jordan Schuster (senior)
    Lily Stoll (Honorable Mention) (sophomore)


    Senior Noreena McCleave is the Winner of Portland's August Wilson Monologue Competition
    According to Wilson staff member Sarabeth Leitch, “Noreena rocked the stage at the Newmark Theater with a performance as Memphis from August Wilson’s Two Trains Running, set during the 1960s. Her comedic piece was a standout amongst thirteen other stunning monologues, and it earned her both a cash award and an all-expenses paid trip to New York City for a chance to compete on Broadway for the National Finals.”

    “Noreena and the other high school performers worked with local actors and directors on August Wilson's plays to learn about the American experience from the African-American viewpoint. The purpose of the project is to change the racial ecology of Portland through the arts, and Noreena represented Wilson (the high school and the playwright) well with her integrity, her energy, and her talent.”

    “Give Noreena a standing ovation when you see her because not only is she a standout performer, scholar, leader and athlete here at the school, she is inspiring people all across the city.”


    A Great Season for Wilson Robotics!
    Three Wilson Robotics teams competed over the weekend of February 24 at the Oregon FTC Robotics State Championship. Congratulations to Teams 9231 Big Bots (finishing 15th) and 10565 System Online (finishing 13th) for a great season and to Team 7776 Loose Screws, who captained a Division Winning Alliance. Their alliance took second place overall in the State competition. In addition, they received first place for the Think Award for their Engineering Notebook. They advance to the Western U.S. Regional Championship in Spokane on March 8-11, where they will compete against the top teams in the Western U.S. for a spot at the World Championship.
    7776 Loose Screws: Captain Alissa Bergquist, Scott Bremmer, Benjamin Carleton, Sean Harrington, Noah Koontz, Tomas Lemoine, Jake Makuch, Taylor May-Moorhouse, and Rispa Vranka Wafula.
    9231 Big Bots: Captain Rachel Weirnick, Reid Amato, Emily Carstairs, Elliott Chimienti, Aaron Cox, Madeleine Michael, Steven Peterson, Kara Van Horn and Annie Zwartjes.
    10565 System Online: Captain Rachel Rodriguez, Joshua Bromley, Jasper Bushnell, Oliver Flood, Jaren Friesen, Spencer Hartzog, Kagan Lund, and Liana Murray.


    Congratulations to Wilson High School Story Slammers!
    Xiu Janz, Muhammed Taylor, Indigo Paris, Vivien Weinstein, Madaly More, and Marina McClain competed at the first annual Wilson High School Truth be Told Story Slam. They each told an amazing, original and true five-minute story on the theme of trouble. Wilson’s first-place winner Vivien Weinstein will compete against slammers from other high schools at the Truth be Told Interscholastic Story Slam on Thursday, March 1, 7 pm, Franklin High School Library.
    1st Place: Vivien Weinstein
    2nd Place: Madaly More
    3rd Place: Marina McClain


    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week
    Sophomore Kailin Gilzow, Women’s Basketball: Kailin is one of the toughest competitors in the Women’s Basketball Program. She has a great attitude, gives maximum effort, and is one of leaders in the Wilson Athletic Leadership Council. She battled it out in both games vs Roosevelt and Franklin.

    Junior Jake Winkler, Men’s Basketball: Jake has been a consummate teammate all year long. He has given maximum effort each and every game, been a leader in the locker room, and held a 4.0 GPA all year long.


    2018 National Merit Scholarship Competition
    Congratulations to Wilson’s finalists in the 2018 competition! These students have qualified to be considered for National Merit Scholarships:
    Clay Hunter
    Steven Peterson
    Craig Weeks


    Wilson Robotics Teams Advance to State Championship
    On February 11, three Wilson Robotics Teams competed against other teams from all over the state at FIRST Tech Challenge Tournaments. Team 7776 Loose Screws finished as the Finalist Alliance Captain and received the 2nd-place Inspire Award (best showing in all categories) and Think Award (best engineering notebook). Teams 9231 Big Bots and 10565 System Online advanced on their overall team rankings based on robot performance. The season started with over 200 teams across Oregon; the final 48 remaining teams will compete at the state championship on February 24 and 25 at Liberty High School, Hillsboro, for a spot at the Western Regional Competition in Spokane. Congratulations to the teams:
    7776 Loose Screws: Captain Alissa Bergquist, Scott Bremmer, Benjamin Carleton, Sean Harrington, Noah Koontz, Tomas Lemoine, Jake Makuch, Taylor May-Moorhouse, and Rispa Vranka Wafula.
    9231 Big Bots: Captain Rachel Weirnick, Reid Amato, Emily Carstairs, Elliott Chimienti, Aaron Cox, Madeleine Michael, Steven Peterson, Kara Van Horn and Annie Zwartjes.
    10565 System Online: Captain Rachel Rodriguez, Joshua Bromley, Quinn Brown, Jasper Bushnell, Oliver Flood, Jaren Friesen, Spencer Hartzog, Kagan Lund, and Liana Murray.


    Student-Athletes of the Week
    Senior Tristan Passemaard, Unified Basketball: Tristan is a senior member of the Wilson Unified Trojans basketball team. He is a dedicated and enthusiastic player that always tries his hardest. He has worked very hard to improve his shooting, ball handling, and defensive skills this year. Tristan is a great teammate and demonstrates great sportsmanship at all times.

    Sophomore Greta Cannon, Swimming: Greta is a positive influence on her teammates. She is a natural leader with the squad as well.  She had PR’s in both her events and helped lead the 200 Medley Relay Team to a 3rd place finish and is heading to state in two events. She has a bright future with the program.



    January Student-Athletes of the Month

    student of the month
    Maia Uili (Junior): Maia is an amazing young woman, who is respected and admired by both students and faculty at Wilson High School. She is deeply connected to her family and her culture and loves big family gatherings. Maia is involved in so many activities at Wilson and somehow manages to give 110% to everything she does. She has been a unifying and positive force this year in her role as an officer of the Asian Pacific Islander Club and as a member of Students of Color in Action Association. She is an outstanding wrestler, and her commitment to her team is exemplary as she continues to attend matches even though she can’t compete due to some cracked ribs. She goes the extra mile academically and is willing to work hard to earn strong grades. And she has been known to extend her gratitude to teachers who go out of their way to help. Maia is a Peer Counselor and shares her kindness and positivity with everyone she meets. Maia sings in two of our choirs with a voice like an angel and can often be heard erupting into song in the middle of a school day! Maia is a student who we all can be very proud of and someone who sets an amazing example for all—she is lovely, kind, musical, respectful, hard-working, responsible, funny, positive, and devoted to her family, friends, and to everything she does at Wilson High School. We are so proud to honor her with this recognition!


    student of the month

    Shaho Meman (Sophomore): Shaho displayed high standards of sportsmanship and integrity during the wrestling season.  He was a competitive athlete on the mat and was also an inspiration to fellow teammates.  His work ethic, desire to improve his skills  and commitment to the sport of wrestling was seen day in and day out.  He was asked to compete in a match against an athlete from Aloha HS who had cerebral palsy.  Shaho gave this student a match to remember, and ended up getting pinned by his opponent.  The entire gym and all wrestling teams exploded in enthusiasm and appreciation for Shaho's display of sportsmanship.

    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week
    Wrestling, Cameron Tindell (Junior): Cameron is pound for pound one of the toughest kids we have at Wilson High School. He made it all the way to the Championship Round at the Varsity District Wrestling Meet and ended up finishing 2nd and advancing to the State Meet.
    Swimming, Margaret Strecker (Sophomore): Coach Wiggins says this has been a wonderful year for Margaret. She is an extremely hard worker in practice and has improved all season long. She is willing to swim every event and looking forward to a great season next year. She was 4th in the 100 Free with a PR, 2nd in the 50 Back with a PR, 2nd in the 200 Medley Relay, and 2nd in the 200 Free Relay.


    Two More Wilson Robotics Teams Advance
    Two Wilson robotics teams competed Saturday, January 27, in a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Qualifying Tournament. Both Wilson teams, along with Team 4097 from Tigard HS, joined forces in an alliance to battle it out in the semi-finals.  The alliance placed 4th in the tournament.
    Team 9231 (Big Bots) was the Captain for the 4th Place Alliance and received the Motivate Award advancing them to an Oregon Regional Competition in two weeks. Congratulations Big Bots: Captain Rachel Weirnick, Reid Amato, Emily Carstairs, Elliott Chimienti, Aaron Cox, Madeleine Michael, Steven Peterson, Kara Van Horn and Annie Zwartjes; coached by Audrey Sherman and Scott Haight.
    Team 10565 (System Online) placed 3rd in the Think Award and 9th overall, also earning them a spot to advance to an Oregon Regional Competition. Congratulations System Online: Captain Rachel Rodriguez, Joshua Bromley, Quinn Brown, Jasper Bushnell, Oliver Flood, Jaren Friesen, Spencer Hartzog, Kagan Lund, and Liana Murray; coached by Jan Harrington and Johnny Rodriquez.


    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week
    Lauren Peterson,
    Cheer: Lauren, a sophomore, has an awesome work ethic and constantly gives maximum effort in practice for the JV team and as an alternate for the Varsity squad. Lauren is also an active volunteer with the Wilson Youth Cheer Program. She demonstrates all the qualities of the ideal Wilson Cheerleader.
    Zach Candiani, Men’s Swimming: Zach is just a freshman, but he has been a tremendous swimmer for the program this year. He is a workhorse in practice and it has shown over the course of the season.  Zach has the highest percentage of time dropped on the season. He was 2nd in the Free and 5th in the 50 Free this past Friday.


    2018 Scholastic Art Awards
    Wilson students won many, many awards this year. Individual Gold Keys and Gold Key Senior Portfolios will be on display at Pacific Northwest College of Art, 511 NW Broadway, from January 28-February 24. Opening Reception is at PNCA on Thursday, February 1, from 4-7:00pm; Awards Ceremony for all awardees is at 7:00pm on February 15 at Rolling Hill Auditorium 3550 SW Borland Rd, Tualatin.
    Free parking, no tickets required. Congratulations to all of our winners!

    Athraa Alhayyak, Silver Key, Photography (two)
    Taylor Ardantz, Honorable Mention, Photography
    Susan Behrends, Silver Key, Drawing & Illustration
    Eden Bell-Wilkins, Silver Key, Photography
    Ryan Booth, Honorable Mention, Photography
    Virginia Boutwell, Honorable Mention, Drawing & Illustration, Silver Key, Painting
    Sophia Burton, Silver Key, Drawing & Illustration
    Greta Cannon, Honorable Mention, Photography
    Owen Carey, Silver Key, Painting
    Emily Carstairs, Honorable Mention, Photography (two)
    Avital Emlen, Honorable Mention, Painting (three)
    Georgia Feld-Denae, Honorable Mention, Painting (two)
    Sofia Fernandez, Honorable Mention, Photography (two)
    Sage Finnell, Gold Key, Photography, Honorable Mention, Photography
    Chella Foster-Flynn, Gold Key, Photography, Gold Key, Art Portfolio, Honorable Mention, Photography
    Max Goldstein, Honorable Mention, Photography
    Allison Grommes, Gold Key, Photography
    Julia Hamburger, Silver Key, Painting
    Anna Hansen, Honorable Mention, Painting (two)
    Alex Harris, Honorable Mention, Photography, Honorable Mention, Art Portfolio, Honorable Mention, Photography (two)
    Solomon Harris, Honorable Mention, Photography
    Elliott Jeffords, Honorable Mention, Painting
    Audrey Jenkins, Gold Key, Painting, Honorable Mention, Painting, Silver Key, Painting
    Morgan Jessing, Gold Key, Photography (two)
    Quinn Johnson, Gold Key, Ceramics & Glass, Silver Key, Sculpture
    Julia Johnston, Honorable Mention, Photography
    Kayla Klein-Wolf, Honorable Mention, Photography
    Amelia Levine, Honorable Mention, Photography
    Rachel McMinn, Gold Key, Photography
    Kitrick Miller, Silver Key, Photography
    Vivian Monteiro, Gold Key, Painting, Honorable Mention, Drawing and Illustration
    Hailee More, Honorable Mention, Photography
    Alex Morgan, Honorable Mention, Photography
    Trent Nesbitt, Honorable Mention, Drawing & Illustration, Silver Key, Drawing & Illustration
    Nicholas Olenich, Gold Key, Photography, Honorable Mention, Photography (five)
    Kaelyn Person, Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass
    Haylee Renne, Honorable Mention, Photography
    Rachel Rodriguez, Gold Key, Photography, Honorable Mention, Photography
    Rae Serrano, Silver Key, Drawing & Illustration
    Lindsey Smith, Honorable Mention, Photography (two)
    Isaac Soto, Gold Key, Drawing & Illustration, Gold Key, Comic Art
    Annika Sundstrom, Gold Key, Photography (two), Honorable Mention, Photography (two), Silver Key, Photography
    Emily Thomas, Silver Key, Painting
    Chloe Unflat, Gold Key, Drawing & Illustration, Honorable Mention, Drawing & Illustration (two), Silver Key, Mixed Media
    M Wilder, Honorable Mention, Digital Art, Silver Key, Drawing & Illustration
    Katie Williams, Honorable Mention, Photography
    Henry Wilson, Honorable Mention, Drawing & Illustration
    Devyn Yocom, Honorable Mention, Photography
    Sadia Zaim, Gold Key, Ceramics & Glass

    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week
    Freshman Lucy Quinn, Women’s Basketball: Lucy played two outstanding games on Tuesday against Roosevelt helping her team to victory in both the JV2 game and the JV game. Lucy plays with intensity, passion, and a love for the game. She is a consummate teammate who gets her team involved.
    Sophomore Henry Anderson, Men’s Basketball: Henry has been a leader for his team the entire season. He plays with grit, makes his teammates better, and has fun doing it—a great kid who is a great role model for our student-athlete population at Wilson High School.

    Wilson Robotics Team Advances
    Two Wilson robotics teams competed Saturday, January 20, in a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Qualifying Tournament. Team 7776 (Loose Screws) finished second and received the highest award, the Inspire Award, and will advance to an Oregon Regional Competition in February. Additionally, Rispa Vranka Wafula was selected as a Semi-Finalist for the FIRST Dean’s List Award. Congratulations Loose Screws: Captain Alissa Bergquist, Scott Bremmer, Benjamin Carleton, Sean Harrington, Noah Koontz, Thomas Lemoine, Jake Makuch, Taylor May-Moorhouse, and Rispa Vranka Wafula; Coached by Scott Koontz and Brian Carleton.

    Team 11625 (Clockwork Robotics) had one of the most creative robots at the tournament and despite their late-night mechanical changes on Friday, their competitive season has ended. Clockwork Robotics: Captain Devon Johnson, Erika Bahena, Genevieve Belgique, Finnegan McCarthy, Ori Friesen, John Nguyen, Duffy Martin, Sam Taylor, James Wheeler, and Karter Zwetschke; Coached by Jed Lund and Art La Flamme. Congratulations to seniors Duffy Martin, completing four years on a Wilson Robotics team, and James Wheeler completing two years on the team.

    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week
    Senior Redly James: Redly earned his first varsity wrestling win of the season on Wednesday night at Cleveland.  He has been a team captain all season, shows dedication and commitment to the team and never makes excuses and gives his best effort at all times.
    Junior Taumaia Uili: Maia has worked extremely hard in her first season participating in wrestling.  She has improved in every aspect of the sport throughout the season.  On Saturday, even though she was not wrestling due to injury, Maia traveled with the team to Southridge to help support and cheer on her fellow teammates.  She shows great character, leadership and commitment to the team each and every week.

    Wilson Speech and Debate Takes Third at Pacific University
    Wilson Speech and Debate started the new year out with a solid performance at the Pacific University Hap Hingston Invitational Tournament recently, taking third place in Division I Sweepstakes team award. We kick off our Winter/Spring season by congratulating the winners and finalists: In Radio Commentary, Huarui Lai (7th) and Zoe Carver (6th) in junior division, Amy Sloan (6th), Moses Felberg (5th), William Sweek (4th) and Fletcher Calcagno (1st) in open division; in Impromptu, Oli Devereux (3rd) in junior division, Elijah Moon (semifinals), William Sweek (semifinals), and Moses Felberg (3rd) in open division; In Dramatic Interpretation, Ginger Felberg (5th open division); in Oratory, Fletcher Calcagno (2nd open division); in After Dinner Speaking, Zoe Carver (3rd) in junior division, Ari Lohr (5th) and Wolf Morgan-Steiner (2nd) in open division; in Humorous Interpretation, Andrew Foran (4th open division), in Public Forum Debate, the team of Bryce Snyder and Moses Felberg (semifinals, 3rd open division); in Parliamentary open division, the team of Chester Mantel and Aidan Snodgrass-Ward (quarterfinalists), and the team of Fletcher Calcagno and Elijah Moon (2nd place, Elijah 3rd in speaker awards). The team competes again this weekend right in the neighborhood at Lewis and Clark College.


