Strategic Project Management Office (SPMO)

  • The Strategic Project Management Office (SPMO) strives to deliver high-quality projects that directly support PPS students, community and staff in achieving our Vision, PPS reImagined and Strategic Plan, Forward Together.  


    • We provide support and expertise to lead district-level projects and initiatives that are aligned to our highest impact strategies

    • We build capacity across PPS in Change Management and Project Management through professional development, tailored methodologies for PPS, and offering project consultations. 

    • We help teams develop plans to ensure projects are set up for successful execution


    If you have a request for support, would like a consultation, or are interested in professional development, please complete this  interest form and an SPMO team member will contact you within three business days. 


Hannah Witt
Senior Project Manager
Habacuc Jara
Project Manager II
Megan Salvador
Project Coordinator II
Darryl Kelley
Project Coordinator II
  • Why does PPS need a Project Management Office?

  • How can I request support from the SPMO?