Promoting events and activities in PPS schools

  • As of March 1, 2018, Portland Public Schools will discontinue the use of Peachjar, the online flyer distribution system we have been using since January 2016. We will still allow the distribution of materials for district-sponsored and governmental organizations, but will no longer facilitate distribution of materials for other organizations, which include all non-governmental organizations.

    If you have Peachjar credits that you are unable to use before March 1, please contact Allison Bennett at or (858) 997-2117 ext. 130. Organizations are eligible for a monetary refund less the 10% processing fee

    Portland Public Schools uses Peachjar, a system that allows the district and schools to send fliers digitally directly to families via email, to share events and activities from outside organizations.

    Peachjar efliers have many benefits. The new service will:

    • reduce paper and printing costs for schools, PTAs and the district.
    • decrease paper waste for parents.
    • decrease staff time spent printing and distributing fliers.
    • keep families well-informed of district and school events, and community enrichment opportunities, by sending efliers directly to parent and guardian emails.
    • decrease costs for community partners and organizations who wish to distribute fliers in our schools.
    • allow school and student organizations such as PTAs and boosters to distribute fliers electronically for free.

    To post a flier or other materials in PPS schools, organizations must submit a request by going through Peachjar at

    To meet the PPS Board Policy and Administrative Directive governing the distribution of materials, organization wishing to post fliers must:

    • Include a nondiscrimination statement in the materials. Groups should use their own statement — not the school district's. This statement is required even for nonprofits, PTAs, school booster clubs, individual school foundations and the Portland Schools Foundation.
    • Promote activities, events, classes or services designed for students; activities may also include families.
    • Promote activities, events, classes or services that take place in a PPS building, occur outside school hours and include only students in the building with the promotional materials. (These rules apply only to for-profit organizations.)
    • Conform to Board Policy 30.035-Pand Administrative Directive 3.30.038-AD.
    • If your eflier is denied, you can find the reason why in this pdf of frequent reasons for denial.

    The groups providing this information are not endorsed or sponsored by Portland Public Schools. District policy prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, color, creed, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex and sexual orientation. Board Policy 1.80.020. Not all outside groups comply with the district’s non-discrimination policy. Families are strongly encouraged to review all materials closely.


  • Lindsay Trapp
    Community Involvement & Public Affairs