Portland International Scholars Academy
  • Fall 2020: School Will Be Online Until At Least November 5

    Following guidance from health officials and Gov. Kate Brown, PPS will start the fall semester online. More information


     For enrollment information, please contact:

    Laura Pierce Cummings

    PISA Administrator




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  • Our Vision:

    Confidence in language -  Love of Learning -  Every journey valued


    Our Mission:

    PISA is a multicultural language-focused learning community that promotes social, emotional and academic growth. We prepare diverse Newcomer students to pursue their future goals with confidence.


    Наша миссия: PISA - это многокультурное учебное сообщество, ориентированное на язык, которое способствует социальному, эмоциональному и академическому росту. Мы подготавливаем разнообразных новоприбывших учащихся с уверенностью преследовать свои будущие цели.


    Nuestra misión: PISA es una comunidad multicultural de aprendizaje con enfoque en los idiomas que promueve el crecimiento social, emocional y académico. Preparamos a los diversos nuevos alumnos para lograr sus futuros objetivos con confianza.


    Nhiệm vụ của chúng tôi: PISA là một cộng đồng học tập ngôn ngữ đa văn hóa thúc đẩy sự tăng trưởng xã hội, cảm xúc và học tập. Chúng tôi chuẩn bị các học sinh mới đến để theo đuổi mục tiêu tương lai của họ một cách tự tin.


    我们的使命:波特兰国际学者学院 (PISA)是一个多元文化的语言学习社区,促进社会,情感和学术成长。 我们为不同的新移民学生做好准,充满信心地追求未来的目标。


    At Portland International Scholars Academy:

    • We invest in inclusive quality instruction that honors students' racial, cultural and linguistic assets.
    • We prepare every Emergent Bilingual to be ready to succeed in our schools and thrive in our community.
      Program Focus
    • Empower students to become leaders while providing
      • a safe and supportive learning community
      • content classes that incorporate a language focus in every lesson
      • an orientation to the US educational system
      • meaningful differentiated access to rigorous academic content and foundational educational skills.

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