District-Wide Parent/Family Advisory Committees

  • Special Education Advisory Council (SPEAC)
    Contact: Noelle Sisk 
    Phone: 503-916-3723
    E-mail: nsisk@pps.net


    SPEAC is a council for parents of special education students. Its function is to review current issues and events in the SPED community, discuss and come up with an action plan before conferring with the Director of Special Education regarding policies, procedures and practices. The Council also organizes issues of priority to advise the School Board. Collaborating to promote the understanding, respect, support and inclusion of children receiving special education services in the Portland Public School District.

    SPEAC membership represents the broad array of families and disabilities in special education. The majority of Council members are family members of special education students. Council members are appointed by the Special Education Director. 

    For more information on meetings, events and advocacy support please contact the Special Education Family and Community Coordinator, Noelle Sisk at nsisk@pps.net or call 503-916-3723.

    Parent Educator Connections is an additional group and has meetings throughout the school year. Please join us for informational evenings provided to support parents in having positive engagement with their school! 

    The English Language Learner Advisory Council

    Contact: Francisco Garcia
    Phone: 503-916-3097
    E-mail: fgarcia@pps.net


    The ELL Advisory Council is a team of parents and community stakeholders who meet quarterly to evaluate the services in place for Emergent Bilingual students (EBs) at Portland Public Schools. The Council works directly with ESL Department administrators and teachers to examine District policies and procedures, develop and sustain communication channels, and make recommendations on how to best help EBs and their families engage with the school system.

    ELL Advisory Council Meeting dates:


    Meetings are open to all EB parents and to the public. A light meal and childcare are provided. To RSVP or for more information, please contact: Francisco Garcia, 503-916-3097

    ESL Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

    Contact: Vân Truong
    Phone: 503-916-5646
    E-mail: vtruong@pps.net

    The ESL Parent Advisory Council (PAC) evaluates the services in place at schools to help better serve parents of English Language Learners. The council advises the School Board and necessary stakeholders of the policies and procedures. The council reviews and makes recommendations that help parents become better informed about the school system, including ways in which they can support their children’s learning. They discuss ways to improve communication between schools and parents. The ESL Parent Advisory Council meets monthly during each school calendar year. The meetings are open to the public, if you plan to attend, please e-mail Vân Truong at vtruong@pps.net.

    TAG Advisory Council

    Ms. Scholle McFarland
    Phone: 503-916-3358
    E-mail: scholle.tagac@gmail.com


    TAG Advisory Council reviews aspects of PPS Talented & Gifted services. The council makes recommendations with respect to services for talented and gifted children. Parents try to attend from each cluster and building-type (K-8, middle- and high school) meets 5 times per year on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the Mazama Conference Room- L2.

    District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC) – Title I-A


    The District Parent Advisory Council is a group of parent volunteers from Title I Portland Public Schools’ pre-schools, elementary, middle, and high schools. DPAC serves as a powerful catalyst of communication between the Title I Programs, individual schools, and parent representatives.

    The District Parent Advisory Council is the main source of information and opinion on matters relating to the schools. The DPAC members enhance parent capacity at their home schools by playing an advisory role in setting district-wide Title I policy and programs. To support parents in this role, DPAC members have the opportunity to invite guest speakers or attend workshops and trainings relating to the needs of children.

    DPAC meets monthly on every third Wednesday from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the Windows Cafeteria at the district office, 501 N. Dixon Street. A buffet dinner is served at 6:00 p.m. and childcare is provided. Creative games and crafts are available for children between the ages of two and ten years of age.

    District Parent Involvement Committee (DPIC)

    Abdi Jamac 
    Phone: 503-916-3087
    E-mail: ajamac@pps.net


    The District Parent Involvement Committee advises the district on parent and family involvement/engagement activities and provides input to the districts vision for family engagement. DPIC will provide input to the district’s development and evaluation of Parental and Family Involvement Plan. DPIC, in conjunction with Manager of Family and Community Support and other key staff, will develop a plan that outlines the DPIC’s role in achieving these objectives. The DPIC meetings are the first Thursday of every month at the district central building, 501 N. Dixon Street.

    We are currently seeking a diverse group of parents to collaborate on the District Parent Involvement Advisory Committee.

    This committee will discuss ways to enhance parent engagement in PPS and will advise the district on appropriate and effective ways to engage families. The goal is to create collaborative partnerships between families and schools in a manner that is respectful and welcoming. Parent and guardian experiences, ideas, and suggestions are an important part of this effort.

    DPIC meets the first Thursday of every month for 2 hours at the district central building, 501 N. Dixon. A light dinner is served and childcare is provided. Creative games and crafts are available for children between the ages of two and twelve.

    Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on Enrollment and Transfer (SACET)

    Judy Brennan
    Phone: 503-916-2000 ext. 71168
    E-mail: jbrennan@pps.net


    The Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on Enrollment and Transfer is a committee of 14 volunteers from diverse backgrounds and Portland neighborhoods. SACET completed a major set of recommendations that resulted in transfer policy changes adopted by the School Board last year.  The committee is not in session this year, but will be convened as needed. 

    SACET responds to requests from the Superintendent to explore both the policies and practice around school choice, enrollment and transfer, and suggest changes that will increase equity of access and achievement for students. The committee has been a critical sounding-board for Superintendent Smith as she considered changes to the high school system, and has produced several reports to support this initiative. While the committee does not decide the issues, its members shape the superintendent’s actions and recommendations to the School Board.

    Committee members should represent distinct and diverse perspectives and experiences, but must share a common commitment to consider the district-wide impact of enrollment and transfer policies and practices.  Member terms cover two academic years.  Members can be reappointed by the Superintendent.

    Migrant Parent Advisory Council (MPAC) – Title I-C

    Elena Collazo Santiago
    Phone: 971-347-5923
    E-mail: collazosantiag@pps.net


    Migrant eligible parents from throughout Portland Public Schools are represented on the Migrant Parent Advisory Council (MPAC).  The council reviews and evaluates the Migrant Education regular, pre-school and summer grant applications, participates in trainings to become effective leaders in our schools, host presentations that meet the needs of the community, provide student workshops, identifies specific social and health needs to eligible families that the project addresses and nominates a representative to the state of Oregon MPAC. 

    Monthly morning and afternoon meetings during each school year. For more details, please email Elena Collazo Santiago, ecollazosantiag@pps.net

    District-wide Boundary Review Advisory Committee (D-BRAC)

    Judy Brennan
    Phone: 503-916-2000 ext. 71168
    E-mail: jbrennan@pps.net


    The District-wide Boundary Review Advisory Committee (D-BRAC) was formed in November 2014 to advise the superintendent on boundary change issues.  The committee’s charge was expanded to include advice on grade configuration and other ways to balance enrollment between schools.

    Currently there are 25 seats on D-BRAC, filled by a mix of representatives from partner organizations such as Portland Council of PTA and the Coalition of Communities of Color, as well as staff from several PPS departments.  Meetings are held during weeknights and sometimes on Saturdays and range from 2-4 times per month.  During times when enrollment balancing proposals are under consideration, committee members may also be expected to attend community input sessions.  Member appointments may last for more than one school year.