• This is where Student Government will update you on what is currently happening at IBWHS. We will try to be more transparent about our decisions and actions. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, contact any ASB member, your class reps or use the Student Government Contact Form. We are open to suggestions and will help plan school-related events. For example: if you want to host a charity drive at the school, contact us so we can help you. The information below will change as time goes on.
    What is ASB?
    The ASB(Associated Student Body) is a group of students that works for the entire student body. ASB officers were elected to specific positions at the end of the previous year. Each ASB officer has a specific role but mainly focuses on heading leadership committees. If you want to find out who the current officers are and what committees they head, click the ASB officers on the left. Most ASB officers are open to talk to if you have any questions or concerns.

    2023-2024 ASB Election Process will begin Friday, March 1st

    Timeline of Events:
    If scheduling conflicts arise, contact Ms. Griffin.  Use your time wisely and keep your schedule open for the following:

    Friday, March 1              Election packets available from Ms. Griffin in Room 143
    Monday, March 4           LUNCH: Informational meeting in Rm. 143
    Friday, March 8              Packets Due to Ms. Griffin’s Box on or before this date;  Candidate Bio due on or before this date
    March 9 - 14                  Campaigning
    Friday, March 15            Speeches and Voting Opens
    Friday, March 22            Election results announced

    What are Class Representatives?
    Class Reps are grade-specific leaders who are exclusively elected by their grade. The job of class reps is to voice the concerns of their peers to the ASB and to the school administration. Class reps do not head any leadership committees, but don’t have to take any leadership-related classes. If you want to find out who your class reps are, click on the Class Representatives tab on the left.

    2024-2025 Class Representative Elections (rising 9-11th graders) will take place after the completion of ASB Elections
    Information from the 2022-2023 School Year

    The Water Situation

    We have contacted the district and they have installed water fountains throughout the school. The water fountains only need to have their filters installed and should be operational soon. The initial delay for the water fountains was due to contractor disputes. Because of this, fountains had to be installed during the school year, further complicating the process. If you have any questions you want leadership to relay to the school modernization board, contact student government ASB members or your class reps.

    Budget Transparency

    Winter Formal was a massive success. It took place at the Crystal Ballroom and made $7679.42 in profit. 

    Homecoming was a massive success. Mainly as a dance but also as a fundraiser. Here is a pie chart detailing revenue/profit/expenditures! 

    Club Funding

    The ASB and leadership are not directly in charge of club funding. Clubs are in charge of raising their own funds, whether it be through fundraisers or by requesting funds from the Booster Club.
    You can learn more about The Booster Club and how to request funding for your club here: www.ibwboosterclub.org  Leadership does help raise money for boosters, but we do not control the destination of the funds. If you want leadership's help, you can fill out the student government contact form near the top of the page. (We may not be able to help with every fundraiser.)