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Dyslexia and
Reading Intervention

Dyslexia and
Reading Intervention

  • Dyslexia and Reading Intervention Mission

    In Portland Public Schools, addressing and supporting reading difficulties and dyslexia is a district priority. We believe that Literacy is a Civil Right! 


    This site serves as a landing place for all resources that we utilize to ensure all students have their reading needs met, grades K-12. Here you will find content and resources for families and community members, students, and educators. Please see our team contact information or select "more help" if we can support you better in understanding how we are systemically shifting and prioritizing learning to read in PPS.

  • In 2019, PPS educator and community stakeholders came together to develop the PPS Dyslexia Priority Plan. This multi-year plan identifies a set of key actions we will take so we better serve our students with reading difficulties and disabilities. It is our program's "North Star" guiding the work we do every day in service to students. Please click the link below to access the plan.

    Dyslexia Priority Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Intro

  • How do we screen for learning difficulties including dyslexia?

  • What does it mean if my child is identified as high risk on the screener?

  • How can I support my child if they are struggling with reading and who should I contact with my concerns?

  • If my child is multilingual and/or in a dual language program and is struggling with reading, should I be concerned?

  • My student is no longer in Kindergarten, but I think they should be screened. Who should I contact?

  • What is dyslexia?

  • What causes dyslexia?

  • What are the effects of dyslexia?

  • What are the requirements of Dyslexia legislation - Senate Bill 1003 (ORS 326.726)?

  • How is Portland Public Schools in compliance with Senate Bill 1003?

Contact Information

Elizabeth Martin
Administrator for K-12 Dyslexia and Reading Intervention
Gretchen Ganey
TOSA - Instructional Coach K-5 Dyslexia/Reading Intervention
Katie Honeyman-Colvin
TOSA - Instructional Coach 6-12 Dyslexia/Reading Intervention