    Trojan Student-Athletes of the Month for December

     December Student-Athlete

    Junior Diego Garcia-Perez represents our school positively through his friendly and positive personality, desire to achieve and grow in academics, and his dedication to the sports he participates in.  In addition, he works at a senior center and participates in family activities. Diego exemplifies the “mind, body, spirit,” of our school through his contributions at home, in the community and at school. Diego works harder than many other students on his academics, but he never gives up, complains or gets discouraged.


    December Student-Athlete

    Junior Lyla Balthazaar comes to AP Language and Composition prepared to learn and actively helps others get their best work done. She is respectful, diligent, and humble. Lyla is also thorough in her assignments, using every opportunity to expand her mind and skills. Finally, she is a mentor in Ms. Leitch's class, demonstrating her commitment to our school community.

    Wilson Students Win Congressional App Challenge
    Congressman Earl Blumenauer named Wilson juniors Henry Pigg and Eli Winkelman as the winners of his Congressional App Challenge. Their app, MelaKnow, helps detect and diagnose melanoma based on images taken from a smart phone.  Last year’s winners also came from Wilson High School. Eli and Henry will be awarded $250 in Amazon Web Service credits and will have the chance to attend the #HouseOfCode reception in Washington, DC, in April of 2018. Their app will also be eligible to be displayed in the U.S. Capitol Building and on the website for one year.

    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week
    Senior Alexis Hoffart, Swimming: Alexis finished 4th in the Medley Relay, 2nd in the 100 Free, 1st in the Breast Stroke, and 1st in the 200 Free Relay.  According to Coach Wiggins, Alexis is an extremely hard worker at practice and it shows at the meets. She always gives 100% at competitions even if it is not her favorite event. She is a three-year Varsity letter winner.

    Junior Simon O’Loughlin, Swimming: Simon finished 2nd in the 200 Medley Relay, 5th in the 50 Free, 1st in the 200 Free Relay, and 1st in the 100 Back. According to Coach Wiggins Simon is a workhorse: Whether at practice or at a meet, Simon always gives his all and does a great job of mentoring the new swimmers in the program. He is a two-year Varsity letter winner.


    Three Wilson Students Win National Talent Contest
    Three Wilson exchange students have been named among the winners of the PAX foreign student talent contest. Junior Zom Pongputt (Thailand), Junior Dian Astari (Bali), and Junior Nihar Mehta (India) have each won $100 and a trip to Orlando, Florida, to to share their dancing skill at a national conference.  Each student has studied traditional dance of their country which they combined in a show along with a Turkish student from Cleveland High.  They are also available for performances locally and have performed for Loves and Fishes and the International Club. Contact Maranee Sanders ( for more information.

    Trojan Student-Athletes of the Month for October
    These student-athletes go out of their way to be exemplary in the classroom, the hallways, and in the community. 

    October Student-Athlete of the Month

    Senior Madeline McCarter: According to Mr. Higbee, Madeline is an amazing editor-in-chief for the yearbook. She manages to be engaged in both academics and soccer. She has a high level of spirit and is one of the kindest students he knows.


    October Student-Athlete of the Month

    Sophomore Shawn Sussman: According to Mr. Mathews, Shawn is consistently a leader in the classroom and on the soccer field.  He always has a strong work ethic, is positive, and strives to improve.  Shawn is a leader on the team as a Sophomore because of his maturity beyond his years. . . and his maturity between the ears!


    Wilson Student Climbs to Championships
    Sophomore Nathaniel Surma was invited to represent Team USA at the Youth Pan American Climbing Championship in Montreal, Canada, October 30-November 1. With only about seven weeks to train for the competition, Nathaniel exceeded expectations by moving into the final round and placing 5th in the bouldering event!  There were over 260 invitees with 21 competitors in his category. He hopes to make it to the next Championship event in Fall 2020. 


    Wilson Dancer in Holiday Show
    Wilson freshman Margot Shipton Cook will perform in The Portland Ballet's holiday show November 24-26, The Enchanted Toyshop and Tourbillon.  Margot, with ten years of dance experience behind her, will dance in both ballets. Two children are accidentally locked in The Enchanted Toyshop, and Pinocchio reigns over a parade of toys that come to life to entertain them; Tourbillon, with the has the swirling grace of a Viennese ballroom, is inspired by a 1950s cotillion with colorful ball gowns, white evening gloves and elegant, jeweled crowns.


    Staff Publications
    Wilson English Teacher Nora Brooks has recently published two magazine pieces, one in The Rumpus magazine, ( and one in The Brooklyn Rail ( Click the links to check out her work!

    Leadership is proud to announce Freshman Officers for the Class of 2021:
    Erika Bahena

    Celia Connor-Smith
    Bridget McMurray
    Julia Meyers
    Erasto Paula
    Maxwell Sivers-Boyce


    Wilson Speech and Debate’s October Was Scary-Good!
    The Speech and Debate Team opened the 2017-18 season by hosting northern Oregon’s first OSAA sanctioned invitational tournament, where 27 schools, nearly 500 competitors and 120 adult judges came together to launch the year.  Wilson speakers took part and found success, including finalists Helen Fick (After Dinner Speaking), Andrew Foran (Poetry), and top three finishers Ari Lohr (3rd Student Congress), Amy Sloan (3rd Radio Commentary), Liam Gibler (2nd novice Impromptu), and Elijah Moon (1st Impromptu).
    On October 20-21 at Willamette University, the team built on its success with finalists and placers Bryce Snyder (finalist Prose), Moses Felberg (finalist Impromptu, 1st speaker Parliamentary Debate), Fletcher Calcagno (finalist Impromptu, 2nd speaker Parliamentary Debate, tie along with partner Elijah Moon for 3rd Parliamentary Debate, 1st Radio Commentary), Tosca Ruotolo (8th speaker, Parliamentary Debate), Ari Lohr and Aidan Snodgrass-Ward (tie for 3rd, Junior Parliamentary Debate), Elijah Moon (4th speaker, Parliamentary Debate), Oli Devereux (4th speaker, novice Parliamentary Debate), Zoe Carver (7th speaker, novice Parliamentary Debate, 2nd Junior Radio) Emma Koontz (3rd speaker, Junior Lincoln-Douglas Debate) Nathaniel Nelson (2nd Junior After Dinner Speaking and 1st Speaker, Junior Public Forum Debate), and Ethan Eisner (2nd Junior Public Forum Debate). The team of Nelson and Eisner won 1st place in Junior Public Forum in a clean sweep, losing no ballots through the entire tournament.
    The team finished October with a big win at Tillamook on October 28.  Wilson took home 1st place Team Sweepstakes, beating the 2nd place team by over 100 points.  Congratulations to Jaren Friesen (1st Extemporaneous), Ethan Eisner (2nd Extemporaneous), Fletcher Calcagno (3rd Oratory), Ari Lohr (2nd Oratory, 2nd After Dinner Speaking, 3rd Impromptu), Amy Sloan (1st Radio Commentary), Charlotte Fay (2nd novice Radio), Oli Devereux (1st novice Radio), Emma Koontz (3rd After Dinner Speaking), Helen Fick (1st After Dinner Speaking), Ginger Felberg (1st Dramatic Interpretation), Liam Gibler (1st novice Impromptu), William Sweek (2nd Impromptu), Elijah Moon (1st Impromptu), Andrew Foran (1st Poetry) and the debate teams of Ethan Eisner and Nathaniel Nelson (1st Public Forum), Jaren Friesen and Kadeg Perrot (2nd Parliamentary Debate), Ari Lohr and Chester Mantel (1st Parliamentary Debate), and Liam Gibler and Nolan Sottoway (1st novice Parliamentary).

    The team competes next at Mt. Hood Community College on Saturday, November 4.


    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, October 30-November 3
    Freshmen Sylvia Ingram, Cross Country: Only a freshmen, she finished 6th in the PIL with a new Wilson Freshmen time record of 19:02 for the 5K.  She is also an All-League First Team Runner. Coach Esbensen says she was instrumental in stepping up to help the Wilson Women win their first PIL Championship since 1990.

    Junior Caden Samkutty, Cross Country: According to Coach Esbensen, Caden ran a terrific race at the District Meet finishing in 8th place with a new personal record time of 16:12.  Caden is an All-League Second Team performer only seconds from First Team. Caden’s performance helped solidify the 2nd-Place Team finish behind Franklin, the #4 team in the entire Northwest Region.


    Cross Country District Results
    Wilson had a great showing at this year’s PIL District Championships, with both Women’s JV and Varsity taking the District Championship, the first time since 1990 for the varsity team! Men’s Varsity and JV both took second place, while Senior Alex Slenning is the District Champion. Wilson’s seven varsity runners on each team will be competing at the State Championships in Eugene on November 4.


    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, October 23-27, Senior Edition
    Senior Mariquia Alferez, Captain, Varsity Women’s Soccer: Mariquia scored a goal and had an assist in the 3-1 victory over Madison on Senior Night to lock up the 2nd spot in a very competitive PIL. According to Coach Bundy, Mariquia has worked hard to improve all season long is a great leader for the program.
    Senior Savannah Alanis, Varsity Cheer: Savannah has been with the program all four years while attending St. Mary’s.  According to Coach Jones, Alanis has been dedicated, promotes school spirit, and been an incredible leader.  She is a fantastic role model for the Cheer Program and Wilson!
    Senior Abdulkaelir Mohamed, Varsity Men’s Soccer: Coach Mathews states, “Abdul has been the soul of the team all year long. Whenever the team faced adversity, he knows exactly what to say in the locker room to bring their spirits back up! He Marches On!”
    Senior Craig Weeks, Cross Country: Craig won the JV race on Wednesday and Coach Esbensen says Craig has been an instrumental leader for the program. His patience and ability to lead by example inspire his team. And it was his birthday on Wednesday!
    Senior Adahra Poasa, Cross Country, Coach Esbensen states that Adahra is a leader in the program and is one of the best runners in Wilson’s Cross Country history.  She plans on running next year at the collegiate level.


    Wilson Chess Player Takes First Place at All Stars Tournament in Salem, Oregon

    Wilson Chess Club player sophomore Josh Bromley tied for first place in the Bright Stars action at the All Stars Tournament, played in the Capitol Building in Salem, Oregon on October 13. Chris Ng, also a Wilson sophomore, took second in his quad competition. Congratulations, Josh and Chris, and all the members of the Wilson Chess Club that fought in a tough competition!

    October Trojan Student-Athletes of the Month
    This award goes to student-athletes who go out of their way to show respect in the classroom, the hallways, the community, and in their respective sport; they are all about the Wilson Way and elevate others around them.  This month's winners are Noreena McCleave and Bailey Jaramillo. Thanks for showing the Wilson Way!

    Congratulations to Wilson Chess Club All Stars!
    Congratulations to the following Wilson and Robert Gray students who earned an invitation to the Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation All Stars tournament! They will compete for cash prizes this Friday, October 13, at the State Capitol Building in Salem. These players qualified by being rated in the top 10 players in their grade by trimester, being one of the top 25 most active chess players based on total number of lifetime games or demonstrating outstanding sportsmanship at the OSCF State Championship.

    Jake Winkler
    River Bednark
    Sinan Grehan
    Josh Bromley
    Chris Ng
    Michael Schuff
    Kira Dobbins
    Thomas Schuff
    Zane Moore
    And graduated seniors Nathan Jewell and Riley Waugh

    Wilson Student-Athletes of the Week, October 9-13
    Women’s Soccer-Co-Captain Talulah Beisel scored her third game-winning goal of the season in the 2-0 win against Franklin.  Talulah continues to work hard at improving her runs and her play is peaking at just the right point in their season.

    Women’s Cross Country Runner Annika Sundstrom won the meet on Wednesday for her first Cross Country victory.  She beat out elite runners from Clackamas and Wilson for the win in 19:28.

    Men’s Cross Country Runner Quinn Wilcox has been stepping up lately and broken into the Varsity of one of the states top five teams. He’s only a Freshmen while making quite a name for himself. Quinn has also moved into number four all time for Wilson Freshmen.

    Work by Wilson Art Teacher Marie Pearson Featured at Maryhill Museum of Art, October 6-November 15, 2017

    painting painting

    Two of Ms. Pearson’s pieces have been selected for inclusion in the "Teachers as Artists" juried exhibition at the Maryhill Museum of Art. The opening reception is on Sunday, October 22, from 11am-1pm. Congratulations, Ms. Pearson!


    Wilson High School Academic All-Stars


    Clay Hunter

    Clay Hunter says he’s taken nearly every advanced placement course offered at Wilson High School and will finish his career with 13 such classes under his belt. Meanwhile, he’s a member of the Wilson baseball team, is organizing the Associated Student Body and is a member of the Link Crew and the Wilson student-athlete council. Though excelling in all of these activities simultaneously can be challenging, he says finding balance in life is important. His greatest interests are biology and environmental sciences and he hopes to attend a prestigious university to continue such studies. “I just really like the study of life and how things grow and change and interact with each other. I find that very interesting,” Hunter said.

    Kayla Klein-Wolf

    Kayla Klein-Wolf is passionate about government and political science. And she’s fully committed to these interests. Klein-Wolf has taken AP Government, AP Environmental Science and humanities courses and plans to study political theory and other political science classes in college. She’s also a member of the Wilson Site Council, a forum where students, parents and administrators discuss overarching issues such as graduation rates and attendance. And though she’s still in high school, she landed an internship with United States Senator Ron Wyden’s Oregon office. “There’s a lot of opportunities out there and you just have to take the plunge and put yourself out there and talk to people. Even if the position says it’s only available to kids in college or currently pursuing a degree in public policy, reach out to them,” she said.

    Craig Weeks

    Whether it is deck furniture, motors or computer programming, Wilson High senior Craig Weeks enjoys the satisfaction of building a useful item out of an assortment of parts. In college he plans to take classes in math, science and engineering. Though his professional career is a ways off, he envisions a career with a software company or an engineering firm. Weeks also loves to run, is the captain of the cross-country team and is also a member of the track and field team. The trails allow time for deep thought. “It helps me think. Sometimes I’ll think about homework problems or what I have to figure out in the next day. It’s a good time to decompress, where I don’t have to worry about anything else,” Weeks said.



    Wilson Student Rows to Championships
    Congratulations to sophomore Anna Hansen on representing the Northwest in the U.S. Rowing Youth National Challenge the weekend of September 23-24, as part of the 2017 Senior World Championships in Sarasota, Florida. This the first time this event, the Olympics of rowing in non-Olympic years, has been held in the US for nearly 25 years. The Youth National Challenge is an exhibition event showcasing up-and-coming junior talent in the U.S. Crews representing five regions around the country came together to race 2000 meters in two days of exciting racing. Anna’s boat, made up of rowers from Rose City Rowing Club and from throughout the Northwest, came in second in the finals.

    National Merit Scholarships

    The following Wilson seniors received Letters of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation: Ben Carleton, Thomas Lemoine, Elijah Moon, Elise Paznokas, and Sarah Pfeiffer. We have four semifinalists who have qualified to advance as Finalists: Clay Hunter, Steven Peterson, Marley Weakland, and Craig Weeks. Well done!



    Wilson Students Featured in Oregonian Article

    Read the article about Wilson’s Muslim Students Association here.

    Wilson Dragon Boats Float to Victory

    2017 Dragon Boats

    The Wilson Dragon Boat Team fielded two boats, "Green Wave" and "Sea Chickens," in the 2017 Annual Rose Festival International Dragon Boat races, taking 2nd and 3rd place overall in Divisions 3 and 4. Over 40 students participated including four 8th-graders from Robert Gray Middle School. Trophies and medals will soon be on display in the Wilson trophy cabinet. Watch video of the Green Wave here.

    Congratulations to Wilson's Rose City Rowing Club Rowers!

    Graduating senior Hannah Davis (and her eight state-champion boatmates) heads to Nationals this week to compete for the national title in the WV8+ race at the U.S. Rowing Youth National Championships in Sarasota Florida (June 9-11, 2017).  The championships are the premier high school rowing event in the U.S., where 1500 athletes from 350 crews are vying for national titles in 18 boat classes.

    It's been an exciting and accomplished year for varsity and novice rowers alike, with Wilson rowers taking multiple medals at the recent U.S. Rowing Northwest Youth Regional Championships:

    • Senior Jake Mecham Gold medal M5V4+
    • Freshman Anna Hansen, Gold medal W3V8+
    • Freshman Max Altman, Silver medal, M2N8+ (stroke seat)
    • Freshman Dakota Hedger Participant W4N8+
    • Freshman Kara Van Horn (injury)

    Interested in rowing? No experience needed, check out and All are welcome! Rose City Rowing Club prohibits discrimination in employment or in any of its programs, procedures or practices on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or associational preference. Rose City Rowing Club is a non-profit (#93-1327726).


