Portland International Scholars Academy
  • Our Mission:

    PISA is a multicultural language-focused learning community that promotes social, emotional and academic growth. We prepare diverse Newcomer students to pursue their future goals with confidence.

    At Portland International Scholars Academy:

    • We invest in inclusive quality instruction that honors students' racial, cultural and linguistic assets.
    • We prepare every Emergent Bilingual to be ready to succeed in our schools and thrive in our community.
      Program Focus
    • Empower students to become leaders while providing
      • a safe and supportive learning community
      • content classes that incorporate a language focus in every lesson
      • an orientation to the US educational system
      • meaningful differentiated access to rigorous academic content and foundational educational skills.


    • learn content and language skills simultaneously
    • work towards attaining content credit
    • progress in their language attainment, with a goal of exiting PISA within one year.

    Program Length

    • Typically students remain at PISA for up to one year, depending upon student need.
    • Students will be counseled on how to succesfully transition to their neighborhood high school.

    PISA Class Schedules

    • Every student at PISA has a full schedule of classes at the Benson High School campus.
    • In addition to English Language Development class, PISA students undergo integrated English language development in a full range of class subjects, including math, language arts, social studies and science. All classes are taught in English. Some native language support may be provided.

    Transportation to PISA

    • PISA students are provided free city transportation services afforded to all PPS high school students.


    • Student has been enrolled in a US school less than two years
    • Student scores Emerging on ELPA21 Screener.
    • Student is eligible for high school.
    • Students entering 11th or 12th grade will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
    • PISA students are placed in a grade level based on birthdate; however, courses are assigned based on educational needs and graduation requirements.
      *PISA will partner with neighborhood schools and outside organizations when PISA is not the best option for students.

For more information

  • For class and enrollment information, contact:

    Laura Pierce-Cummings
    (503) 916-5252
    ESL Department
    (503) 916-6525

PISA Brochures

  • Download our brochure:

    • English
    • Chinese - pending
    • Russian - pending
    • Somali - pending
    • Spanish - pending
    • Vietnamese - pending