• Parking Reminders for both parents and students

    We only have 118 student parking spots available for SENIORS on campus (pickleball courts, to the food cart park) AND 30 additional student parking spots at Rieke Elementary School, which are designated for JUNIORS. In order to park in any of these spots, YOU MUST HAVE A PERMIT.  These are all first-come, first serve parking spots so having a permit does not guarantee a parking spot.  Students who get to school earlier will have a better opportunity to find parking.  Please consider carpooling, busing or biking to school.
    Sophomores and freshmen who drive will need to find parking in the neighborhood.  

    Staff are assigned parking spots.  Staff parking includes the Vermont parking lot around the east side of the building until just past the pickleball courts in the north parking lot. Please do not park in staff-assigned parking.  We have a few visitor spots in the Vermont parking lot for appointments or volunteers only.

    Seniors who would like to apply for a parking pass to park in one of the senior parking spots on campus can complete this
    google form Juniors also complete this form
    to get a pass to park in the 30 designated parking spots on the Rieke campus. The form needs to be completed by the student using their PPS emailWe will be passing out passes at the Back-to-School Prep Days and the first week of school.

    Parents, please DO NOT park in our designated faculty parking when dropping off your students in the morning.  It causes a ripple effect of problems for our faculty members.  Our limited parking is also a great reason to plan ahead when you need to have your student leave early for an appointment. Use the Absence Reporting Form  (before school begins that day) or call ahead and your student can be outside waiting when you drive through.