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  •  "Assessment is most productive when its purpose is for learning."  

    - Rick Stiggins


    Assessment of student learning is an integral part of the teaching and learning cycle. This website was one of the recommendations made by the Assessment Advisory Council to support communication about assessment with families around assessment in our District.


    About Assessment

    The purpose of the Assessment pages is to provide accurate and updated information to families about the assessments in Portland Public Schools.

    Quality assessment for learning helps both educators and their students know where students are in their learning progression and determine where they need to go next.  Used appropriately, it is a key strategy to close the achievement gap. 

    The PPS Quality Assessment Framework includes guidelines and principles that can effectively support the achievement of each student.


    Two departments oversee assessment:



    System Planning & Performance  


     Visit the SPP page for information about how assessments are administered and for reports on student achievement.The department of System Planning & Performance (SPP) administers districtwide testing programs, including statewide assessments, English proficiency tests for English language learners, and other tests used by a large number of schools (such as the PSAT).

    This department also prepares reports of test results and other data and conducts program evaluations. Visit their site to learn more about how tests are administered and for reports on test results.