    We Are Proud to Announce the Class of 2017 Will Attend the Following Schools in the Fall

    Arizona State University

    Loyola Marymount University

    The University of Arizona

    Aveda Institute Portland

    Macalester College

    University of Chicago

    Bard College

    Marymount Manhattan College

    University of Colorado at Boulder

    Blue Mountain Community College

    McGill University

    University of Delaware

    Brigham Young University

    Montana State University, Bozeman

    University of Denver

    California Polytechnic
    State University,
    San Luis Obispo

    Mt. Hood Community College

    University of Idaho

    Central Oregon Community College

    National Park Community College

    University of Kansas

    Century College

    New York University

    University of Michigan

    Chapman University

    Northeastern University

    University of Notre Dame

    Colorado State University

    Northern Arizona University

    University of Oregon

    Concordia University, Portland

    Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences

    University of Portland

    Cypress College

    Oregon Culinary Institute,
    Pioneer Pacific College

    University of Puget Sound

    El Paso Community College

    Oregon State University

    University of Redlands

    Farmingdale State College

    Otis College of Art and Design

    University of Rochester

    Fort Lewis College

    Pacific Lutheran University

    University of San Francisco

    Franklin University Switzerland

    Pacific University

    University of Southern California

    Gonzaga University

    Portland Community College

    University of Utah

    Goucher College

    Portland State University

    University of Victoria

    Idaho State University

    Purchase College State
    University of New York

    University of Washington

    Ithaca College

    Reed College

    University of Wisconsin, Madison

    John Cabot University

    University of Oregon
    Robert D. Clark Honors College

    Washington State University

    Knox College

    Rochester Institute of Technology

    Wesleyan University

    Lane Community College

    Santa Barbara City College

    Western Oregon University

    Leeds College of Art & Design

    Santa Clara University

    Western Washington University

    Lehigh University

    Seattle University

    Westmont College

    Lewis & Clark College

    Seattle Pacific University

    Whitman College

    Linfield College

    Southern Oregon University

    Willamette University

    Linn-Benton Community College

    St. Olaf College

    Williams College


    Stanford University


    2017 Senior Awards and Accomplishments

    Outstanding Seniors
    Ben Scholl
    Maddie Conkle

    Outstanding Scholars
    Gabi Cohn
    Riley Waugh

    Wilson High School recognizes students who have received straight A’s through all eight semesters of high school with white valedictorian cord.

    Marley Bennett
    Elyse Castles
    Gabi Cohn
    Maddie Conkle
    Sagan Ghim
    Ethan Holmgren
    Amelia Jamond
    Jesse Maack
    Sam Nathanson
    Patrick Powers
    Eric Roe
    Eleanor Solomon
    Riley Waugh

    Highest Weighted Grade Point Average
    Gabi Cohn

    National Merit Scholarship Program
    These students’ scores on their junior-year PSAT placed among the top 50,000 students of over 1.6 million students who tested.

    National Merit Commended Scholars
    Marley Bennett
    Henry Bringenberg
    Nathan Dowling
    Diana Fajer
    Simon Haats
    Ethan Holmgren
    Amelia Jamond
    Dahlia Jones
    Zach Kauffman
    Minhtam Tran

    National Merit Scholarship Finalists
    Gabi Cohn
    Sagan Ghim
    Eric Roe
    Eleanor Solomon
    Riley Waugh

    Other Scholarship Winners

    • Wilson PTA Scholarship: Colin Herring and Paula Costal-Lagarde
    • Marine Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) Scholarship: Aidan Trummel
    • Portland Community College Future Connect Scholarship: Salma Ahmed, Sabrina Ahmed, Alexis Barnes, Izayjiah Batiste, Lillia Diaz, Destinee Henry, Colin Herring, Rand Ibrahim, Hanzallah Khandwalla, Kavi Kien, Braeden Peck, Antonio Saenz, Giovanni Uili
    • Wilson Community Scholarship: Alex Dempewolf and Leah Sulmonetti
    • The Gifford Family Community Scholarship: Grace Kemling
    • Portland Rose Festival Association: Maggie Beutler
    • The OSAC Marsha K. Richards Inspirational Scholarship: Henry Latendresse
    • The Carl & Dorothy Crow Scholarship: Maya Bergmann and Nick Sherbert

    Additional OSAC scholarships will be awarded over the summer.


    2017 Woodrow Wilson Scholars
    These students have completed the requirements of the Woodrow Wilson Scholars program: A rigorous course load, a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5, and a contribution of a minimum of 80 hours of community service.

    Zayba Afshar

    Asia Gates

    Hanna Makarounis

    Marley Bennett

    Benedicte Hamilton

    Sam Nathanson

    Chrysanthe Belique

    Ethan Holmgren

    Morgan Penk

    Maggie Beutler

    Amelia Jamond

    Eric Roe

    Hannah Borel

    Nathan Jewell

    Ben Scholl

    Gabi Cohn

    Dahlia Jones

    Minhtam Tran

    Juliette Coia

    Marley Kinser

    Jake Van Horn

    Cade Conklin

    Annalee Lake

    Maddy Vanspeybroeck

    Carter Crail

    Garrett Leeper

    Nina Vanspeybroeck

    Jackson Curtin

    Samantha Lesch

    Riley Waugh

    Nathan Dowling

    Saioa Lostra

    Kyle Woodland

    Diana Fajer

    Elle MacGregor

    Elizabeth Woods


    Academic Letters
    In order to earn this recognition, each student must earn a 3.5 grade point average for three out of four quarters in one school year while being enrolled in at least five graded classes.

    Taylor Bergstrom

    Nash Franca

    Karlie Rodgers

    Lucie  Blosse

    Lydia Gold

    Eric Roe

    Molly Castle

    Genevieve Hardin

    Nathan Rutledge-Gorman

    Oliver Crawford

    Colin Herring

    Ava Schnoll

    Wesley Crawford

    Allison Joyce

    Caleb Seely

    Bo Culver

    Sammy Magruder

    Grayson Smith

    Lake Dacklin

    Jesse Maack

    Parker Soine

    Audrey Douglass

    Aidan Manley

    Aidan Trummel

    Elsa Douglass

    Ayu Nguyen

    Maddy Vanspeybroeck

    Hannah Engstrom

    Kyle Noble

    Nina Vanspeybroeck

    Max Fawcett

    Clare Riley

    Riley Waugh

    Malie Finstad




    Wilson High School National Honor Society
    Those eligible for National Honor Society are role-model students with a 3.5 grade point average or higher striving for the best in the four components of NHS: Character, leadership, service, and scholarship.

    Zayba Afshar

    Daniel Eyberg

    Eugene Munblit

    Samuel Barnack

    Emma Fale-Olsen

    Clodagh O'Malley

    Chrysanthe Belgique

    Asia Gates

    Aidan Ormond

    Joseph Bernhardt

    Molly Girsch

    Brynne Otto

    Corey Bissonette

    Zoe Grinberg

    Ilyssa Otto

    Elle Bremmer

    Nathan  Haight

    Emma Pardy

    Gena Bruce

    Hope Jensen

    Jordan Samuel

    Emma Carey

    Lauren Jensen

    Elizabeth Sikora

    Jackson Curtin

    Nathaniel Jewell

    Leah Sulmonetti

    Lauren Daly

    Dahlia Jones

    Adison Sundbom

    Megumi Diffely

    Zach Kauffman

    Quinland Thompson

    Nathan Dowling

    Grace Kemling

    Minhtam Tran

    Jessica Dozier

    Annalee Lake

    Elisabeth Woods

    Iris Emerick

    Brandon McDonald

    Molly Zwartjes

    The Wilson High School Health Services Award
    This cord is awarded to graduating seniors who have completed the entire sequence of Wilson’s medical Career Technical Education Program. These students have learned healthcare skills, received medical certifications, earned college credit and explored the healthcare industry.
    Omri Hayes
    Alexis Scamerone

    Speech and Debate
    This cord acknowledges a a four-year membership in the National Speech and Debate Association. These students are each winners of the Academic All-Americans Award from the NSDA which honors them for their success in Speech and Debate and holding a grade point average above a 3.7:
    Hannah Borel
    Benedicte Hamilton

    Portland Community College Dual-Credit
    Seniors who have earned nine or more college credits by taking dual-credit courses at Wilson earn this cord:
    Amelia Jamond
    Jacob Van Horn
    Riley Waugh
    Kyle Woodland

    The Portland Public Schools CTE Cord
    This honor is awarded to seniors who have completed at least two high school credits in the same Career Technical Education program of study and passed a skills assessment test.

    Marley Bennett

    Charles Hall

    Kyle Noble

    Henry Bringenberg

    Jack Hays

    Eric Roe

    Evan Carlson

    Raymond Hill

    Caleb Seely

    Gabi Cohn

    Ethan Holmgren

    Henry Strecker

    Juliette Coia

    Jordan Hyde

    Jake Van Horn

    Carter Crail

    Nathan Jewell

    Riley Waugh

    Cecily Fine

    Zach Kauffman

    Nathan Young

    Leo Gallatin

    Damion Lance


    Elius Graff

    Brandon McDonald


    Simon Haats

    Eugene Munblit



    • Faculty Service Award: Quinn Van Horne
    • Outstanding Performance in Jazz Band: Henry Stecker and Rowan McIntosh
    • Outstanding Performance in Band: Finn Henell and Allison Joyce
    • Student of the Year in Digital Media: Raymond Hill
    • Outstanding Ceramics Student: Gina Butler and Genevieve Hardin
    • Outstanding Work in AP Art (Drawing and Painting): Audrey Douglass and Malie Finstad
    • Outstanding Photography Student: Cameron Brentlinger and Griffin Morse
    • Outstanding Musicianship in Choir: Maya Bergmann, Maggie Conroy, Morgan Penk, Andrea Stone and Sofia Vilches
    • Oustanding Musicianship in Orchestra: Alex Bradea, Coby Hart, Jonah Hart, Amelia Jamond, and Riley Waugh
    • Outstanding Student in English Language: Gabrielle Cohn, Marley Kinser, Raymond Hill and Miette LaPierre
    • Outstanding Leadership Student: Sophie Rubin
    • Outstanding Community Mentor: Maggie Beutler
    • Critical Thinking in Mass Media & Art: Catherine Lehman
    • DIE Award for Diligence, Integrity and Excellence: Sean Bowden
    • Noblesse Oblige; Service to Others: Hale McCullogh
    • Excellence in Artistic Design and Advertising: Jessica Dozier
    • Marketing Department Award for Mastery in Marketing and Business Management: Carter Van Vleet
    • Outstanding Math Students: Riley Waugh and Gabi Cohn
    • Outstanding Calculus Students: Amelia Jamond and Carter Crail
    • Outstanding Statistics Students: Sagan Ghim and Marley Bennett
    • Outstanding Computer Programming Student: Gabi Cohn
    • Physical Education: Hope Park
    • Outstanding Performance in Wilson Magazine Student: Kaya Noteboom
    • Outstanding Yearbook Student: Maddie Molloy and Jillian Rencher
    • Outstanding Performance in Anatomy & Physiology: Elena Sorrenti
    • Outstanding Performance in Ecology: Lois McMaster
    • Outstanding Physics Student: Riley Waugh
    • Outstanding Chemistry Award: Ethan Holmgren
    • Outstanding AP Biology Student: Samantha Lesch
    • Outstanding AP Environmental Science Students: Diana Fajer and Kaya Noteboom
    • “Lighting the World on Fire” Social Studies Award: Marley Kinser and Benjamin Scholl
    • Special Education, “The Best All-Around:” Loki Henderson
    • Outstanding Contribution to Theatre Arts: Quinland Thompson, Elizabeth Sikora, and Maggie Conroy
    • Outstanding Offstage Contribution to Theatre: Molly Girsch and Maya Bergmann
    • Outstanding American Sign Language Student: Yadira Lopez De La Cruz, Rachel Hunt, and Grace Bataluna
    • Outstanding French Student: Elyse Castles, Raymond Hill, Amelia Jamond, Damion Lance, Ellie MacGregor and Rosy Quinn
    • Outstanding Achievement in Spanish: Benjamin Scholl
    • Outstanding Achievement in AP Spanish: Oliver Crawford and Patrick Powers
    • Phenomenal Performance and Aptitude in Spanish: Dahlia Jones
    • Scholar-Athlete Award (based on excellence in athletics and academics): Evan Carlson (Swimming) and Elle Stein (Track/Cross Country)
    • Paul McCall Sportsmanship Award (based on high level of achievement in athletics and academics and outstanding sportsmanship): Garrett Leeper (Baseball/Soccer) and Elsa Douglass (Track/Cross Country)
    • Athlete of the Year (based on outstanding achievement in athletics): Saioa Lostra (Volleyball, Basketball) and Caleb Seely (Track/Cross Country)


    Spring Sports All-League Athletes

    Girls Lacrosse All-Conference
    First Team: Rylee Sutherland (Midfield), Kendal Chatard (Midfield)
    Second Team: Anne Kirschbaum (Attack), Nina Mahler (Goalie), Hyland Cullen-Musengo (Midfield)

    Boys Lacrosse All-Columbia Conference
    Second Team: Finn Kelly (Attack), Tyler Coleman (Midfield), Kamron Safari (Defense)
    Honorable Mention: Jake Lawson (Attack), Simon Haats (Midfield), Sam Nathanson (Midfield), Ben Hincks (LSM), Alex Dempewolf (Goalie)

    Baseball All-PIL
    First Team: Ben Haxby (Pitcher), Garett Leeper (First Base), Sammy DeVol (Infield), Carson Krake (Catcher)
    Second Team: Cade Conklin (Pitcher), Alex Sabo (Outfield)
    Honorable Mention: Ben Haxby (Infield), Noah Keough (Infield and Pitcher), Cade Conklin (Infield)

    Softball All-PIL
    First Team: Saioa Lostra (Outfield)
    Second Team: Rachel Hunt (Pitcher)
    Honorable Mention: Madison Sticka (Outfield), Ava Hergenhan (Catcher), Ellie George (Infield)

    Golf State Qualifiers
    Boys Golf: Atlas Asaro and Loren Sckerl
    Girls Golf: Jessica Ewton and Mariquia Alferez 

    Tennis State Qualifier: Caden Samkutty 

    Track State Qualifiers
    Alex Slenning, Caleb Seely , Chris Butcher, Max Lommen, Francesca Ierulli , Avery Poulsen and Emma Swanson 


    2017 Order of the Golden W Recipients

    The Golden W honors graduating seniors, members of the Wilson faculty and staff, and members of the community who have performed services above and beyond the call of duty for Wilson High School. They have given at least four years of service. These people have demonstrated their dedication to the betterment of our school by generously contributing their time and talents, not merely doing their jobs or being good students.

    Students Staff Community Members
    Wesley Crawford
    Quinn Van Horne
    Kathy Anderson
    Sharon Dailey
    Sara Mattheisen
    Megan Moyer
    John Lostra
    Raegan Conroy
    Karen Schnoll
    Todd Van Horne
    Marcia Waugh



    Wilson Boys Row to Win

    Congratulations to Lake Oswego Community Rowing Club (LOCR Crew) Members and Wilson Juniors Ben Sickler and Ben Urbach for taking second place at the Covered Bridge Regatta, Dexter Lake (home to UO crew) in the Jr JV Mens 8+ division. Both student athletes have been awarded Varsity letters.

    Congrats to these Track athletes and their coaches for their performance at State in Eugene on May 19 and 20:

    Caleb Seely: 3rd in the 1500 and 4th in the 800
    Alex Slenning: 5th in the 3000
    Avery Poulson: 8th in the 800
    Emma Swanson: 6th in the 300 Hurdles
    Chris Butcher: 9th in Long Jump

    Frank Mathews was Wilson's Head Coach of the Year and also named Coach of the Year for the whole PIL!

    Well deserved, Frank, thanks for your dedication. Also, congrats to Tony Petraglia, XC, Wrestling and Track coach, who was named Wilson's Assistant Coach of the Year.

    Wilson Debaters Win Award

    Congratulations to Seniors Hannah Borel and Benedicte Hamilton! They have both been awarded the Academic All American award from the National Speech and Debate Association, recognizing academic rigor, competitive success, and personal excellence.

    Athletes of the Week, May 15-19

    Garrett Leeper

    Garrett Leeper, Baseball: Garrett was 7 for 10 with 3 RBI in three games vs. Lincoln.


    Madison Sticka

    Madison Sticka, Softball: Madison hit her second home run of the season to help with the win against Cleveland.

    Wilson Sophomore Lizzet Garcia-Garcia is ¡Sí Se Puede! Honoree 

    ¡Sí Se Puede! is an opportunity for students to celebrate and inspire each other, build relationships outside their schools and share the rich diversity of their talents and experiences with the greater Portland community. Portland Public Schools will honor 16 students at the 6th annual ¡Sí Se Puede! ("Yes, we can!") PPS Latino Student Recognition Event on Wednesday, May 24, 6-8:00pm at the Blanchard Education Service Center. Learn more at Congratulations, Lizzet!

    Wilson Again Makes Strong Showing in the Portland Farmers Market Design Contest

    Design by Emily Thomas Trent Nesbitt
    Emily Thomas Trent Nesbitt

    Emily Thomas is one of the three finalists in The Portland Farmers Market Reusable Bag Design Contest! Also, Trent Nesbitt’s design received the “People’s Choice” award.

