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  • “A graduate of PPS will be a compassionate critical thinker, able to collaborate and solve problems, and be prepared to lead a more socially just world.” Community Agents are active participants in realizing PPS’ vision by providing direct services that support the collaboration between PPS staff and families. 

  • Our Core Values 

    1. We put students at the forefront of everything that we do. Our mission is to support their success now and in the future, and empower them to be active members of the evolving societies in which they live.
    2. We build relationships. We cultivate meaningful, trusting connections with educators and families in service of bridging the gaps. We use multilingual skills and cultural expertise to enrich our classrooms with appreciation and inclusivity.
    3. We believe in respect for our diverse students and their families. We aim to disrupt the blending-in concept and construct a strong, colorful mosaic of cultures and languages. We value our students’ lived experiences and strive to enhance their educational journey at PPS.
    4. We are a diverse workforce. We reflect the diversity of our students and communities, and inspire a culture of learning and growth. We educate our educators for the purpose of ensuring an equitable and compassionate education for all students. 

    Our Services

    Community Agents (CAs) are bridgers of communication and builders of relationships. We aim to facilitate communication between school staff and multilingual families, encourage collaboration between educators and parents/guardians, and to support engagement efforts through brokering an authentic, cultural exchange. Our goal is to inspire the Graduate Portrait in every student, and help educators and parents/guardians be effective partners in their student’s education. 

    Community agents services include and are not limited to: 

    • Acting as a liaison between school staff and parents/guardians
    • Engaging families and elevating multilingual/multicultural voices 
    • Highlighting cultural nuances that enhance the experience of a student during their educational journey at PPS
    • Facilitating parent-teacher meetings and communication
    • Interpreting/translating brief, direct communication from school regarding school events and initiatives
    • Advocating for families as they navigate the school system
    • Assisting multilingual families to fill out forms and understand district processes
    • Support the most vulnerable students and families with available resources from PPS and partner organizations
    • Placing multiple calls to multilingual families during district-initiated outreach efforts
    • Support various district projects (surveys, parent academy, parent-teacher conferences, summer programs, etc.)

    Who needs a Community Agent?

    • Teachers educating students of diverse backgrounds
    • School counselors supporting students of all abilities and needs
    • School nurses supporting multilingual students and families
    • Principals and office staff when communicating with parents/guardians
    • District staff when planning outreach efforts to multilingual communities
    • Parents/guardians of PPS students who need information/guidance 
    • Special Education teachers when providing supports to students
    • School staff and parents collaborating in IEP-related meetings
    • Partner organizations serving PPS students in before, during, and after school programs



Mirna Ghamrawi
Community Agents Supervisor
Olga Filinova
Community Agent – Russian
Nelson Perez
Community Agent – Spanish
Sarkawt Sabir
Community Agent – Arabic