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    Portland Public Schools Board of Education

    The School Board is comprised of seven elected members serving four-year terms. Every year, the Board elects their Chair and Vice Chair. Board members are community volunteers and do not receive compensation for their work. The School Board is the policy-making body of our school district. It is responsible for providing an education program for students living within the District.


    To accomplish its role, the Board:

    • Determines the long-range direction of the District 
    • Establishes policies that direct the instructional and support programs 
    • Employs and evaluates the Superintendent 
    • Communicates with the community 
    • Negotiates with employee groups to determine salaries and benefits 
    • Calls elections on bond proposals 
    • Approves the annual budget 
    • A student Board Representative, selected by the high school student body, serves as an unofficial voting member for one year to represent the students and report on the various high school activities.


    Public Involvement

    The public is invited to attend the public Board meetings to gain a better understanding of school district business and the role of the School Board.  The public is also invited to address the Board during the public comment portion of the Board meetings. If you would like to sign up for public comment, please send an email with your first and last name, your school community, and topic to PublicComment@pps.net or call the Board Office at 503-916-3741. Requests for public comment will be processed in the order that they are received. Email and phone requests should be received by 12:00 pm the day of the meeting. Walk-up requests are taken, if space is available, in the fifteen minutes prior to the meeting (and must be received prior to the start of the meeting).  Please note, public comment by any individual is limited to one time every 30 days. Written public comment may be sent to PublicComment@pps.net.


    Notice of Public Meetings

    To find out when meetings are scheduled: 


    English - Public Meeting Guidelines

    Español | Spanish - Lineamientos de las asambleas públicas

    Spanish- Public Meeting Guidelines

    Tiếng Việt | Vietnamese  - NGUYÊN TẮC HỌP M   CÔNG KHAI

        Vietnamese- Public Meeting Guidelines

    中文 | Chinese

    Chinese - Public Meeting Guidelines

    Русский | Russian

    Russian - Public Meeting Guidelines

    Soomaali | Somali

    Somali - Public Meeting Guidelines



    PDF of translated guidelines



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