    On Saturday, June 3, at 10:00am the grand-prize winner will be announced at the Portland Farmers Market PSU location. The student with the winning design will receive a $1,000 scholarship, and the design will be printed on hundreds of canvas bags and distributed at this season's Portland Farmers Markets. The two runners-up will each receive a $500 scholarship and their designs will be showcased at the unveiling on June 3. Trent will receive $250 for his artwork. This event is free and open to the public. Come show your support!

    This contest is open to all Willamette Valley area high schools, and this year over 200 entries were submitted.

    Congratulations Emily and Trent!

    Oregon Chapter of National Association of Social Workers Profiles Wilson’s Maureen Brennan

    Click here to read about Maureen, her work at Wilson, and how Social Work=Success for Wilson High School.

    Congratulations to Wilson’s own Chamber Ensemble (Orchestra) for placing 2nd in Oregon Music Education Association State Competition in the Large Strings Ensemble category!

    ASB Election

    Wilson Leadership is proud to announce next year’s ASB: Ryan Bernstein, Zoe Bennett, Andrew Harker, and Anna Kien. Next year’s Vice President is Tali Emlen, and ASB President for 2017-18 is Julia Taylor.



    Wilson Juniors Qualify for 2018 National Merit Scholarship Competition

    The following students have met entry requirements for the 2018 scholarship program based on their 2016 PSAT scores. From the 50,000 high scorers nationwide (out of a total of 1.5 million test-takers), about 16,000 will be named National Merit Program Semifinalists. Good luck to our Wilson qualifiers!

    Benjamin Carleton
    Clay Hunter
    Elijah Moon
    Elise Paznokas
    Steven Peterson
    Sarah Pfeiffer
    Marley Weakland
    Craig Weeks

    Wilson Speakers Shine At State

    Members of the Wilson Speech and Debate team competed April 21 and 22 at the OSAA State Tournament at WOU in Monmouth and made a strong showing in the elimination rounds of their events. Congratulations to Wolf Morgan-Steiner (5th After Dinner Speaking), Amy Sloan (6th Radio Commentary), Ari Lohr (finalist, Student Congress), Andrew Foran (semi finalist, Humorous Interpretation), Benedicte Hamilton (semi finalist, Expository), the Dual Interpretation team of Bryce Snyder and Hannah Borel (semi finalists), the Public Forum debate team of Moses Felberg and Fletcher Calcagno (quarter finalists), and the Parliamentary Debate team of Elijah Moon and William Sweek (octo finalists).

    A Message from Mr. Olsen

    Dear Wilson Community,
    I wanted to thank everyone for your support and participation in this year’s Wilson blood drive(s).  As a result of our four separate drives we were able to gather over 300 units of blood.  That means that roughly 900 lives have been saved by our efforts. That is truly outstanding! 

    I'd like to recognize the efforts our student coordinators, Senior Ben Scholl and Junior Belle Brooks, plus the efforts of all our hard-working student volunteers


    Again, thank you!
    Aaron Olsen, Health Teacher

    Athletes of the Week, April 24-27

    Jacques Panet-Raymond

    Jacques Panet-Raymond, Boys Lacrosse: Jacques showed that he can physically dominate opponents, and be a trusted threat offensively and defensively. His willingness to do the little things and push himself by hard work and effort this week makes him a role model for the Boys Lacrosse program.



    Rylee Sutherland, Girls Lacrosse: Rylee had really strong performances on both ends of the field, and our team has been able to count on her in tough situations. 

    Sophomore Gabriel Colasurdo Selected as 2017 Youth Ambassador

    Gabriel will spend three weeks traveling in Chile and Argentina as a Youth Ambassador, developing leadership skills and promoting mutual understanding between the U.S, and the host countries. The U.S. Youth Ambassadors Program with Argentina and Chile is a program of the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and Office of Public Affairs, U.S. Embassies in Argentina and Chile and implemented by World Learning. Congratulations Gabriel, and buen viaje.

    Congratulations to Wilson's Future College Athletes!

    Hannah Davis, Rowing, Lehigh University
    Evan Carlson, Swimming, Arizona State University
    Caleb Seely, University of Idaho
    Alec Dunkeld, Soccer, Concordia University
    Jordan Watson, Football, Southern Oregon University
    Aidan Trummel, Football, Macalester College
    Elle Stein, Track, Seattle University
    Elsa Douglas, Track, Pacific University
    Elius Graff, Track, undecided
    Eva Vlassopoulus, Soccer, University of Redlands
    Max Lommen, Basketball, Linfield College
    Noah Keough, Baseball, Blue Mountain Community College
    Janey Woodward, Volleyball, Cypress College
    Leah Sulmonetti, Soccer, Knox College
    Ben Scholl, Fencing, Notre Dame


    Signing Day

    Congratulations to Wilson's Future College Athletes!

    Hannah Davis, Rowing, Lehigh University
    Evan Carlson, Swimming, Arizona State University
    Caleb Seely, University of Idaho
    Alec Dunkeld, Soccer, Concordia University
    Jordan Watson, Football, Southern Oregon University
    Aidan Trummel, Football, Macalester College
    Elle Stein, Track, Seattle University
    Elsa Douglas, Track, Pacific University
    Elius Graff, Track, undecided
    Eva Vlassopoulus, Soccer, University of Redlands
    Max Lommen, Basketball, Linfield College
    Noah Keough, Baseball, Blue Mountain Community College
    Janey Woodward, Volleyball, Cypress College
    Leah Sulmonetti, Soccer, Knox College

    Wilson Model United Nations

    The Model United Nations Conference was held April 13-16 by OHS-IRL at University of Oregon. Wilson High School's delegation of 36 students represented France, Gabon, and Gambia. Three students won a speaker award: Zoe Bennett, Carter Crail, and Patrick Powers. Several others were nominated in their committees. The group made a successful bid for a Big Five country, so next year we will represent Russian Federation. Our last meeting of the year will be on April 26, when those interested in being next year's leaders will talk about what they can offer, followed by an election.

    Athletes of the Week, April 17-24

    Maddie and Allie

    Maddie Molloy and Allie Rosenfield, Girls Tennis: Allie and Maddie, competing at #1 doubles for Wilson, played an impressive match at Roosevelt and won in straight sets.



    Caden Samkutty, Boys Tennis: Caden was undefeated last week without giving up a set. All while maintaining a 3.9 gpa.

    Congratulations to the Winners of Wilson's 7th Annual Poetry Slam

    1st Place: Elisa Mickelson, 9th grade
    2nd Place: Sincere Bartlett, 11th grade
    3rd Place: Rivkah Zigman, 9th grade

    The top two winners will proceed to Verselandia at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall on April 27 at 7pm. We will have 25 tickets to give to students and parents— students, go to the library to reserve your tickets.

    Wilson Alum Wins Start-Up Competition

    Gabriel Kauffman (class of 2014, currently a junior a Oregon State) led the winning team in Oregon State University's Next Great Start-Up competition. Their winning concept is Gobtech, a neural network-based artificial intelligence platform for computer game developers. Gabriel and his team will receive least $10,000 in cash and goods and services from lawyers to CPA firms to launch Gobtech. Congratulations!

    Senior Hannah Davis Exploring What Makes America Great (and Not So Great)

    Senior Hannah Davis was accepted to participate alongside a small group of Catlin Gabel, De La Salle North, and Oregon City High School students in Catlin Gabel's Winterim, where she helped start a national dialogue with America's youth around “What makes America great (and not so great)?” to address concerns about extreme political polarization. Her team curated more than 200 video responses to this question from high school students around the country, analyzed the responses, and from the effort, are building a guide for high schools to engage, facilitate, and discuss "hot" topics. Oregon Public Broadcasting’s radio program, "Think Out Loud," took interest in the project and made it the focus of their show on March 23, 2017. You can listen to the show here:

    Wilson Computer Science Students Bring Home Multiple Awards

    On Saturday, April 8, Wilson took three teams to the Oregon Game Project Challenge, the biggest annual coding event in Oregon.  Several of our teams were written up in this Oregonian article; the video embedded in the article provides a sense of what the event was like: Out of approximately 60 teams at the event, Wilson students took home a variety of top prizes:

    Cade Conklin, Nate Dowling and Henry Pigg won Best in Show for their iPhone game.

    Alec Sautter, Kaden Flick, Alissa Bergquist, Henry Hansen, Tate Iverson and Anna Nguyen won Judge's Choice for the arcade game/cabinet they built.

    Ryan Pinney, Cedric Pimont and Simon Prosser won the Best Programming award for the space shooter game they developed in Unity.

    And on Sunday, April 9, the National Center for Women and Information Technology recognized two Wilson students and one teacher:

    Gabrielle Cohn was named Regional Affiliate Winner for Oregon and Washington,  Gabriella Sewell was selected as Honorable Mention Regional Affiliate Winner for Oregon and Washington, and Wilson Computer Science teacher Chris Bartlo was selected as Honorable Mention Educator.

    Wilson's Oregon Battle of the Books Team Places Third at State Championships

    The Wilson team worked hard reading more than a million pages to prepare for the competition. The competition was tough, and they came really close to making it into the very final round. Please congratulate our team of seniors, many of whom have been together since 4th grade in OBOB competitions: Amelia Jamond, Elyse Castles, Elle Bremmer, and Samantha Lesch.

    Wilson Speakers Win at District, Advance to State

    Congratulations to members of the Wilson Speech and Debate Team who competed in the PIL District Tournament last weekend to qualify for the OSAA State Championships: Wolf Morgan-Steiner (1st After Dinner Speaking, perfect scores), the Duo Interpretation team of Bryce Snyder and Hannah Borel (1st place with perfect scores), Tosca Ruotolo (1st Prose Reading), Andrew Foran (2nd Humorous Interpretation), Benedicte Hamilton (2nd Expository Speaking), Amy Sloan (2nd Radio Commentary). They are joined by Ari Lohr representing Wilson in Student Congress, and the debate teams of Moses Felberg and Fletcher Calcagno (Public Forum) and William Sweek and Elijah Moon (Parliamentary). The debate teams earned their right to State by winning a number of tournaments earlier in the season under the Proven Excellence program. The State Championships will be held April 20-22 at Western Oregon University in Monmouth.

    Athletes of the Week, April 10-14

     Ben Haxby

    Junior Ben Haxby, Baseball: Ben went two for six in two games vs. Grant and gave up only two earned runs in 5 innings pitched.

    Saioa Lostra

    Senior Saioa Lostra, Softball: In five games Saioa hit three home runs and has hit .667.


    Athletes of the Week, April 3-7

    Atlas Asaro

    Atlas Asaro, Boys Golf: Atlas is Wilson and PIL athlete of the week after winning the Marshfield Bandon Dunes Invitational in Bandon Oregon last week with a score of 72, even par for 18 holes.

    Andrea Stone

    Andrea Stone, Girls Golf: The Girl's Golf team is led by our captain Andrea Stone. She is a four-year Varsity starter and is excited to begin our league matches in April.

    Student Coloring Books Now On Sale

    Coloring Book

    “Color My Dreams,” a coloring-book collection of original art by students in Marie Pearson’s illustration class, is on sale now. All proceeds go toward classroom art supplies for Wilson students. Coloring books are $10 each. Find them in the Bookkeeper’s office in room 149 or Ms. Pearson’s room (247/248). The students' drawings are on display in the case by the main office.

    Congratulations to the Winners of Wilson's First Story Slam

    1st Place: Elisa Mickelson (9th grade)
    2nd Place: Ari Lohr (9th grade)
    3rd Place: James Wheeler (11th grade)

    We had a great group of story slammers and a wonderful audience! Thanks to all of our judges: Sylvia Hart-Landsberg; Will Whittlesey; Laura Axon; and Amy Feller as scorekeeper and timekeeper. Also Nora Brooks for helping to MC the event and the Wilson PTA for providing the prize money for first place.

    Congratulations to the Wilson Battle of the Books Team

    They placed very high at Regionals and now go on to the State Championship on April 8 at Chemeketa Community College. Teams members are Elle Bremmer, Elyse Castles, Asia Gates, Amelia Jamond, and Samantha Lesch. Go Trojans!

    Congrats to this year's Wilson Multnomah Athletic Club Sophomore Scholar-Athlete award-winner, Caden Samkutty!  

    Caden receives a two-year courtesy membership to the MAC and a $1500 scholarship for college.

    Athletes of the Week, March 20-24

    Lauren Daly

    Lauren Daly, Girls Track: Lauren won the Pole Vault and finished second in the High Jump.

    Sam Duchow-Pressley

    Sam Duchow-Pressley, Boys Track: Sam won the High Jump against Jesuit and earned personal bests in all four of his events: 300 hurdles, High Jump, Javelin and Discus.

    “My Life Matters” Assembly, March 17, 2017

    The assembly was a collaborative effort between our Leadership class, our Black Student Union, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, Latin@ Club and the Asian and Pacific Islander Club—alongside many engaged teachers/advisors. The focus of the assembly was an affirmation that every student at Wilson High School matters and deserves to be treated with dignity, compassion and respect. The keynote address was delivered by Reed College professor Dr. Kathleen Saadat.

    Wilson Robotics News

    The season started in September with over 4,500 teams competing around the world – four of those teams from Wilson. Through a series of elimination tournaments, by March only about 300 teams were left, including Wilson’s Team 7776, Loose Screws. Last weekend in Tacoma they competed in the Western U.S. Regional Competition and finished 15th in their 36-team division, placing them in the top 3% of all teams in the U.S. Congratulations on a great season to the entire team and especially seniors Sam Johnson and Nathan Haight, founding members of the Wilson Robotics Club. Team members are: Captain Sam Johnson, Alissa Bergquist, Benjamin Carleton, Nathan Haight, Sean Harrington, Noah Koontz, Thomas Lemoine, Jake Makuch, and Rispa Vranka Wafula.

    PIL Solo & Ensemble Results

    Wilson's Chamber Orchestra is going to State for large string ensembles, and Annia Hedlund won the mezzo soprano category and is going to State! To add to that excitement, Finn Henell is PIL winner on solo trombone. All of these amazing musicians will head to state competition on April 29. Congratulations and good luck!


    Maggie Beutler

    Wilson's 2017 Rose Princess

    Senior Maggie Beutler has been selected as Wilson's representative on the Rose Festival Court. Born in Guixi, China, Maggie is the daughter of Toija and William Beutler and hopes to major in English in college and become a writer for film and television.


    Diana Fajer

    Wilson Scholarship Winner

    Senior Diana Fajer has been awarded the Oregon State University Presidential Scholarship, the most prestigious awarded by OSU. The scholarship provides $40,000 over the student’s undergraduate career ($10,000 renewable for four years). Congratulations, Diana!



    Chess Varsity and JV

    Successful Completion of Chess Season

    The Wilson High School Chess Team completed another successful year of chess at the Oregon High School Chess Team Association State Championship March 4-5. The Varsity Team ended the event with 3.5 match points (out of a possible 5), tied with Lincoln, Jesuit, and Crescent Valley, and just behind Catlin Gable (who took first with 4 match points). Based on strength of schedule during the event, Wilson's team ended up in 4th place (3rd place for the 6A classification). The JV team, made up of both Wilson and Gray Middle School players, was even more successful, tying for first overall with Catlin Gabel and Clackamas's JV teams, and winning first place in the JV 6A classification.

    The Varsity team was coming off a third place win in the Portland Area High School League, which was played throughout the Winter. Board awards (for best individual performance) at the Portland League were won by Riley Waugh, River Bednark, and Sinan Grehan. Congratulations to them and all the other team members from Wilson (including Joshua Bromley, Nathan Jewell, Caeden Newby, Christopher Ng, and Jake Winkler), as well as their colleagues from Gray Middle School, including Michael Schuff, Ryuu Joy, Thomas Schuff, Zach Riccelli, and Charlie Weber. Individual tournaments will continue throughout the spring for all the players, and they will return in the fall to begin team competition once again.


    Wilson High School Student All Stars


    Brynne Otto

    Brynne Otto dabbles in lots of different extracurricular pursuits, from singing acapella with fellow Wilson students to racing dragon boats at the Portland Rose Festival. But her favorite activity while in high school was being a student leader at Outdoor School for sixth graders all around the Portland Metro area. Twice a year she trekked out to one of the camp locations by bus to teach students about water quality, soil, animals and all things outdoors. As a lover of languages, she recommends that Wilson’s students “definitely stick to learning a second language or a third language.” She’s spent the summer speaking Spanish in Mexico and is currently taking advanced Spanish coursework. Next year at college she hopes to continue learning foreign tongues and plans to take Arabic, and wants to major in international studies or community development.


    Saioa Lostra

    Saioa Lostra is an athlete at heart, and spent her four years at Wilson involved in just about as many sports as she could. She played on the high school’s volleyball, basketball and softball teams from freshman all the way up to senior year. Her favorite memory was when they won the league title for volleyball her junior year; “that was really cool,” she recalls. Her favorite class this year is calculus, as she says math comes more naturally to her. Unsurprisingly, next year at college she will most likely study engineering or another science and math-related field. She’s so far looked into studying at Oregon State University or University of Colorado at Boulder, but hasn’t yet committed to a college. She says she’ll miss knowing all her classmates and the smaller school environment of high school.

