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Funded Programs

Funded Programs

  • The mission of the Portland Public Schools Funded Programs is to provide additional educational supports, advocacy, and connection to resources, thus empowering our historically underserved students and families to address the opportunity gap.  

    The PPS Funded Programs Department is responsible for all of the Federal “categorical” dollars allocated by the Oregon Department of Education.  In our system, this means all of the “Title” programs, the most well known being Title I. These funds are intended to supplement instructional efforts of a school district and should never “supplant" the core instruction.   Federal Title funding is also intended to provide extra educational services to support students who are historically underserved. This includes English Learners, Native or Migrant students,  students who are living in poverty, neglected and delinquent, and/or students experiencing homelessness.


    Funded Programs include the following:

    • Title I-A - Support for students and families in poverty
    • Title I-C - Support for our children and families who do migrant work
    • Title I-D - Support for our children who are neglected and delinquent
    • Title II-A - Support for ensuring educator effectiveness for our historically underserved students
    • Title IV-A - Support for providing a well rounded education for all students
    • Title VI - Support for our Native students who are enrolled in a federally recognized tribe
    • Title IX - McKinney-Vento-Support for children experiencing homelessness


    Because these funds are intended to supplement core efforts, our Funded Programs Department works across Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL), Office of School Performance (OSP) and Office of School Support Services (OSSS)  to ensure key priorities are supported and bolstered within the federal guidelines.


    With the exception of our Title I-C Migrant dollars, our Title allocations have been in decline for the past 5 years due to the the U.S. Census Bureau's Small Area Income and Poverty Estimate (SAIPE) numbers reported annually.  The SAIPE program provides annual estimates of income and poverty statistics for all school districts, and counties, which determines “eligible children” for several of the allocations.


    The new allocations for 2019-2020 are expected to be similar to the 2018-2019 school year.  The Title I-A allocation is based upon four formulas, Basic Grants, Concentration Grants, Targeted Grants and EFIG.

    • The decrease in poverty numbers reported in the SAIPE census has been significant and we can predict overall lower Title I-A, Title II-A, Title I-D and Title IV-A allocations to PPS over the next several years.  
    • The decreasing number of English Language Learners and Native students living in PPS will result in reduced Title III and Title VI allocations.


    All targeted allocations are used to support PPS students as outlined in the statute.  Our current supplementary efforts include:

    • Increase direct Title I-A School Allocations
    • Continue support our Early Learning efforts
      • Sustained funding for our Head Start, Pre-K and Preschool Promise classrooms
      • Sustained support to our Title I School Kindergarten classes
    • Continued District and School Improvement Support
    • Increase academic outcomes for our English Language Learners, Native students, Migrant students, Homeless students, Neglected and Delinquent students and our students living in poverty.


    These programs, due to the requirements of state and federal oversight, are regularly monitored by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE).


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Senior Director of Funded Programs & Early Learning
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