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    Students sitting on floor Now more than ever, we are at a pivotal point where we must rise up to change the status quo for our Black, Brown and Native students. They deserve this, they need this. We are educators committed to interrupting the existing educational inequities and focusing on dismantling the status quo.  As we move into 2020-21, we strive to meet our promise of the graduate portrait for our Black, Brown, and Native students.  As we rethink what it looks like to support student success, we made a few decisions that are reflective of our PPS Theory of Action focused on Black and Native students. 

    Integrating Language Arts and Social Sciences  

    We are integrating language arts and social sciences in K-5 and adding the language practices needed to attend to the linguistic needs of multilingual learners. Integrating language arts and social sciences can lead to powerful gains for kids. It is vital that as a Humanities department we are creating opportunities that are reflective of PPS reimagined portrait of a student. Our graduate portrait includes attributes needed to prepare students to understand, confront, and change a global social environment that includes racial injustice and systems that perpetuate oppression.  One of those attribute is being an Influential and Informed Global Steward.  Students are prepared to live and work in a global environment, through strong multilingual and multicultural learning opportunities and experiences that begin in early education/prekindergarten. They understand world history from multiple perspectives. They are fluent in more than one language, and they value cultural and linguistic diversity. As global change agents, they are responsible stewards of the environment and knowledgeable about climate justice issues. Decisions were made about the integration in K-5 to ensure that the core curriculum is reflective of our vision, graduate portrait and theory of action.


    K-5 PPS Curriculum

    All core curriculum is housed in the Atlas Rubicon curriculum management system. You can find PPS priority & supporting standards, big ideas, and units in Atlas by visiting the link below:

    PPS and Family and Community Curriculum Site


    PPS Instructional Resources (Students access curriculum resources through My.PPS):


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Diana Kruger
Academic Program Administrator
K-5 Foundational Skills