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Homeless Program

Homeless Program

McKinney-Vento Homeless Program

  • The McKinney-Vento Homeless Program serves all students who do not
    have a fixed, regular or adequate living situation. We need your
    help to identify these students!

    If you know of students and families who are:

    • Youth living on their own without a parent or legal guardian
    • Living in an RV, car, tent, or on the street
    • In a shelter or transitional housing
    • In a motel
    • Staying with relatives or friends because they lost their own housing
    • In inadequate conditions (not all utilities turned on, overcrowded, etc)
    • Living in a garage, basement, or other space not designed for sleeping
    • Couch surfing from place to place

    Contact your school liaison (to the right), the main office message line: 503-916-5770 or



Student Supplies

  • Services

    MV students and families may be eligible to receive the following supplies and services based on availability!

    School Supplies
    Hygiene Supplies
    Cap & Gown

    School Lunch
    Academic Support
    FAFSA Letter
    Tutorial Services

    After-school Programs
    Food Assistance
    Shelter Information
    Limited Housing &
    Energy Assistance


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Dr. Camedra Jefferson
Director McKinney-Vento Program
Casey Smith
Student Success Advocate -
Cohort for Roosevelt and Jefferson Schools
Marcela Butterfield
Student Success Advocate -
Cohort for Grant and Leodis V. McDaniels Schools
Jude Apodaca
Student Success Advocate -
Cohort for Cleveland, Franklin, Lincoln, and Ida B. Wells-Barnett Schools
Phoua Xiong
Student Success Advocate -
Cohort for Benson Schools