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Resolving Conflicts at Portland Public Schools

  • We have made some changes to PPS’s procedures for handling concerns and complaints

    Over the past school year we have been evaluating and assessing the most relevant and effective ways to help families resolve questions or concerns, both at the school and district levels. As part of this transition, we phased out the district Ombudsman position.

    PPS is committed to listening to and identifying areas of concerns and the appropriate avenues for resolution. Below is a catalogue of resources available to students and families to assist in resolving conflicts at Portland Public Schools.

    Best practices for resolving conflicts at school
    At times throughout the school year issues and/or concerns develop for families relating to their students’ schools or classrooms. 

    Your classroom teacher
    Portland Public Schools believes that the best and most effective method for resolving conflicts is by starting with the classroom teacher first.

    Your principal and/or school administrator
    If contacting your teacher doesn’t resolve the issue, it is recommended that families contact their principal or school administrator next. 

    Your principal supervisor
    If contacting your principal or school administrator doesn’t produce satisfactory results, families are welcome to contact the principal’s supervisor. These positions are called area senior directors and are organized by high school catchment enrollment area. The list of area senior directors and schools they manage can be found here.

    Your regional superintendent
    Three regional superintendents supervise area senior directors and their teams are listed in the staff link provided above. If your issue is not resolved by working with the area senior director you can contact the regional superintendent, listed here.

    Your deputy superintendent of instruction and school communities
    Regional superintendents are supervised by the Chief of Schools, which is currently a vacant position under active recruitment at PPS. In circumstances when the steps listed above have not resolved a family issue, the Deputy Superintendent of Instruction and School Communities, Dr. Kregg Cuellar can be contacted.

    Special education concerns and issues
    Issues and concerns related to special education classrooms, instruction and services can be resolved by contacting Noelle Sisk, PPS Special Education Family Engagement Specialist at or 503-916-3723.

    Formal Complaint Process
    Under Oregon Administrative Rule 581-022-2370 and Board of Education policy, Portland Public Schools offers a process for families to file a formal complaint related to a school, instruction or classroom issue. Contact PPS Complaints Coordinator Lidia Lopez Gamboa at or 503-916-3354 for assistance and resources. Anonymous complaints can also be filed by calling 503-916-3462.

    Other resources for students and families
    Portland Public Schools Department of Strategic Partnerships and Engagement can assist with systemic and/or district-wide concerns and issues that are impacting a specific school community. Contact Director of Community Engagement Shanice Clarke at

Anonymous Complaints