• Discrimination or Harassment during PPS-HD (School Closure)

    Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 protects PPS students, staff and third-parties regardless of school closure,  distance learning, or other modification to the educational environment, from all forms of discrimination and harassment, regardless of where the harassment occurs (off-campus, online).

    For the duration of PPS-HD, our focus is on ensuring online student/community safety and modeling safe, healthy relationships. We will continue to respond promptly to every Title IX report. 

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Title IX

  • Click here to go to directly to resources for: PPS students/parents or PPS staff

    If you are in imminent danger, have recently been harmed and/or are in need of medical attention, call 911 immediately.


    Click here for a printable list of advocacy/crisis resources

    Portland Public Schools is dedicated to ensuring that all allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault are investigated thoroughly. The health and safety of the school community is of paramount importance to us; if you have been harmed or know of an incident of discrimination or harassment at school, please contact Dr. Liane O'Banion, the District’s Title IX Director, immediately at 503-916-3025, lobanion@pps.net or submit a concern here.

    What is Title IX?

    Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, is a Federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender in any and all education programs and activities. Title IX keeps kids safe by reducing barriers to education, including prevention and response to all forms of gender-based discrimination and harassment.  

    Forms of gender-based discrimination under Title IX:

    • Sexual or dating violence (including stalking)
    • Sexual harassment 
    • Bullying based on perceived gender-identity or sexual orientation
    • Transmission of sexual images as a means of threat, coercion or intimidation and/or cyberbullying
    • Discrimination based on pregnancy or parenting status
    • Unequal access to athletic or education programs, benefits or facilities

    Reports or concerns regarding any member of the PPS community (students, staff, etc.) can be sent directly to PPS Report a Title IX Concern or Safe Oregon. *Note: all complaints made to the Safe Oregon tip line are cross reported to DHS, Portland Police and Portland Public Schools as necessary.

    You may also submit a complaint to the Oregon Department of Education.

    These Resource Links Offer Comprehensive Information:


    PPS Board Polices related to Title IX

    Board Policies and Aministrative Directives Defined
    Policies (P): A district rule or guideline, either new or revised, that has been passed by a Board vote.
    Administrative Directives (AD): The procedural plan, created by the Superintendent and his staff, to implement a Board policy.

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