    Speech and Debate Regular Season Ends Big

    At the last three invitational tournaments before state and national qualifiers, Wilson speakers and debaters distinguished themselves with winning performances. At the University of Oregon February 18-19, the following students won awards: Benedicte Hamilton (1st Expository), Moses Felberg (1st Radio Commentary), Fletcher Calcagno (2nd Radio Commentary), Hannah Borel (3rd Dramatic Interpretation), Wolf Morgan-Steiner (3rd After Dinner Speaking), Elijah Moon (5th Expository Speaking, 5th place speaker award Parliamentary Debate), Tosca Ruotolo (6th Expository), and Amy Sloan (7th Radio Commentary). The next week, at the Rose City Round Robin, a debate-only tournament hosted by Lincoln High School, the Public Forum team of Moses Felberg and Fletcher Calcagno made quarter finals, and Fletcher tied for 1st place and won 1st place in speaker awards in the new Big Question Debate format. On March 4 at Oregon City High School the following students won awards: Amy Sloan (1st Radio Commentary), Helen Fick (2nd Humorous Interpretation), Andrew Foran (3rd Humorous Interpretation), Hannah Borel (3rd Programmed Oral Interpretation), and Wolf Morgan-Steiner (7th Dramatic Interpretation). Congratulations to all the winners. March 23-25, students will compete to qualify for the National Tournament to be held in Birmingham, Alabama in June. April 6-8, the PIL District Tournament will determine which speakers from the PIL will compete at the State Championships at Western Oregon University April 20-23.

    Wilson Student Places with Play Performance

    Congratulations to Wilson Junior Noreena McCleave who took third place in the August Wilson Monologue Competition on Monday evening at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts. The competition included 12 high school students from throughout the regional area who performed monologues from August Wilson's plays. The competition is presented by the August Wilson Red Door Project. Through Wilson's plays, the high school students learn about the American experience from the African-American viewpoint. 

    Wilson Robotics Team Advances to the Western U.S. Super-Regional Championship

    Team 7776 Loose Screws and their alliance partners were the Division Winning Alliance on Sunday at the FTC Robotics State Championship. They also received 2nd place for the Control Award.  They advance to compete in the Western U.S. Super Regional Championship in Tacoma, March 9-12, where they will compete against the top teams in the Western U.S., Alaska and Hawaii for a spot at the World Championship. Over 200 teams competed in Oregon throughout the season and through a series of elimination tournaments only 12 teams advanced to the Super-Regional.  Congratulations Loose Screws: Captain Sam Johnson, Alissa Bergquist, Benjamin Carleton, Nathan Haight, Sean Harrington, Noah Koontz, Thomas Lemoine, Jake Makuch, and Rispa Vranka Wafula. Also, congratulations to their coaches, Scott Koontz and Matthew Johnson.

    Team 11625 Clockwork Robotics (Captain Charlie Hall, Thomas Entwisle, Devon Johnson, Duffy Martin, Anna Nguyen, Abraham Solomon, Sam Taylor, James Wheeler, Karter Zwetschke, and Coach Jed Lund) finished their season on Sunday. Congratulations to them for making it to the State Championship.

    AMC Math Contest

    Nearly 70 students participated in the AMC Math Contest this year. Riley Waugh, Gabi Cohen and Ethan Holmgren helped lead Wilson to its best showing in several years. Josh Bromley, Aiden Snodgrass-Ward and Andrew Harker took top spots on the 10th-grade test. Riley and Gabi qualified for the AIME test where they will have a shot at a District scholarship! Nice job, everyone!

    Wilson Senior Artists Win Scholarships

    At the Scholastic Art Awards ceremony on February 21, Wilson Art students Cameron Brentlinger and Ayu Nguyen both received college scholarship awards. Cameron was awarded a $60,000 scholarship to Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) for her senior art portfolio. Ayu won scholarships to both PNCA ($60,000) and Oregon College of Art and Craft ($40,000) for her senior portfolio. Congratulations Cameron and Ayu!

    Wilson Rose Court 2017

    Watch the video and meet Wilson's Rose Princess candidates: Alexis Scamarone, Maggie Beutler, and Taya Wyatt. Video produced by Wilson Junior Madeleine Millar. The mission of the Rose Festival Court program is to provide scholarships for higher education, to promote community outreach and volunteerism, to offer networking and mentoring opportunities to outstanding young women in a program that perpetuates an appreciation for Rose Festival history and tradition.

    Please join us in the WHS auditorium on March 8th at 3:30pm to find out who will represent Wilson High School. Congratulations to Taya, Maggie and Alexis!

    energy star award ceremony

    Wilson Receives Energy Star Certification

    Wilson High School was recognized this past week by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for achieving ENERGY STAR certification. To receive this certification, a building must perform in the top 25% of similar facilities nationwide for energy efficiency, and meet strict energy efficiency performance levels set by the EPA. ENERGY STAR schools use an average of 35% less energy, and also release 35% less carbon dioxide. Go Wilson!

    Senior Natalie Hall Skis to State Championships

    Natalie Hall is the Three Rivers varsity league champion in the Giant Slalom and is runner-up in overall points.  She will represent Wilson High School in the Giant Slalom and Slalom events at the Oregon Interscholastic Ski Racing Association state championships March 1 -3. Go Natalie!

    Two Wilson Robotics Teams Advance to State Championship

    Three of our robotics teams competed over the weekend of February 11 in a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Super Qualifier Tournament. On Saturday, Wilson Team 7776 Loose Screws with Wilson Team 11625 Clockwork Robotics and Banks High School Team Dynamite finished in first place as the Winning Alliance. Team 7776 was also awarded the Think Award and 2nd-place Inspire Award. Both Teams 7776 and 11625 advance to state on February 25 and 26 at Benson High School. Congratulations Loose Screws: Captain Sam Johnson, Alissa Bergquist, Benjamin Carleton, Nathan Haight, Sean Harrington, Noah Koontz, Thomas Lemoine, Jake Makuch, and Rispa Vranka Wafula; and Clockwork Robotics: Captain Charlie Hall, Thomas Entwisle, Devon Johnson, Duffy Martin, Anna Nguyen, Abraham Solomon, Sam Taylor, James Wheeler, and Karter Zwetschke.

    On Sunday, Team 10565 System Online (Captain Zavi La Flamme, Joshua Bromley, Jaren Friesen, Kagan Lund, Griffin Mallek, Liana Murray, and Rachel Rodriguez) finished their season making it all the way to the semi-finals.

    Athletes of the Week, February 13-17

    Sophie Rubin

    Senior Sophie Rubin, Cheer: Sophie helped lead Wilson to a successful performance at State on Saturday. She has been a part of Wilson Cheer all four years of high school, and her biggest success this year was educating and guiding her team as one of the three team captains.


    Markus Downs

    Senior Markus Downs, Wrestling: Markus had a pin over his Cleveland opponent last week, has a 10-3 overall record this year, and should be a top seed at the District Wrestling Tournament.

    Speakers and Debaters Win Prizes at Mt. Hood

    The Speech and Debate Team competed at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham the weekend of February 11 and won several prizes.  Congratulations to Andrew Foran (3rd place Prose Reading, finalist Humorous Interpretation), Benedicte Hamilton (3rd place Expository), Amy Sloan (3rd place Radio Commentary), the Duo Interpretation team of Hannah Borel and Bryce Snyder (4th place), and the debate team of Moses Felberg and Fletcher Calcagno (tie for 3rd place, Public Forum).  Members of the team will represent Wilson at the Robert D. Clark Invitational at the University of Oregon in Eugene next weekend.

    Athletes of the Week, February 6-10


    Maleek Elmi, Boys Basketball: Maleek led the Trojans to 2 wins over Cleveland and Franklin averaging 18.5 points, 11 rebounds and 8.5 assists for the week.



    Allison Klas, Girls Basketball: In games against Cleveland and Franklin, Allison had 26.6 points, 5 rebounds and 2 steals per game.

    Wilson Speakers Place 3rd at Linfield College

    The Speech and Debate Team competed at Linfield College on Saturday in a busy day that packed two days of competition into one due to weather.  They powered through to a team finish of 3rd place at the oldest high school tournament on the West Coast.  Congratulations to our winners: Benedicte Hamilton (1st expository speaking), Jaren Friesen and Kadeg Perrrot (1st Parliamentary Debate, 2nd and 3rd place speaker awards), Moses Felberg and Fletcher Calcagno (3rd Parliamentary Debate, Moses 1st place speaker award), Helen Fick (2nd Humorous Interpretation), Amy Sloan (2nd Radio Commentary), Ethan Eisner (2nd novice Impromptu), Gabe Colasurdo (3rd Candidate Debate), Bryce Snyder and Hannah Borel (6th Duo Interpretation), Fletcher Calcagno (6th Prose Reading), Moses Felberg (6th Radio Commentary).  The team competes again this Saturday at Mt Hood Community College in Gresham.


    Wilson Students Win the Verizon App Challenge for the State of Oregon

    Juliette Coia, Marley Bennett, Ethan Holmgren, Simon Haats and Nathan Jewell have won $5,000 for the Wilson Computer Science program, as well a  tablet for each of them, for their app SUR+, which helps connect donors with extra goods (food, clothing, etc.) to the charities and organizations that distribute them to people in need.  They will go on to compete with the other state winners for a shot at the national prize.  

    Wilson Robotics Teams Compete in League Championship

    Two of our robotics teams competed on Sunday, January 29, in a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) League Championship at Madison High School. Team 10565 (System Online) received the Motivate Award and secured a spot to advance to the next level.  Congratulations System Online: Captain Zavi La Flamme, Joshua Bromley, Jaren Friesen, Kagan Lund, Griffin Mallek, Liana Murray, and Rachel Rodriguez. Team 9231 (Big Bots) finished their season with a great presentation to the judges. Well done Big Bots: Captain Damion Lance, Reid Amato, Elliott Chimienti, Aaron Cox, Jordan Hyde, Madeleine Michael, Steven Peterson, Jake Van Horn and Rachel Weirnick.  Team member Jordan Hyde stepped up and filled in as an MC for the event and kept the crowd informed and entertained during the competition.

    Three Wilson Robotics teams will compete in a Super Qualifier Tournament on February 11 or 12 in Hillsboro for a chance to advance to the State Championship.


    2017 Unified Basketball Team

    Wilson Unified Basketball Team Ties for First Place

    Congratulations to the players and coaches of our Unified Basketball team on their strong finish at last week’s tournament!

    Athletes of the Week, January 30-February 3


    Evan Carlson, Swimming: At the Swim meet vs. Cleveland on January 27, Evan finished 1st in the 50 Freestyle, 1st in the 100 Butterfly, 1st in the 200 Medley Relay and 1st in the 400 Freestyle Relay. Evan will be attending Arizona State next year on a swimming scholarship.



    Alexis Hoffart, Swimming: Also at the Swim meet vs. Cleveland on January 27, Alexis finished 1st in the 500 Freestyle, 2nd in the 50 Freestyle, and 2nd in the 400 Freestyle Relay.

    Speech and Debate Win Awards at McMinnville

    On January 28, members of the Wilson Speech and Debate Team won awards at McMinnville High School’s tournament.  Congratulations to the winners: Andrew Foran (1st Humorous Interpretation), Wolf Morgan-Steiner (2nd After Dinner Speaking), Tosca Ruotolo (3rd Programmed Oral Interpretation), the Public Forum Debate team of Moses Felberg and Fletcher Calcagno (semifinalists, securing Proven Excellence standing for the District tournament), and the Parliamentary Debate team of Chester Mantel and Elijah Moon (semifinalists).  The team competes again at Linfield College this Friday and Saturday.

    Yet again Wilson High School has achieved many awards in the annual Scholastic Art and Writing Awards!

    Individual Gold Keys and Gold Key Senior Portfolios will be on display from January 29 - February 24 at Pacific Northwest College of Art. The opening reception is on Thursday, February 2,  4:00-7:00pm.

    The following are the award winners from Wilson High School:

    Athraa Alhayyak/Gold Key/Photography
    Kaisa Autumn/Silver Key/Drawing and Illustration
    Elle Bremmer/Gold Key/Photography; Honorable Mention x6/photography
    Cameron Brentlinger/Gold key/Portfolio; Honorable Mention/Photography
    Scout Burgett/Honorable Mention/Painting
    Audrey Douglass/Honorable Mention/Portfolio
    Iris Emerick/Honorable Mention x2/Painting
    Emma Fale-olsen/Honorable Mention x2/Drawing and illustration
    Genevieve Fletcher/Honorable Mention/Photography; Silver Key x2/Photography; Silver Key/Mixed Media; Honorable Mention/Sculpture
    Alex Harris/Gold Key/Photography
    Rylee Hilligoss/Silver Key/Ceramics
    Fatimah Hobaish/Honorable Mention/Painting
    Alexis Hoffart/Honorable Mention/Photography
    Kayla Klein-Wolf/Honorable Mention/Photography
    Jordan L’Amoreaux/Honorable Mention/Photography
    Jay Lloyd/Honorable Mention/Drawing and Illustration
    Jesse Maack/Gold Key/Photography; Honorable Mention/Photography
    Jordan Marchek/Honorable Mention/Photography
    Nora Mick/Silver Key/Photography
    Maddie Molloy/Gold Key/Photography
    Vivian Monteiro/Honorable Mention/Drawing and Illustration
    Griffin Morse/Honorable Mention/Photography; Silver Key/Photography
    Ayu Nguyen/Gold Key/Photography; Gold Key/Portfolio
    Anna Nguyen/Honorable Mention/Painting
    Kaya Noteboom/Gold Key x3/Photography; Silver Key/Photography
    Nicholas Olenich/Gold Key/Photography; Honorable Mention x2/Photography
    Regan Olsen/Honorable Mention/Painting
    Eric Roe/Gold Key x3/Painting; Silver Key x3/Painting
    Elizabeth Sikora/Honorable Mention/Photography
    Emily Thomas/Honorable Mention/Painting
    Quinland Thompson/Honorable Mention x2/Photography
    Minhtam Tran/Gold Key/Photography; Gold Key/Portfolio
    Alina Yurk/Silver Key/Painting
    Molly Zwartjes/Gold Key/Digital Art; Gold Key/Drawing and Illustration; Gold Key/Portfolio; Honorable Mention x2/Digital Art; Honorable Mention/Drawing and Illustration; Honorable Mention/Mixed Media; Silver Key x2/Painting

    Wilson Robotics Teams Advance to Super Qualifier Tournament

    The Loose Screws

    Two Wilson robotics teams competed last Saturday in a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Qualifying Tournament. Team 7776 (Loose Screws, pictured above) finished first as the Winning Alliance and also received the highest award, the Inspire Award. Team 11625 (Clockwork Robotics) placed 3rd and earned a spot to advance to the next level. Congratulations Loose Screws: Captain Sam Johnson, Alissa Bergquist, Benjamin Carleton, Nathan Haight, Sean Harrington, Noah Koontz, Thomas Lemoine Jake Makuch, and Rispa Vranka Wafula; and Clockwork Robotics: Captain Charlie Hall, Thomas Entwisle, Devon Johnson, Duffy Martin, Anna Nguyen, Abraham Solomon, Sam Taylor, James Wheeler, and Karter Zwetschke. Both teams advance to a Super Qualifier Tournament in February.

    Additionally, Alissa Bergquist and Noah Koontz were selected as Semi-Finalists for the FIRST Dean’s List Award. Our two other robotics teams will compete in a Qualifying Tournament this Sunday, January 29, at Madison High School.



    2016 Portland Farmers Market Sophomore Audrey Jenkins Wins the Portland Farmers Market Bag Contest!

    Sophomore Audrey Jenkins was one of the three finalists in The Portland Farmers Market Reusable Bag Design Contest, winning the grand prize on June 4th. Senior Taylor Bergstrom’s design received the People’s Choice Award. Audrey will receive a $1,000 scholarship, and her design will be printed on hundreds of canvas bags to be distributed at this season’s Portland Farmers Markets.



    Wilson Students Win Engineering Award!

    Noah Koontz, Jacob Makuch and Ben Carleton won 3rd place in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) High School Photovoltaics Design Competition. The students designed a Solar Powered Beach Chair with built-in media center. Awesome job!

