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    Portland Public Schools is tapping the collective wisdom of our Black Community to embark on the development of a historic plan that centers Black students, unifies and elevates the Black educational experience, and improves outcomes for Black students. This endeavor is a manifestation of our values: PPS has been transparent about the effects of racism and under-investment on impacted Black students and predominantly Black-serving schools. This Community-led effort fulfills promises to voters – while addressing longstanding racial disparities in our school system.

    The project team will post news, announcements and project updates on site.


    Project Deliverables

  • CBSE as a Redesign of the System

  • CBSE as a Place

  • CBSE as an Approach

  • CBSE Vision

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the community get to decide what happens next?

  • What is the Innovation Studio? How is it different from PPS?

  • I thought there was going to be a campus of programs and institutions devoted to the community?

  • Why do you refer to the Harriet Tubman Middle School (HTMS) relocation and Jefferson High School Modernization?

  • Why can’t you just stop the widening of Interstate 5?

  • Why do Black Students need so much special attention?

  • How will the community engagement process for the CBSE influence the Tubman and Jefferson projects?

  • What’s the History behind CBSE?

  • What can we expect from CBSE?

  • What is the status of the Center for Black Student Excellence (CBSE) and how will it relate to the Jefferson project?

  • Will the site selection process for Harriet Tubman Middle School (HTMS) affect the Jefferson project?

  • Could you share more information on the plans to potentially include a new Tubman middle school on the Jefferson property in conjunction with the Jefferson Modernization project?

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