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  • The Portland Public Schools Tier III Support Team (Rapid Response) is a component of the Multi-tiered Systems of Support Department (MTSS). 

    The objective(s) of this team are to:

    • Create a culturally responsive and trauma-informed action plan for the referred student
    • Model and coach (for/with) school staff on the implementation of the Action Plan.
    • Increase the capacity and confidence of school teams to sustainably replicate Tier III strategies, tools, and interventions for any student in their school community.

New!! Office Hours Monday 10-11 and Friday 9-10

  • Consultation on topics include: Tier II and III Behaviors Supports FBA (Functional Behavioral Assessment)/BSP (Behavioral Support Plan) and Rapid Response Team

  • Staffed by: MTSS TOSA Team, RRT Team, Counselor on Special Assignment Team, School Psychologist on Special Assignment Team

Requirements Before Submitting a Referral

  • 1. All team members (Teacher, Principal, AP, Counselor, etc.) are aware and agree that a referral to the Rapid Response Team is necessary and agree to actively participate in the process. This can include: observations in the classroom, coaching, implementing interventions and strategies, and attending multiple meetings.

  • 2. Your Senior Director of Schools has been notified.

  • 3. The student's caregiver has been made aware of the school's concerns and knows that their student is being referred to the Rapid Response Team.

  • 4. The caregiver has signed the consent form for RRT to be involved OR has been given the consent form and is still in the process of considering giving their consent.

  • Please note: IF the student who demonstrates high risk behaviors has been found eligible for Special Education and has an implemented IEP, please do NOT refer to the Tier III Rapid Response Team but instead contact your designated Special Education staff. The Special Education Department will be the team's point of contact and the Tier III Rapid Response Team may be engaged by SpEd as a thought partner.  See FAQ below for more details regarding this.


  • Step 1: School Administrator or appointed staff completes the Tier III Support Team (Rapid Response) Referral Form

  • Step 2: The Tier III team (RRT) will set up an initial (virtual) meeting with the school team

  • Step 3: Tier III/RRT will schedule observations, data collection etc. with school team

  • Step 4: DRAFT Action Plan/Consultation Report reviewed with relevant staff

  • Step 5: Action items implemented and Action Plan Meeting #2 scheduled approximately 2 weeks after implementation of plan

  • Step 6: REFINED Action items implemented and Action Plan meeting #3 scheduled approximately 2 weeks after implementation

  • Step 7: Case closure as indicated, with mutual agreement that Tier III/RRT has fulfilled its duties as agreed upon in the Action Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there other Tier III supports a school team can access (aside from contacting RRT)?

  • Should I call the Tier III Support Services (RRT) Team if a student or staff member is at imminent risk of harm?

  • Does RRT serve students identified for Special Education Services?

  • What type of behaviors or situations does RRT typically help to address?

  • Can RRT provide 1:1 support for a student?

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