    2016 Valedictorians

    Alaina Bensching 

    Celeste Brown
    Estee Emlen
    Calvin Gagliano
    Chase Howard
    Brooklynn Loiselle
    Emily Lutz
    Jackson Miller (Highest Weighted Grade Point Average)
    Elizabeth Nguyen
    Sabine Pigg
    Elle Sandifer
    Mitchell Schenk
    Guthrie Stafford
    Michael Streinz


    We Are Proud to Announce the Class of 2016 Will Attend the Following Schools in the Fall

    Alfaisal University
    Arizona State University
    The University of Arizona
    Boston University
    California Baptist University
    California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
    Carleton College
    Central Oregon Community College
    Chapman University
    University of Colorado at Boulder
    Colorado College
    Colorado State University
    Corban University
    Cornish College of the Arts
    Dartmouth College
    DePaul University
    Embry-Riddle Aeoronautical University-Prescott
    The Evergreen State College
    George Fox University
    Gonzaga University
    Harvey Mudd College
    Haverford College
    Lawrence University
    Lewis & Clark College
    Linfield College
    Minnesota State University, Moorhead
    Montana State University, Bozeman
    The University of Montana, Missoula
    New York University

    Northeastern University
    Ohio Wesleyan University
    Oregon College of Art & Craft
    Oregon Institute of Technology
    Oregon State University
    Oregon State University, Cascades
    University of Oregon
    Pacific Lutheran University
    Pacific Northwest College of Art
    Pacific University
    Portland Community College
    Portland State University
    University of Portland
    University of Puget Sound
    Quest University Canada
    Reed College
    Santa Clara University
    Seattle Pacific University
    Seattle University
    Sierra Nevada College
    College of the Siskiyous
    Southern Oregon University
    Tulane University
    University of Vermont
    University of Washington
    Wellesley College
    Wentworth Institute of Technology
    Western Washington University
    Willamette University
    Woodbury University

    Wilson Scholarships, Class of 2016

    Jodi Allen: University of Arizona Merit Scholarship.
    Jacob Apenes: University of Portland Merit Scholarship.
    Nikolai Apenes: University of Portland Merit Scholarship.
    Natasha Astrakhan: Health Care Career Scholarship from Kaiser Permanente, Linfield College grant and scholarship.
    Lesley Bahena-Patino: Ace Mentor Scholarship for students interested in pursuing careers in architecture, construction management, and engineering.
    Adelaide Beeman-White: University of Puget Sound President’s Scholarship.
    Alaina Bensching: Santa Clara University Incentive Grant.
    Brenna Buckwalter: Linfield College Presidential Scholarship.
    Gwyneth Bushman: Oregon College of Art and Craft President’s Scholarship.
    Liora Cahana: Evergreen State College Scholastic Achievement Award
    Whitney Calvin: University of Oregon Summit Scholarship.
    Nathan Couch: Pacific Lutheran University Academic Achievement Scholarship.
    Charlie Cowan: Oregon Promise Grant.
    Ryleigh Crenshaw: Seattle Pacific University Athletic Scholarship (pole vault) and SPU Grant, Federal Pell Grant, and Federal SEOG Grant.
    Michael DeSimone: Seattle University Campion Scholarship.
    Tariko Duarte: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Chancellor’s Scholarship and University Grant.
    Estee Emlen: Carleton College Scholarship, National Merit Scholarship, Rose Festival Scholarship.
    Eddie Erickson: Sierra Nevada College athletic (lacrosse) and academic scholarships.
    Lauren Gallison: University of Puget Sound President’s Award.
    Isabelle Garnand: University of Oregon scholarship, 2016 Gold Key for excellence in visual arts from the Oregon Art Education Association.
    Kiana Gilzow: DePaul University Scholars Scholarship and DePaul Award.
    Henry Hakanson: Robert D. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon Presidential Scholarship.
    Evan Hamilton: University of Portland scholarship.
    Chase Howard: Creighton University Founders Scholarship, NCAA Division 1 Athletic Scholarship (Cross Country/Track), Multnomah Athletic Foundation.
    Joe Loprinzi Scholarship, Multnomah Athletic Club Scholar Athlete Scholarship.
    Steffen Jacobsen: Portland State University Honors College Athletic Scholarship (football).*
    Sam Jones: Western States Scholarship to the University of Montana.
    Will Kleweno: Arizona State University New American University Scholar Award.
    Jamie Kresl: Pacific Lutheran University Academic Achievement Scholarship, Q Club Scholarship, Access Grant, ELCA Confirmand Grant, PLU PLUM Grant, and St. Lukes Lutheran Church Benson Scholarship.
    Brooklynn Loiselle: University of Oregon Honors College Summit Scholarship.
    Emily Lutz: Oregon State University Scholarship.

    Erin Magill: Ohio Wesleyan University Branch Rickey Scholarship.
    Mikaela Mankowski: Western Washington University Western Achievement Award.
    Benjamin Markin: Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle Washington talent-based scholarship to study music composition.Elise May: Chapman University Chancellor’s Scholarship and Chapman Grant.
    Cassia McIntyre: University of Oregon Pathway Scholarship.*
    David Menashe: University of Oregon Harry Glickman Scholar Athlete Award, Summit Scholarship, and Oregon Jewish Community Foundation Scholarship.Sophie Merrill: 2016 Scholastic Gold Key Award for ceramic sculpture, Quest University Canada Scholarship.
    Carly Meyers: Gonzaga University Regent’s Scholarship.
    Mateo Minato: Robert D. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon Presidential Scholarship.
    Ian Morgan: Pacific Lutheran University Presidential Scholarship, Wilson Scholars Award.
    Aiden Nelson: Oregon State University Academic Achievement Award.
    Colleen Murray: Lawrence University Grants and Scholarships.
    Alina Nussbaum: Pacific Lutheran University Scholarship and Merit Awards, St Luke Lutheran Church Benson Foundation Scholarship.
    Chris Nussbaum: Pacific Lutheran University Scholarship and Merit Awards, St Luke Lutheran Church Benson Foundation Scholarship.
    Isabella Olvera: Mt Hood Community College 2-year academic scholarship for basketball.
    Paul Parodi: Oregon Institute of Technology Presidential Scholarship.
    Sabine Pigg: Santa Clara University Johnson Scholars Program.*
    Katy Piwonka: New York University Scholarship.
    Atiya Rauf: University of Oregon Diversity Excellence Scholarship and Pathway Oregon.*
    Eleanor Sandifer: University of Colorado, Boulder, BOLD scholarship to Honor’s Engineering Program, American Red Cross Scholarship.
    Sierra Sexton: University of Vermont Presidential Scholarship and Athletic Scholarship (swimming).*
    Evan Shreeve: 2016 Grieg Lodge Academic Scholarship to attend Oregon State University.
    Nick Slenning: Pacific University Honors Scholarship, Pacesetter Scholarship, Oregon Student Achievement Award.
    Ian Sloan: WUE merit scholarship at Western Washington University.
    Guthrie Stafford: Robert D. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon Summit Scholarship, Hasson Scholarship.
    Claire Swearingen: WUE merit scholarship at Western Washington University.
    Ben Turker: University of Colorado Boulder Chancellor’s Achievement Scholarship.
    Sara Trejo: Minnesota State University Moorhead College Athletic Scholarship (soccer).
    Xavier Triplett: Linfield College Frances R Linfield merit Scholarship, Computer Science Scholarship.
    Jack Williams: WUE merit scholarship at Montana State University.
    Maris Yurdana: Loyola University Damen Scholarship to the Quinlan School of Business.
    Austin Zyvoloski: University of Oregon Pathway Oregon Scholarship.*


    *full tuition
    This list may not be complete; scholarship information submitted by students and parents for schools students plan to attend in the Fall.


    Sabine Pigg to Attend Santa Clara University on Full Scholarship

    Sabine Pigg Wilson Senior Sabine Pigg has been selected as a Johnson Scholar at Santa Clara University, which includes a full-ride scholarship, acceptance into the Honors College, and stipends for summer travel and experiential learning. Her plans include a major in chemistry with tentative plans to go to medical school and an interest in Doctors Without Borders.

    Sabine is very excited about the transition to college. She looked at schools all over the country, but says that “California feels right, and there are lots of opportunities for internships and jobs in the area. At Santa Clara they’re focused on service and community involvement. They look at the big picture and educating the whole person.”

    During her four years at Wilson, Sabine has been a very active member of the school community, serving as an Associated Student Body leader in student government, co-heading four fundraising committees and raising a total of over $5,000 for the Community Transitional School for underprivileged children in Portland. In 2014, Sabine spent two months of her summer in Costa Rica, living with two different families, attending school, and learning to adapt to new linguistic and cultural environments. She also plays varsity tennis and soccer, competes for Wilson’s Mock Trial team, founded the school badminton club, and is a chemistry and math tutor for middle and high school students.

    What has her experience at Wilson been like? “Awesome,” Sabine says. She chose Wilson over St. Mary’s and says she is “so, so glad. I pushed myself more rather than having external forces. I had super-supportive dedicated teachers who love helping kids learn.” Her advice to other students: “Always take the extra class, do the extra club, join the extra sport even if you’re not sure you can do it. If it sounds interesting or inspiring, just try it. I’ve done something new every year and never regretted it.”

    Congratulations, Sabine, and the best of luck next year!

    Congratulations to Lesley Bahena-Patino!

    She was awarded a $4,000 scholarship from the ACE Mentor Program. The ACE Mentor Program of Oregon is an after-school program that helps Portland metro-area high school students find their paths toward great careers in Architecture, Construction and Engineering.

    Wilson Alum Alicia Evans Named Big Ten Freshman of the Year in Rowing

    Alicia is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin. Read more here.. Great job, Alicia!

    Congrats to WHS Lifeskills Teacher Ray Panagopoulos!

    Ray was selected by the ARC as Teacher of the Year for his outstanding work with individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities!

    Congratulations to the Class Officers for the 2017/2018 School Year

    Sophomore Class
    Zoe Bennett
    Ryan Bernstein
    Mia Bowles
    Andrew Harker
    Ava Reisman
    Rebecca Shore
    Amy Sloan
    Sara White
    Junior Class
    Belle Brooks
    Molly Cohen
    Anna Kien
    Emily Kline
    Diego Millan
    Kian Mitchell
    Senior Class
    Corey Bissonette
    Sagan Ghim
    Simon Haats
    Jackie Hudson

    Congratulations to Next Year’s Peer Counselors

    Paige Adrian
    Brigid Behrens
    Abdiaziz Belel
    Maggie Beutler
    Lillia Diaz
    Colin Herring
    Clay Hunter
    Gracie Jacobson
    Lauren Jensen
    Noah Koontz
    Garrett Leeper
    Lexa Machinski
    Sammy Magruder
    Hale McCullough
    Margot McGovern
    Ihsaan Mohamed
    Maddie Molloy
    James Reynolds
    Jaden Salama
    Rose Seamount
    Quinland Thompson
    Kyle Woodland

    Oregon State Track Meet; Wilson Boys Team Finishes 9th

    We had 12 athletes qualify for the State Track Meet: Ryleigh Crenshaw, Alex White, Alex Slenning, Chase Howard, Caleb Seely, Kian Mitchell, Chris Butcher, Isaak Simpson, Ethan Holmgren, Jack Dixon, Collin Ruth and Max Lommen.

    Here are some results from the meet:
    Collin Ruth: 2nd-place High Jump (6-6)
    Alex Slenning: 5th-place 3000m (Alex broke the 32-year school record at 8:26.4, putting him on the all-time Oregon 3k list)
    Caleb Seely: 4th 1500m (Caleb set a new school record at 3:54.05, putting him on the all-time Oregon 6A list)
    Caleb Seely: 6th 800m (1:56.46)
    Ryleigh Crenshaw: 5th Pole Vault (11-00, a new school record)

    Wilson Students Row Their Way to Medals

    Congratulations to sophomores Ben Sickler and Ben Urbach for their success in the final regatta of the year—the USRowing NW Regional Youth Championship, a three-day event at Vancouver Lake, Vancouver, WA. Rowing their first year as Novice Men for Lake Oswego Community Rowing (LOCR), the Bens received bronze medals for taking third place in their Quad (4-person) heat and after qualifying in a semi-final with a second-place status in an 8 (eight-person shell) went on to take bronze in the final. Both students advance to Varsity next season.


    2016 PIL All-City Baseball and Softball Honors

    Varsity Baseball
    1st team: Sean Haxby, pitcher; Evan Shreeve, catcher; and Tommy Harvison, outfield
    2nd team: Jackson Miller, infield
    Honorable Mention: Noah Keough, infield; Cade Conklin, infield; and Alex Sabo, outfield

    Fourteen Wilson Seniors Sign to Play Sports in College

    Fourteen Wilson Seniors Sign to Play Sports in College Congratulations to them all as they spread the Trojan spirit! They are, from left to right: Eddie Erickson (Sierra Nevada College, Lacrosse), Michael Streinz (Harvey Mudd College, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Football), Xavier Triplett (Linfield College, Cross Country and Track), Ryleigh Crenshaw (Seattle Pacific University, Track and Field), Nick Slenning (Pacific University, Cross Country and Track), Chase Howard (Creighton University, Cross Country and Track), Chris Nussbaum (Pacific Lutheran University, Cross Country and Track), Alina Nussbaum (Pacific Lutheran University, Cross Country and Tennis), Alexa Hinkley (Pacific University, Basketball), Makenna Clizer (Linfield College, Softball and Soccer), Katelyn Duilio (Lewis and Clark College, Softball), Maddy Tomastik (Wentworth Institute of Technology, Volleyball).


    Not pictured: Emmett Burby (Ohio Wesleyan, Lacrosse and Football) and Bennett Feinstein-Smith (College of the Siskiyous, Football).



    Verselandia Poetry Slam Results

    Wilson Senior Zoe Stuckless competed in the fifth Annual Verselandia! Grand Slam competition on April 18th. Please congratulate her on her 4th-place tie! Twenty high-school students from PPS and other schools in Multnomah County performed their slam poetry onstage at the Newmark Theatre. The first slammer to perform in the second round, Zoe rose to the top as the contest became very tough.

    ASB Election Results

    The votes are in and a huge congratulations to our new ASB officers: Maddy Conkle, Tali Emlen, Sophie Rubin, and Julia Taylor. Wesley Crawford will be acting as ASB President and Quinn Van Horne will be acting as ASB Vice President. We had a wonderful pool of candidates this year and some exceptional speeches were given Friday. Thank you to everyone who participated.

    Freshman Rides to State Championship Competition

    Wilson Freshman Alyssa Kline, riding with the Lincoln High School Equestrian team, has qualified for the state championship in dressage, hunt seat, showmanship, Western equitation, and working pairs. The championship will be held in Redmond, Oregon, May 12-15. Congratulations, Alyssa, and good luck at State!

    Speech and Debate Succeed at State

    The Speech and Debate Team took 6th place in Class 6A at the OSAA State Tournament last weekend, finishing just two points behind the 5th-place team. Nearly every competitor made it to a quarterfinal or better. Congratulations to Aidan Sivers-Boyce (2nd place, Prose Reading), the team of Bryce Snyder and Hannah Borel (2nd place, Dual Interpretation), Fletcher Calcagno (7th place, Student Congress), Tosca Ruotolo (Finalist, Prose Reading), the team of Amy Rodgers and Moses Felberg (Finalists, Dual Interpretation), Andrew Foran (Semifinalist, Humorous Interpretation), Diana Herrera (Semifinalist, After Dinner Speaking), and the team of Michael Streinz and Benedicte Hamilton (Quarterfinalists, Public Forum Debate. Congratulations to the whole team for a great season.

    Wilson Athletes of the Week, April 18-22

    Boys Golf: Atlas Asaro shot a 74 in his last 18-hole event and has shot the lowest Wilson Score to date so far.
    Girls Golf: As a freshman, Jessica Ewton has scored 34 and 39 nine points in her first two counting matches for the Trojans!

    Model United Nations Awards

    Members of Wilson’s MUN won awards at the state conference held April 7 and 8 in Eugene: Patrick Powers and Morgan Thiers each won a Speaker’s Award in their respective committees. Patrick won for best defender of his country and Morgan won for best consensus builder. Congratulations!

    Wilson Students' Winning Concept

    The Wilson PSU Innovation Team won the Strongest Concept Award at the April 9 PSU College of Engineering and Computer Science competition. This year’s theme was “[Re]Fresh Our H2O.” The Wilson team designed technological solutions to address problems facing humanity related to freshwater. All five of our team members will receive a $1,000 scholarship to attend PSU Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science. A special thanks goes to Kate Morgan; her partnership and involvement with the Innovation Challenge has been essential to our team’s involvement and success. Team members are Aiden Nelson, Sam Behrens, Michael DeSimone, Sasha Leamy, and Jessica Peterson.


    Wilson Speakers Qualify at District Tournament—On to State!

    Wilson hosted the PIL District Tournament this past weekend to qualify students for the State Tournament at Western Oregon University in Monmouth April 21-23. The Wilson team finished 2nd in individual event team sweepstakes and 3rd overall, and we will be taking our largest group of qualifiers to State since Wilson won the 5A title in 2009!

    Congratulations to the qualifiers and alternates! Both top-two finishers PIL Dual Interpretations are from Wilson: Bryce Snyder and Hannah Borel (1st) and Amy Rodgers and Moses Felberg (2nd). Andrew Foran took 2nd in Humorous Interpretation and Adelaide Beeman-White took 3rd in Dramatic Interpretation, where Hannah Borel took 4th to be the State Alternate. In Prose Reading, Tosca Ruotolo took 1st place and Aidan Sivers-Boyce took 3rd. Diana Herrera took 2nd place in After Dinner Speaking. Amy Sloan was State Alternate with a 4th-place finish in Radio Commentary, and Michael Streinz was State Alternate in Extemporaneous Speaking (3rd place) and Impromptu (4th).

