• PK-5 Core Academics

    Students sitting on floor Now more than ever, we are at a pivotal point where we must rise up to change the status quo for our Black, Brown and Native students. They deserve this, they need this. We are educators committed to interrupting the existing educational inequities and focusing on dismantling the status quo.  We strive to meet our promise of the graduate portrait for our Black, Brown, and Native students.  As we rethink what it looks like to support student success, we make decisions that are reflective of our PPS Theory of Action focused on Black and Native students. 


Emily Glasgow
Senior Director PK-5 Core Academic Programs
Patrice Woods
Director K-5 Mathematics & Science
Melissa Schachner
Director K-5 Language Arts & Social Studies
Diana Kruger
Program Administrator K-5 Social Studies
Rachel Larsen
Business Operations Analyst K-5 Academics
Dianne Robb
Administrative Assistant K-5 & 6-8 Academics