• Grading Policy
    PPS Grading Practices
    It is the teacher’s role to establish grading criteria and implement a policy that is clear and fair in accordance with district-approved policies and procedures. Grading practices need to be predetermined before the course is offered, written in the course syllabus and clearly communicated to parents and students. The following grading practices are to be used by PPS high school teachers, counselors and building administrators

    Grade Notations and Guidelines

    • A letter grade of A, B, C or D is passing and indicates a level of achievement.
    • Although a letter grade of D is figured into a student’s GPA (D=1 point) a letter grade of D may indicate that the student has not demonstrated adequate proficiency to move onto the next level. For further information see Wilson’s Forecast Guide on the website.

    Even though PPS grants credit for a letter grade of D, a student earning a D in any core class may not be admitted into the Oregon University System.

    • A grade of F or WF (Withdraw/Fail) indicates that performance in a class was not at a level deserving credit towards graduation. An F/WF grade is averaged into a student’s cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).


    • A notation of Incomplete (I) indicates that the student did not complete enough work or did not meet minimum course requirements to master the content and earn credit.   No credit is earned and an Incomplete does not affect the GPA.
    • An Incomplete notation requires administrative approval, should be used rarely and must be accompanied by a written plan and timeline for requirements to complete the course and obtain a passing grade.
    • In the event of extenuating circumstances, if an Incomplete is approved, then the student may have the option to contact the teacher and complete the work to achieve a final grade.
    • The student has a maximum of 6 weeks from the date a grade is issued to contact the teacher, complete the work and obtain a grade.
    • A detailed, written plan will be provided in order to ensure that the student understands the requirements needed to obtain a grade to replace the notation of Incomplete on the transcript.
    • If an Incomplete is given in June, at the end of the school year, the 6-week period to meet requirements to obtain a replacement grade begins in the fall, with the first week of school.

    Pass/No Pass
    Note: Courses required for graduation are NOT subject to the Pass/No Pass option.

    In a few selected courses, or under special circumstances, students may choose within the first three weeks of each semester to take a course on a Pass/No Pass basis.  The Pass/No Pass Option is identified for courses in their course syllabus.  The building administrator, teacher, student and parent need to sign off and approve choosing a Pass/No Pass grade option. Pass/No Pass forms can be found in the Counseling Office.

    After the first three weeks of each semester and under extenuating circumstances, only a building administrator can initiate a Pass/No Pass option.

    The Pass/No Pass Process or Option is:

    • Predetermined by the teacher as an option before the course is established
    • Clearly communicated in writing to students and families
    • Chosen by a student as a grading option within the first three weeks of the semester/the first two weeks of the trimester/the first seven days of the quarter
    • To receive a Pass, a student must meet minimum course requirements at a letter grade “C” level or higher.
    • A letter grade “D” does not qualify as a Pass.
    • A grade of P (Pass) is NOT calculated in the student’s GPA.

    Guidelines for Using Notations WF/WN/WX
    At the beginning of the fourth week of the semester, if a student withdraws from a class s/he will receive one of the following notations on the transcript:

    • (WF) Withdraw Fail: Student withdraws and is not passing the course at the time of withdrawal or the student withdraws from a course after the three-week deadline of the semester/two-week deadline of the trimester/seventh day deadline of the quarter.   A WF is factored into the student’s GPA.
    • (WN) Withdraw No Pass: Student withdraws in a Pass/No Pass system and is not passing the course at the time of withdrawal.   A WN is not factored into the student’s GPA.
    • (WX) Withdraw No Grade: A WX notation is given only in rare and unusual circumstances, (i.e., those which are out of the control of the student such as extended illness, death of a family member, etc.) and must be approved by the building administrator.  In each extenuating circumstance, written documentation such as: grades, attendance, evidence of extenuating circumstances and record of a parent/teacher/ counselor/student administrator meeting will be kept on file.   A WX is not factored into the student’s GPA.
    • Three weeks prior to the end of the semester, if a student withdraws, an “F” is recorded on the transcript. No exceptions.

    Grade Changes

    • Please find a grade change form in the counseling office.
    • If a student requests a grade change, written documentation including the building administrator’s signature will be kept on file. The documentation will go directly to the data clerk for a grade change.
    • Only a data clerk may enter a grade change into eSIS.