    In Public Forum Debate, Michael Streinz and Benedicte Hamilton will compete at State based on Alternate Qualification in earlier tournaments throughout the year. In Parliamentary Debate, a team of first-year debaters, Bryce Snyder and William Sweek, went all the way to round four before being eliminated one step shy of the final.

    Congratulations to the whole team for an amazing season, and good luck to our State Qualifiers!

    Solo/Ensemble Festival District Competition Results

    Congratulations to the Wilson Choral and Orchestral Music Department on a weekend filled with victorious talent and no less than four first-place wins!

    State qualifiers:
    Zoé De Boucherville-Dickson, Soprano: 1st Place
    Maggie Conroy, Alto: 1st Place
    Daniel Nyounai Herrera, Baritone: 1st Place
    Wilson Advanced Vocal Ensemble: 1st Place
    Alexandria Cameron Pizzo, Soprano: 2nd Alternate
    Morgan Penk, Bass: 1st Alternate
    Amelia Jamond, Violin: 4th Alternate
    Riley Waugh, Violin: 3rd Alternate
    Rowan McIntosh, Trombone: 1st alternate
    Finn Henell, Trombone

    Other Wilson competitors earning strong scores were Shelby Rosenfeld (Soprano) and Andrea Stone (Soprano).

    Wilson Teachers Bartlo and Nohner Win Award

    Chris Bartlo and Nick Nohner have won the Allen Distinguished Educators award, which comes with a $25,000 prize. The contest rewards innovative education programs in engineering and was awarded to our Wilson teachers for their Computer Science and Math Modeling courses. Wilson offers four years of computer science, the only four-year program in the Portland area. Read more from the Oregonian here. Congratulations Mr. Bartlo and Mr. Nohner!


    Wilson Chess Team Takes Second Place in State Tournament

    After five grueling rounds of chess against the top teams in the state—with several games lasting until the final seconds of the two-hour-per-game time controls—Wilson High School’s chess team walked away from the Oregon High School Chess Team Association State Championship with second place overall in the state as well as second place in the 6A school classification.

    Each member of the team made critical contributions to victories throughout the two-day event, held at Junction City High School on February 26-27. Jake Winkler, Nathan Jewell, Riley Waugh, River Bednark, and Arya Naghdi all helped accumulate wins for the team. Nathan, Riley, and Arya all also received 6A classification “top board’”awards for their individual performances during the event.

    This weekend’s success comes on top of a successful season-long performance by the combined Wilson and Gray teams at the Portland Area League High School team tournament, which took place in twelve rounds—one a week —throughout the winter. In that event, which draws teams from throughout the metro area, Wilson’s B team won second place in their division’s round robin, while the A team won first place in the preliminary Swiss section of the event. In addition to the above players, Wilson students Evan Hamilton, Sophie Balthazaar, and Alex Duley, and Gray player Sophia Stedman, all helped the teams to victory. In addition to the team awards at the Portland league, players Nathan Jewell, Riley Waugh, River Bednark, Evan Hamilton, Arya Naghdi, and Ryuu Joy received individual board awards, while Chris Ng won an award for extra games played.

    Wilson’s 2016 Rose Court

    Atiya Rauf
    Estee Emlen
    Ishara Handagala
    Stacy Andrews

    Wilson is proud to announce the selection of our 2016 Rose Court. Each of the nominees will deliver a speech at the Rose Festival Assembly on March 9, followed by a vote of our student body to select our Rose Princess. The results of the vote will be announced on March 17.

    Wilson Robotics Team Makes Division Finals at State Championship

    Wilson Robotics Team #7776, the Loose Screws, were division finalists at the First Tech Challenge State Championship held February 20 and 21 at Benson Polytechnic High School. The two days of competition included presentations to judges and on the field matches. After a fierce day of competition on Sunday, Wilson’s team was honored to be selected as an alliance partner for the division finals—joining No.1-ranked Occam’s Razor (Hood River HS) and Syntax Error (WA County 4-H). In a best of 2 out of 3, they made it to the third round before losing to the alliance led by world-championship winners Batteries in Black (WA County 4-H). The Loose Screws achieved their highest score of the season in their final match, breaking the 400-point barrier. What a way to end the season! The Loose Screws are led by Team Captain Sam Johnson (Junior) and includes: Thomas Lemoine (Sophomore), Noah Koontz (Sophomore), Benjamin Carleton (Sophomore), Duffy Martin (Sophomore), Sean Harrington (Sophomore), Elliott Chimienti (Sophomore), and Reid Amato (Sophomore). Each team member was awarded a “Division Finalist” medal. Way to go Wilson

    Wilson Student Art Selected for Juried Exhibition at Oregon College of Art and Craft

    The exhibition runs February 25 until March 10.

    Congratulations to Madison Moorhouse, Isabelle Garnand, Catherine Lehman, Rylee Hilligoss, Sophie Merrill, Emma Carey, Alaina Bensching, Ivy Doxtader, Breonna Keller-Robbins, Gwyneth Bushman, Idit Cahana, Elsa Douglass, Andy Freeland, Celeste Brown, Zander Robinson, and Leo Gallatin.

    The Loose Screws Advance to State Robotics Competition

    Wilson Robotics Team The Loose Screws won First Place Winning Alliance at the Super Qualifier Tournament in Hillsboro on February 14. During the final elimination rounds The Loose Screws, together with its alliance partner Batteries in Black, set a new Oregon record for the highest score for this year’s challenge. The Loose Screws is led by Captain Sam Johnson (Junior). As the first-place alliance from this tournament, The Loose Screws advance to compete in the Oregon FTC State Championship on February 27 and 28 at Benson High School.

    Wrestlers Wrap it Up for Wilson

    Congratulations to our PIL Wrestling Champs, Heavy Weight Markus Downs and #195 Steffen Jacobsen; they will be going to State along with Louie Rubenstein who took 3rd in #160. Wilson had a great showing overall:

    Chase Howard 5th in #152
    Jack Williams 4th in #152
    Cameron Tindell 4th in #106
    Noland Motes 6th in #132
    Hunter Brooks 4th in #220

    Congratulations to Wilson Cheer on Their Second-Place Finish at State!

    Wilson Cheer

    Emlen Sisters Earn Honors

    Senior Estee Emlen has advanced to Finalist standing in the National Merit Scholarship Competition, which offcially puts her in the running for scholarships sponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation in 2016. Scholarships will be announced in March. The Oregon Jewish Museum & Center for Holocaust Education has selected Sophomore Tali Emlen to participate in their Teen Leadership Council for 2016-17. Tali was selected due to her demonstrated commitment to social justice for teens and her vision for community-building. Congratulations Emlen Family!

    Congratulations, Alexis Firpo!

    Wilson Art student Alexis Firpo has been awarded a $48,000 scholarship to Pacific Northwest College of Art for her senior art portfolio from Scholastic Art Awards. Great job, Alexis!

    Wilson Athletes of the Week, February 8-12

    Each week we feature players whose performance over the past several days stands out. This week we’re proud of:

    Steffen Jacobsen, Wrestling: Steffen won 1st place in his weight class at the Oregon City Tournament and 2nd place at the prestigious Hood River Tournament over the last two weekends.

    Alexis Scaramone, JV Swimming: Alexis swam excellent races in the 50 fly and the 100 free at the JV Districts for Swimming last Friday.

    Wilson Hosts Regional Acting Competition

    Wilson High School hosted the Oregon Thespians Northwest Regional Acting Competition on February 6 and 7, bringing together roughly 500 theatre students from across northwest Oregon.

    Beyond hosting, which was a phenomenal experience in itself, members of WHS’ SouthWest StageWorks theatre company and the WHS Advanced Acting class competed in several categories alongside some of the top theatre schools in the state. Six students earned Regional Finalist recognition, meaning their scores placed in the top 20% of performers in the region: Noreena McCleave (10) and Julia Taylor (10) in Duet Comic–Novice; Zoe Stuckless (12) and Aidan Sivers-Boyce (10) in Duet Comic-Experienced; and Owen Ward (10), Wolf Morgan-Steiner (10), Julia Taylor (10), and Zoe Stuckless (10) in Solo Acting–Experienced. Furthermore, Sydney Roll (12) and Guthrie Stafford (12) qualified as State Showcase Qualifiers, allowing them entry into the Oregon Thespians State Showcase Auditions in Salem on March 31st.

    The weekend also marked the debut of the student microplay festival “Shut Up! You Can’t Tell Me What To Do. You’re Not My Real Dad!” concieved and directed by Zoe Stuckless and Gwyneth Bushman, featuring the writing of Mattie Richardson (12), Olivia Balkam (12), Molly Girsch (11), Bekah Philbrick (9), Zoe Stuckless (12), Cassia McIntyre (12), Sofia Vilches (11), Sydney Roll (12), Elliott Braxton (12), Clementine Hage (9), and Guthrie Stafford (12). Rounding out the playbill were performances by Wilson writers Sidney Roll, Elliott Braxton, Guthrie Stafford, as well as Raven Wilson (9), Parker Callais (9), Amy Rodgers (10), and Elijah Moon (10).


    Skiiers at Wilson? Snow Way!

    Freshman Wilson Ski Team varsity racer Haley Anderson won second place as an individual in Giant Slalom and Slalom in the Three Rivers League (TRL), qualifying her for the State Ski Racing Championships at Mt. Ashland in March. Haley is currently ranked 5th out of 45 in the league.

    Wilson’s boys team, Alex Duley (Sophomore), Mitchell Simmons (Sophomore), and Matthew Hickey (Sophomore) is currently ranked 7th out of 8th in the TRL going into the final race on February 20th at Mt. Hood Skibowl. Good luck, skiiers!

    The Wilson High School Ski Team is a fun extracurricular activity for all, no matter the level of skiing ability. For more information, contact Wilson Head Coach Melinda Borgens ( or see the team website at

    Speech and Debate Success at Linfield

    Friday and Saturday, February 5 and 6, at the Singletary Invitational at Linfield College in McMinnville, the Speech and Debate Team placed in a number of events. Congratulations to Diana Herrera, who took 2nd place in After Dinner Speaking and secured Alternative Qualification to the State Championships by Proven Excellence. Other winners were Hannah Borel, 2nd place Humorous Interpretation, Helen Fick, 2nd place Novice Prose and 3rd place Novice Impromptu. On the debate side, the Novice Parliamentary Debate team of Fletcher Calcagno and William Sweek took 2nd place, as well as 3rd (William) and 4th (Fletcher) place individual speaker awards. The team’s next tournament is Saturday, February 13, at Mt. Hood Community College.

    Wilson Student’s Sculpture Chosen for National Exhibition

    Isabelle Garnand Sculpture The Worrior, by Senior Isabelle Garnand,  has been selected from among 1344 entries for inclusion in this year’s Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition in Kansas City held during the annual NECA conference. Congratulations, Isabelle!







    Wilson’s Steffen Jacobsen Signs to Play Football at PSU

    Steffen Jacobsen Next year Steffen will continue to hit the turf in green and white, but the Trojan logo will be replaced with a Viking as he joins the football team at Portland State University to play strong safety. The PSU Vikings are building on a great year in 2015, which ended with a 9-3 record and their first trip to the playoffs since 2000. PSU’s coach, Bruce Barnum says: “Steffen will hit you. He is aggressive and fast, and can make up for mistakes with his athleticism. He is really the foundation of what we want on our football team.”

    It was a long and stressful decision-making process to choose PSU over Air Force, who also pursued Steffen and made him a tempting offer. But in the end PSU won out when Steffen visited the campus to meet the players and coaches, and felt the team would be a great match for him. After visiting the PSU campus he wasn’t concerned about staying to close to home: “I was surprised, PSU felt like a whole new place and not too much like home.”

    Steffen started playing football in 4th grade. He participates in several sports, including wrestling, but by sophomore year in high school he decided to focus on football, and from that point on worked hard to reach his goals.

    Steffen has had a great football career at Wilson, making the varsity team sophomore year, being named Team Captain senior year, making 107 tackles this year, as well as earning a spot on the All-PIL Team. Junior year he played strong safety, but senior year he has played middle linebacker, because he’s bigger than a lot of other high school players. At PSU, where Steffen says everyone will be big, he’ll be playing strong safety again.

    The full scholarship offered by PSU will be put to good use as Steffen pursues studies in finance and possibly sports nutrition or another physically oriented subject. His advice to Wilson students: “it’s the biggest cliché in the world, but the most important advice is to work hard. My genetics have been a huge gift because my dad is tall, but it’s still all about hard work. My ultimate goal is to make it to the NFL, so I will have to work even harder in college than I did in high school.”

    Wilson High School wishes Steffen the best of luck as he pursues his goals at the next level!

    Speech and Debate Success at Linfield

    Friday and Saturday, February 5 and 6, at the Singletary Invitational at Linfield College in McMinnville, the Speech and Debate Team placed in a number of events. Congratulations to Diana Herrera, who took 2nd place in After Dinner Speaking and secured Alternative Qualification to the State Championships by Proven Excellence. Other winners were Hannah Borel, 2nd place Humorous Interpretation, Helen Fick, 2nd place Novice Prose and 3rd place Novice Impromptu. On the debate side, the Novice Parliamentary Debate team of Fletcher Calcagno and William Sweek took 2nd place, as well as 3rd (William) and 4th (Fletcher) place individual speaker awards. The team’s next tournament is Saturday, February 13, at Mt. Hood Community College.


    Wilson Speakers Take Prizes At McMinnville

    Members of the Speech and Debate Team competed at McMinnville High School and brought home several awards. Congratulations to our winners and finalists: Tosca Ruotolo (1st place Prose Reading in her first tournament in senior division), Andrew Foran (2nd place Humorous Interpretation), Fletcher Calcagno (3rd place Prose Reading in his first tournament in senior division), Wolf Morgan-Steiner (finalist, After Dinner Speaking), Diana Herrera (finalist, After Dinner Speaking), and Hannah Borel (finalist, POI). The team returns to McMinnville this Friday and Saturday for the Singletary Invitational at Linfield College.

    Portland Metro Scholastic Art Awards 2016

    Wilson art students were honored with 2 Gold Key Senior Portfolios, 1 Silver Key Senior Portfolio, 2 Honorable Mention Senior Portfolios, 19 Individual Gold Keys, 15 Individual Silver Keys, and 32 Honorable Mention awards. Portland Metro Scholastic Art Awards is a regional awards program honoring students in grades 7-12 from Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties. Gold key award winners move on to the national-level Scholastic Art Awards. Just under 5,000 artworks were submitted to Portland Metro Scholastic Art Awards this year.

    Gold Key Portfolio and Individual Gold Key artwork will be on display at Pacific Northwest College of Art’s new location at 511 NW Broadway from January 31-February 26. A reception for all artists, family, friends, teachers, and administrators will be held on Thursday, February 4, 4-7:00 pm. Congratulations to our Awardees:

    • Gold Key Senior Portfolios: Idit Cahana, Zander Robinson
    • Silver Key Senior Portfolio: Hayden Wallace
    • Honorable Mention Senior Portfolio: Pauline Grabski, Grace Dills
    • Individual Gold Keys: Idit Cahana, four Gold Keys in Painting; Zander Robinson, four Gold Keys in Digital Art; Alexis Firpo, three Gold Keys in Drawing; Eric Roe, three Gold Keys in Painting; Pauline Grabski, one Gold Key in Painting; Elle Bremmer, one Gold Key in Photography; Allie Rosenfield, one Gold Key in Photography; Isabelle Garnand, one Gold Key in Sculpture; Sophia Merrill, one Gold Key in Sculpture.
    • Individual Silver Keys: Gwyneth Bushman, one Silver Key in Jewelry; Emma Butenhoff, one Silver Key in Drawing; Idit Cahana, two Silver Keys in Painting; Eric Roe, one Silver Key in Painting; L Gallatin, one Silver Key in Printmaking and one Silver Key in Digital Art; Zander Robinson, two Silver Keys in Digital Art; Zayba Afshar, one Silver Key in Photography; Sophie Balthazaar, one Silver Key in Photography; Alaina Bensching, one Silver Key in Photography; Emma Carey, one Silver Key in Photography; Quinland Thompson, one Silver Key in Photography; Brittney Tomko, one Silver Key in Photography.
    • Individual Honorable Mentions: Celeste Brown, Honorable Mention in Painting; Elsa Douglass, Honorable Mention in Painting; Emma Fale-Olsen, Honorable Mention in Drawing; Malie Finstad, Honorable Mention in Painting; Eric Roe, two Honorable Mentions in Painting and one in Printmaking; Shalyly Stanton, Honorable Mention in Printmaking; Scout Burgett, Honorable Mention in Printmaking; Nathan Rutledge-Gorman, Honorable Mention in Sculpture; Elle Bremmer, four Honorable Mentions in Photography; Cameron Brentlinger, Honorable Mention in Photography; Gena Bruce, Honorable Mention in Photography; Christian Cho, Honorable Mention in Photography; Michael DeSimone, two Honorable Mentions in Photography; John Elliot, Honorable Mention in Photography; Genevieve Fletcher, Honorable Mention in Photography; Asia Gates, Honorable Mention in Photography; Addison Houck, Honorable Mention in Photography; Jesse Maack, Honorable Mention in Photography; Maddie Molloy, Honorable Mention in Photography; Sara Pardy, Honorable Mention in Photography; Katharine Piwonka, Honorable Mention in Photography; Jillian Rencher, Honorable Mention in Photography; Sophie Rubin, Honorable Mention in Photography; Quinland Thompson, Honorable Mention in Photography; Minhtam Tran, Honorable Mention in Photography; Austin Zyvoloski, Honorable Mention in Photography.

