Title IX


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    PPS Board Polices related to Title IX

    Board Policies and Administrative Directives Defined
    Policies (P): A district rule or guideline, either new or revised, that has been passed by a Board vote.
    Administrative Directives (AD): The procedural plan, created by the Superintendent and his staff, to implement a Board policy.


    Report gender-based discrimination, harassment, bullying or any incident under Title IX. Submitting a report does NOT mean a Title IX investigation will occur. Before anything happens, the Title IX investigator (Ms. Elizabeth Johnson) will contact you using the information you provide.  Ms. Johnson will share options for support and interventions, including a TIX investigation. She will explain the TIX process and answer your questions before notifying others or proceeding with an investigation. You are not committed to any particular path just because you submitted this report.report here

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