PPS Successful Schools’ Student Service Provider Framework

  • Student Service Provider Framework
    Many professionals within a school help to support students’ social and emotional wellbeing, mental health, and success at all tiers. This includes school counselors, general education-funded school psychologists, school social workers, school nurses, other specialized instructional support personnel, and community partners.

    The PPS Successful Schools' Student Service Provider Framework is a resource to guide PPS building administrators and student service providers in thinking about the skills and competency that different groups of general education funded student support staff bring to school communities to assist in organizing teams to effectively deliver service across tiers.

  • Planning Effective Student Services Across Tiers

    The Student Service Provider Worksheet can be used by school teams and their leadership to clarify roles and responsibilities for Tier I, II, and III SEL work within the school. See example worksheet (Middle School/High School), (Elementary School)

    1. First, teams should conduct a needs assessment (e.g. Student Services Needs Assessment Data Review Protocol) including a review of existing data (e.g. Successful Schools Survey, FIT, CR-TFI) to identify student and family strengths and needs.  This work may also be captured through the School Improvement Plan or other processes. A team may choose to reference the following resources for service examples, Student Service Providers (SSP) MTSS Roles and Responsibilities and Role of Student Service Provider Alignment with FIT & TFI    
    2. Next, teams should identify general education-funded staffing resources to provide services to meet these needs.   
    3. Last, it is recommended that teams review this process and update the worksheet annually each fall to review the impact of services on student outcomes and to identify gaps in meeting student and family needs.   

    OSA (On Special Assignment) Support- The OSA team is the first point of contact with questions regarding the SSP Framework. OSA's are available to meet with school teams and support planning and role clarity with SSP building teams.

    Michelle Harrison, LCSW, EdS.
    School Social Worker on Special Assignment

    Melissa Toren Hrin, M.A.
    K-5 COSA

    Katie Loewen
    MS COSA/504 District Support

    Kristin Irwin
    School Psychologist on Special Assignment

    Amy Gervais



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