    Wilson Robotics Earns Victory and Honors at the Inter-League Championship

    Wilson had great showing at the FIRST Tech Challenge Beaverton/Portland Inter-League Championship held in Hillsboro on Saturday, January 16. Three teams competed at the event: Team #7776: The Loose Screws, led by team captain Sam Johnson (Junior); Team #9231: Big Bots, led by team captain Damion Lance (Junior); and an all-rookie squad, Team #10565: Bemusement Park, led by team captain Jaren Friesen (Freshman). All three Wilson teams were selected to compete in the final elimination matches. Team #7776 together with its alliance partners competed to the end and won the league championship.

    Teams #7776 and #9231 were both nominated for the Motivate Award. Team #7776 was also nominated for two achievement awards for their robot design. As a member of the 1st Place Winning Alliance and recipient of the PTC Design Award, Team #7776 advances to compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon Super-Qualifier Tournament on February 13th or 14th in Hillsboro.

    Congratulations to the Wilson Constitution Team Students!

    With a strong showing in the We The People regional competition, Wilson was one of six schools to qualify for the state finals being held on Saturday, January 16th, at the Mark Hatfield Federal Courthouse in downtown Portland. The winner will represent the state of Oregon at the We The People national competition in Washington D.C. this spring.

    Speech and Debate Wins Team Award

    The Speech and Debate Team competed last weekend at Pacific University in Forest Grove and took home 2nd place in the team Quality Sweepstakes awards. Of the 15 team members competing, 11 made the finals in at least one event. Congratulations to Tosca Ruotolo (1st Junior Prose), the Public Forum debate team of Michael Streinz and Benedicte Hamilton (2nd place), Amy Sloan (2nd Junior Radio), Benedicte Hamilton (3rd Expository), Hannah Borel (3rd Programmed Oral Interpretation), Diana Herrera (3rd After Dinner Speaking), Fletcher Calcagno (3rd Junior Prose), Madeline Mapes (3rd Junior Radio), Michael Streinz (4th Extemporaneous), Anna Kien (5th Radio), Helen Fick (6th Junior Prose and semifinalist Junior Impromptu), and Jaren Friesen (who finished 7th in the preliminary competitions in Junior Radio). The team competes again at Lewis and Clark College Friday and Saturday, January 15 and 16.


    Fall Sports Wrap Up, New Season Begins

    Fall sports have come to a close and winter sports (basketball, wrestling, swimming) have now begun.

    Wilson All-City Players, Fall Sports:

    Honorable Mention: Ben Turker, Jake Moser, Gustavo Herrera, Bennett Smith, Jack Dixon, Evan Charlone
    Second Team – Offense: Michael Streinz
    Second Team – Defense: Sam Katter
    First Team Offense: Riley Tindell, Eddie Erickson, Emmett Burby, Graycen Kennedy
    First Team Defense: Sean Haxby, Steffen Jacobsen
    PIL Offensive Player of the Year (and leading rusher in the state): Riley Tindell

    Volleyball (PIL champs)
    Second Team: Madeline Tomastik, Breonna Keller-Robbins
    First Team: Jodi Allen, Lindsay Lang, Jane Woodward, India Jones

    Girls Soccer
    Honorable Mention: Jamie Kresl, Eva Vlassopoulos, Talulah Beisel, Nikki Hogan
    Second Team: Mackenna Clizer
    First Team: Sara Trejo

    Boys Soccer
    Honorable Mention: Tyson Horn, Sam Nathanson, Max Lommen
    Second Team: David Menashe
    First Team: Alec Dunkeld

    Cross Country State Qualifiers
    Boys (3rd in state for 6A!): Kian Mitchell, Caleb Seeley, Alex Slenning, Nick Slenning, Chris Nussbaum, Sam Behrens, Chase Howard
    Girls: Grace Heizer

    Wilson Athletes’ Average GPA by Sport
    Football: 3.1
    Volleyball: 3.3
    Boys Cross Country: 3.4
    Boys Soccer: 3.4 (8th in state)
    Girls Soccer: 3.74 (6th in state)
    Girls Cross Country 3.93 (3rd in state)

    Fall Scholar-Athletes
    160 (students in a fall sport who achieved a 3.5 GPA or better for Quarter 1).

    The Speech and Debate Team takes home prizes at Glencoe High School in Hillsboro

    Congratulations to Andrew Foran (1st place, Humorous Interpretation), the Duo Interpretation team of Hannah Borel and Bryce Snyder (2nd place), Benedicte Hamilton (2nd place, Expository), Aidan Sivers-Boyce (Finalist, Prose Reading), and Helen Fick (Finalist, Impromptu—in her first competition outside the Novice category).

    Two Wilson Athletes Win Scholarships, Sign Letters of Intent for College

    Rachel Koch, and Sierra Sexton Rachel Koch (left), Athletic Director Mike Easton (center), Sierra Sexton (right)

    Wilson senior Sierra Sexton will swim next year for the University of Vermont, where she has received a full-ride scholarship. UV is a NCAA Division I Women’s Swimming and Diving Team.


    The first time she visited UV, Sierra says she just loved it—the school was gorgeous, the coach was nice, and it seemed like a great place. On later visits she was able to meet the other swimmers, and felt at home right away. Eventually she narrowed her choices down to three colleges, but was already in love with Vermont. She realizes how important it is for the two pieces, academic and athletic, to fit together and feels that UV has it all.

    Sierra has been swimming for 8 years, four of those at Wilson. In addition, she swims for the Lacamas Headhunters, a year-round club team located in Camas, WA. Mia, Sierra’s mom, says that while club teams are important because of the year-round training opportunities they offer, the high school swim team experience is just as important because of the team spirit and camaraderie they offer.

    The combination of high school and club swimming (and hard work) is working for Sierra—in addition to earning a scholarship at a prestigious swimming school, Sierra has qualified for the upcoming Winter Nationals in Federal Way, Washington, where she could win a spot at the US Olympic Swim Team qualifying trials. Sierra’s time for the 50 Free was 26.34 last year, and this year’s qualifying time is 26.19.

    What’s after college for Sierra? Her current plan is to become an orthodontist, possibly attending dental school at OHSU.

    Sierra has some advice for her Wilson peers, based on hard-won experience. First, she says, you may not have a dream or goal in front of you, but if you experience enough things, you will. Be willing to go out and experience new things that could very well affect what you do with the rest of your life. Second, Sierra says, “Attitude is everything!” You have to believe in yourself before anyone else will.

    Wilson senior Rachel Koch will attend California Baptist University next year where she will receive an athletic scholarship to compete with the Cheer Team that has won the National Championship in their division each of the past three years.

    Rachel is a great competitor and tumbler who found Cheer as a 4th-grader after having been in gymnastics since the age of 5. For several years she cheered with a traveling competitive team, then joined the Wilson Cheer Team as a freshman. She’s been on the varsity cheer squad all four years, including in 2014 when they won the State Championship. This year, as a co-captain of the Cheer Team, she coaches Trojan Junior Cheer. Rachel has been to All-State every year, where this year she was just one of 20 out of 120 girls to qualify for the All-State Team.

    Some of the tricks and stunts performed in cheer can be scary, and Rachel says sometimes learning new skills can be intimidating. Most of her fear has gone away by now, proving the value of the advice she has for her fellow students. Rachel says she has learned “that you only get as much as you put in. If you want to play a sport in college you have to juggle things and work hard. Then you will succeed.”

    Rachel hopes to return to Portland for graduate school at OHSU to train for a career in health sciences, perhaps as a pathologist, dentist, or surgeon.

    As a small child Rachel hoped she would someday cheer at the college level and compete in the national championships. She applied to other schools but really wanted to go to Cal Baptist, where the cheerleaders are well-rounded students who train and study together in a family-like atmosphere. It sounds like a perfect fit and looks like Rachel is well on her way to achieving her dream!


    Cross Country State Meet Results

    On Saturday, October 31, Wilson Cross Country took 3rd place at the State meet, marking the first time in over 30 years that Wilson has won a state at this meet! In addition to the team win, sophomore Alex Slenning finished 8th in a field of 140, qualifying for the Nike Border Class, an all-star meet to be held the first weekend of December at the Nike campus. Sophomore Grace Heizer placed in the top 25 at State, after winning her spot with a third-place finish at the District meet. Congratulations runners!

    PIL District Championship, October 22, 2015

    Last Wednesday the “Green Machine” that is Wilson Cross Country had a historic day of racing at the 2015 PIL District Championships.

    The afternoon started off with our JV Lady Trojans finishing a strong 4th place. The lead pack of Trojans included Freshmen Annika Sunderstrom, Lizzie Reunert, Emma Halling, Junior Elsa Douglas, and Senior Natalie. The future is extremely bright for this group of up-and-comers!

    The JV Boys placed 2nd in a very competitive JV division. The “Wolfpack” was led by Senior Xavier Triplett, juniors Elius Graff, Aidan Manley and freshman Caden “Kid” Samkutty, all finishing in the top 10.

    However, the main events for the afternoon were in the Varsity divisions. At the district championships only the top three placing teams and top ten individuals qualify for the opportunity to compete at the state meet in Eugene, on October 31st.

    The Varsity women’s team (Grace Heizer, Isabelle Brooks, Ellie Stein, Iris Emmerick, Adarha Poasa and Aurora Emmons) ran their hearts out, yet finished in fourth place (by 3points) behind Lincoln, Grant and Franklin. However, sophomore Grace Heizer ran like the wind and finished 3rd overall, qualifying her for state as an individual and becoming a member of the 2015 PIL all-league team.

    The big news of the day was in the Men’s division. The Mighty Trojans (Alex Slenning, Nick Slenning, Kian Mitchell, Chris Nussbaum, Caleb Seely, Sam Barherns and Chase Howard) ran a perfect race and shocked their rivals by winning the district championship. This is the first outright district championship for Wilson XC since 1985 and qualifies the team for the state meet. Highlighting the day was sophomore super start and now district champ Alex Slenning who blew the field and won the race by 12 seconds. Junior power-house Caleb Seely made a huge move in the last 400 meters to finish in 2nd place. Alex, Caleb and senior Chase Howard all earned All-Conference honors. Now it’s on to state!

    Speech and Debate Starts With Success

    The Wilson Speech and Debate Team started its season at Sam Barlow High School on Saturday, October 3, and the 14 members who represented the team had great early success, including three brand new speakers who made finals in their first tournament ever.

    In debate, the Parliamentary Debate team of Adelaide Beeman-White and Moses Felberg took 3rd place. In individual events, Adelaide Beeman-White won 1st place in Dramatic Interpretation, and Eli Molloy, a freshman in his first time out, won 1st place in Novice Humorous Interpretation. Other finalists were Alex Cameron-Pizzo (Poetry); Diana Herrera (After Dinner Speaking); Tatum Bair (After Dinner Speaking); The Duo Interpretation teams of Moses Felberg and Amy Rodgers, and Hannah Borel and Bryce Snyder; and Jeran Friesen, who made finals in Novice Radio in his first-ever tournament.



    Wilson Robotics Team Brings Home The Trophy!

    May 08, 2015: Benson Polytechnic High School: Robotics teams representing Benson Polytechnic High School, Madison High School, and Wilson High School competed in the “First Annual World Robotics Soccer Invitational Championship”. The rather grandiose title describes a friendly challenge issued by Benson at the end of the regular FTC robotics tournament season. Wilson was represented by two teams: Purple Milk (PM) and Dwayne “The Bot” Johnson (DTBJ). Our Wilson teams swept the competition, defeating all challengers. The final match featured a one-on-one scrimmage between PM and DTBJ. PM emerged victorious, narrowly defeating DTBJ (3:2) in the last seconds of the game. Congratulations to both Wilson teams for a wonderful showing.


    Purple Milk Robotics Team: Noah Koontz, Walker Devine, Nathan Haight, Alissa Bergquist, Elliot Chimienti, Reid Amato, Damion Lance, Coach: Paul Hanau.

    Design Contest Awards

    Scout Burgett
    by Scout Burgett
    Emma Fale-Olsen
    by Emma Fale-Olsen

    Congratulations to Wilson students Emma Fale-Olsen and Scout Burgett for their entries in the Portland Farmer's Market Reusable Bag Design Contest! Emma's design was awarded the grand prize: $1000 and her design printed on free bags to be given away at the Farmer's Market. Scout’s design won the “People’s Choice” award, and she will receive a $250 scholarship for her entry. This contest was open to all Willamette Valley area high school students.

    Spring Sports Achievements

    • Congrats to our Track and Field team for finishing 3rd in Girls and 4th in Boys at the District Meet in the toughest Track league in the state.  Wilson athletes Jack Dixon finished 1st in the Javelin, Chris Horton 1st in Pole Vault, Collin Ruth 2nd in High Jump and Triple Jump, Jackson Davis 2nd in Shot Put and Discus, Olivia Stein 2nd in the 3,000, Noreena McCleave 2nd in Long Jump. These athletes have all qualified to compete at the State meet in Eugene.
    • Boys and Girls tennis both finished 3rd in the PIL. In singles Atlas Asaro won four matches at District to win the consolation bracket.
    • In Golf our girls finished 2nd and the boys 4th. Erica Ewton will be going to State as well as Blake Hudson who was the PIL Individual Champion. Congrats Blake!
    • In Softball our girls are going to State and will play on Memorial Day after final games vs. Canby and Centennial.
    • Our Baseball squad finished 13-4 in league for 2nd in the PIL and will also play their first round playoff game on Memorial Day.
    • From Girls Lacrosse: The Wilson Women’s Lacrosse season ended in early May. JV had a winning season with 10 wins overall. Varsity, meanwhile, played some very competitive games against some of the best lacrosse teams in the State of Oregon.
    • Boys Lacrosse plays their first round playoff game at Westview on May 19.
    • PIL Awards :
      • Wilson’s Coach of the Year: Thor Esbensen, Cross Country and Track
      • Wilson’s Asst, Coach of the Year: Thomas Nava, Boys Basketball and Girls Tennis
      • Wilson’s Sportsman of the Year: Ben Lench (basketball, soccer, 3.6 GPA)
      • Wilson’s Sportswoman of the Year: Madison Horn (basketball, soccer, 4.2 GPA)
    • Wilson PIL Champions:
      • Wresting: Shepol Meman, Sam Carrick
      • Swimming: Sierra Sexton, Evan Carlson, Christian Cho, Matt Harvison, Tommy Harvison
      • Track: Jack Dixon, Chris Horton
      • Golf: Blake Hudson

    Congressional Arts Awards Go to Wilson Students

    Wilson Art students Idit Cahana, Lily Wilson, and Jamie Valentine received awards for their artwork submitted to the Congressional Art Competition. Idit was awarded third place, Lily and Jamie received honorable mentions. Congratulations!!!

    Idit Cahana
    by Idit Cahana


    Jamie Valentine
    by Jamie Valentine


    The Hanged Man
    by Lily Wilson

    Maia Hoffman is Best Violist in the State!

    Congratulations to Maia Hoffman for winning 1st Place in the OSAA State Solo Competition for viola, for the 4th year in a row! Also, congratulations to Gillian Bergmann, soprano and Maggie Conroy, alto—both placed very well in their respective categories at the OSAA State Solo Competition!

    2015 Oregon Student Poetry Contest

    Congratulations to WHS student Gabrielle Cohn and her Wilson teacher Rodney Maack for winning the Oregon Poetry Association Contest. Gabrielle will be recognized at the annual awards ceremony on June 20th at the Charles Jordan Community Center, 9009 N Foss Ave from 1:00 – 4:00pm. Congratulations to Gabrielle and Mr. Maack!

    Wilson Grad Taking Dinner To A New Level

    Joel Stocks , (WHS ’05), co-owner of Holdfast Dining, has been nominated for the 2015 class of Eater Young Guns, identifying him as one of the most promising up-and-coming talent in the restaurant industry. Holdfast Dining is a joint venture between Will Preisch and Stocks, previously a pop-up restaurant with a new space, occupying the front room of Fausse Piste, an urban winery. Fausse Piste is owned by another Wilson grad, Jesse Skiles ’03. Holdfast is located at 537 SE Ash Street, #102. Read what Portland Monthly has to say.