• Lockers

    Lockers, desks and other storage areas assigned to a particular student remain in the possession and control of the school when they are made available or assigned for student use. Students may use lockers for the limited purpose of temporarily keeping items needed by the student to participate in school instruction and activities only.  No other purpose is permitted. Lockers provide security only when they are NOT SHARED and the combination is NOT GIVEN to anyone else. Valuables and large sums of money should not be kept in your locker at any time.  Wilson High School is not responsible for lost or stolen items from lockers including P.E. lockers.

    Students shall expect that lockers will be checked by the school from time to time without prior notice to assure that they are not being used for any unauthorized purpose. Prohibited items will be removed and held by the school and shall only be released to the student’s parents. Contraband will be destroyed or held for School Police and stolen items will be returned to the owner or the police.

    Remember that food stored in lockers must be fresh and tightly packaged and that expensive items invite theft and are discouraged. From time to time, the principal may set aside a time period during which all students shall clean their assigned lockers.

    For more information, please refer to the District Guide to Student Responsibilities, Rights and Discipline.