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Early Learners Department

Early Learners Department

Early Learners thrive...

  • In PPS, the term Early Learners includes students in preschool (age 3) through entry to 3rd grade (age 8). The PPS P-3 vision is to provide high-quality and aligned experiences for students and families in these foundational years of learning.


    When social-emotional teaching and learning are explicitly and authentically integrated and modeled throughout the day-fostering self and community-care and positive relationship-building.

    In learning environments in which their linguistic, cultural, racial, and self-identities are seen, heard, and affirmed--and in which they are engaged in authentic experiences with a wide range of languages, cultures, races, and identities. 

    When educators demonstrate cultural humility and partner with families to understand the home assets, values, cultures, and experiences that shape their children's approaches to learning.

    When educators understand and embrace neuro diverse learning systems and disability, see each child's best self, honor each learner where they are, collaborate to support development, and provide multiple access points to allow all students to engage in meaningful learning.

    In connected and supportive communities of family, friends, and educators.

    When provided meaningful learning experiences that promote development in:

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Speaking
    • Listening
    • Story-Telling
    • Problem-Solving
    • Well-Being
    • Reflection

    * all in the context of real-life applications

    In dynamic, joyful, safe, and predictable spaces that embrace:

    • Play
    • Creativitiy
    • Exploration
    • Social Interaction
    • Choice
    • Movement

    Our work includes:

    • Supporting the district with the development and alignment of our Pre-K to 3rd grade (P-3) programs;
    • Overseeing and supporting PPS Pre-Kindergarten and Head Start programs;
    • Supporting families, students, and educators into and through the transition to Kindergarten; and
    • Supporting the ongoing development of high-quality Kindergarten programming.


    In all of our work, we are driven by our Early Learners Department Core Values.

Early Learners thrive...

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Emliy Glasgow
Sr. Director, PK-5 Academics
Director, Early Learners
Katrina Edwards
Academic Programs Administrator
503-916-2000 x72173
Laura Hernandez
Pre-K Programs Manager
Teresa Taylor
Business Operations Analyst
Zara Tenney
Admin. Assistant, Early Learners
Alessandro Williams
Admin. Assistant, Pre-K Programs
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