• Permitting of indoor facilities that was previously announced will be paused until February 4th 2022 at the earliest.

    We are now accepting permit requests for the use of our grounds and fields beginning December 6, 2021. Permits will require an approved Safety Plan, which will address the responsibilities of the permit holder for vaccination verification and contact tracing.  Principal approval will also be required and no building access will be allowed.

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  • Due to COVID-19, Terms and Conditions for rentals have changed and CUB permit holders have additional responsibilities. Please read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly and study all current public health guidelines as they apply to your activity. 

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  • Civic Use of Buildings (CUB)

    Welcome to the Portland Public Schools facilities reservation website.

    Individuals and community groups may schedule the use of PPS facilities during non-school hours by obtaining a permit through the Civic Use of Buildings (CUB) office. Facilities are available as school schedules permit and by permission of the school principal or site administrator. Requests must be submitted 15 working days prior to the first day of use and associated use fees paid in full. Firearms, alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and illegal drugs in any form are strictly prohibited in school buildings and on school grounds.



    How it works:

    1. To request/access a permit you will first need to make an online request by going to Reservation Request
      • No account creation or log-in is required. 
      • Click on “Request A Room” on the right hand side of the page under "Welcome, Guest". 
      • Fill in all boxes under "Date and Time" on the left hand side of the page and all boxes that are outlined in red and with an asterisk next to them on the right hand side of the page. Once all boxes are filled in please read and sign off on the Terms and Conditions to submit your request.
    2. Your request will be reviewed by CUB staff and forwarded to the school requested for approval. If there are questions or concerns about your request, CUB staff will contact the requester by email.
    3. If the school approves your request:
      • CUB staff will send an approval email to the requester. 
      • Final costs will be explained based on the nature of the request and site/space use.
      • An invoice will be issued to the email requester and must be paid in full prior to a permit being issued. An email attachment will also be included for “SchoolPay” where the invoice can be paid with a debit or credit card online.
      • If a request has NOT been approved by the school, we will contact the requester directly. If one would like to apply for a different school a new request must be made online for that new space/school. 



    Frequently used links: 


    Reservation Request

    PPS CUB Fees

    District School Map

    CUB Terms & Conditions  (Updated with COVID Terms 9-27-2021)



    Additional Information:


    Film and Photo Shoots:

    If you are interested in the use of a PPS Facility for a film or photo shoot please contact the CUB office by phone or email before making a request online. Depending on the nature of your film/photo shoot, additional details may need to be discussed before use is permitted.


    Depending on the nature of the rental, the district reserves the right to require proof of insurance coverage of $1,000,000 in combined single limits for bodily injury and property damage. All users must read and accept all Terms & Conditions of use prior to receiving a permit.

    Cancellations, no-use days: 

    District events and student activities take precedence and may result in no-use dates listed for on-going community rentals. Due to the nature of school activities, PPS reserves the right to cancel use without prior notice, although all attempts will be made to prevent cancellations.

    Staffing requirements: 

    Custodians are required to be on site for all hours during contracted activities and as required by the District for additional clean up and securing the building. Depending on the event, district security staff may also be required. During times when staff are on not on regular duty, hourly staffing fees are charged to the user to offset overtime expenses.

    Internet and Technology: 

    The Information Technology department conducts systems maintenance once a month over a weekend.  Please take these dates into consideration when scheduling events on Friday evenings and weekends in PPS facilities.  Internet access and other technology services may not be available on these dates.  To view their calendar, please visit the IT website at: https://www.pps.net/otis. If there are questions or concerns, or would like to discuss the possibility of IT support during your event, please have a PPS staff member contact the IT Service Desk at: support@pps.net or call 503-916-3375.



CUB Contacts

CUB Department Email
Devin Bookout
CUB Administrative Clerk
Patty Christiansen
CUB Administrative Clerk
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