• Parking Reminders for both parents and students
    Students, please DO NOT park in our designated faculty parking. 
    * Seniors with parking passes can park in student parking that runs from the west side of the tennis courts to the west side of the stadium. 
    * Juniors with parking passes can park in the IBW designated parking area at the north end of the Rieke parking lot. 

    Juniors and seniors can still submit HERE for a parking pass.  Anyone without a pass needs to find valid parking in the neighborhood. 

    , please DO NOT park in our designated faculty parking when dropping off your students in the morning.  It causes a ripple effect of problems for our faculty members.  Our limited parking is also a great reason to plan ahead when you need to have your student leave early for an appointment. Use the Absence Reporting Form  (before school begins that day) or call ahead and your student can be outside waiting when you drive through.