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    Reconnection Services connects youth with alternative educational options. We believe all young people can rise above seemingly insurmountable obstacles to learn, to excel in school, and to ultimately graduate. We work to restore their hope in the institution of education and reimagine themselves as worthy and capable of school success.

  • How it works

    Reconnection Services’ Outreach Coordinators reach out to over 1,000 Portland Public School middle and high school students each year who have left, or are at-risk of leaving, school early without a diploma. For those interested in exploring educational options and getting back into school, an education plan is put into place and a relationship is established with one of our Outreach Coordinators. Together, transcripts are reviewed, along with personal barriers and educational goals, to ensure the best possible school fit.

    Our Schools


    If you are interested in exploring the educational options available at PPS in the fall or if would like to recommend a student, please check back on August 5th for an active referral link.


    Continued Support

    Once a student is re-enrolled, Reconnection Services’ Outreach Coordinators continue to provide support through ongoing case management and connection to community resources that reduce barriers and boost a student’s chance to graduate from school.

  • Principles

    Restore. Reimagine. Reconnect.

    We develop individualized solutions for disengaged youth through a creative team approach.

    We build genuine long lasting relationships with youth.

    We connect youth with community resources and that maximize their potential to be successful in school.

  • 2018-19 Impact

  • 549 students re-enrolled or maintained enrollment in school
  • 81% re-enrolled students stayed in school or graduated by the end of the school year
  • 1,339 youth were part of Reconnection Services’ caseload
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Reconnection Services
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