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Reconnection Center

  • Flyer for Reconnection CenterLocated at Kenton School, the Reconnection Center is a part-time transitional program for high school students who have been disconnected from school. Students come to the Reconnections Center through a team decision with their Outreach Coordinator and parent or guardian. The Reconnection Center teaches academic, social-emotional and non-cognitive skills through culturally-responsive instruction, project-based learning, and healing-centered engagement.

    At the Center, students learn in a small 1:1 learning environment with teachers and wrap-around support staff including social workers and school counselors. Students set academic and personal goals when they enter the Reconnection Center, and then work towards their goals with their teacher and support team. Students are offered three courses; English, Math and an elective course, with the opportunity to take a full schedule by taking additional classes with Alliance at Kenton Students. 

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Reconnection Services
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