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  • Restorative Justice Supports

    Restorative Justice is a philosophy grounded in the belief that positive, healthy relationships help us thrive. When we do things that impact others and create harm to those relationships, it is our individual and collective responsibility to make things right.

    Restorative Practices are the skills and processes that help us build, maintain, and repair relationships to form healthy, supportive & inclusive communities.

    Find the PPS Restorative Justice Supports for your school here.


    For consultations on student affinity groups, events, and opportunities, schedule a meeting with Shanice Clarke at sclarke@pps.net. In response to our transition to distance education, a system of supports was established for student affinity groups and advisors. Please be sure to request what you need for your school's BSU's, Pacific Islander Clubs, MECHas, and other student affinity groups.

    Student Affinity Group Guidelines

    Race-Based Student Organization List


    Racial Equity and Social Justice

    Portland Public Schools is committed to academic excellence and personal success for all students. Central to this commitment is racial equality and social justice. We intend to continue the cultural transformation of Portland Public Schools -- the changes in policy, people, and practice necessary to create a culturally responsive organization that ensures the success of every student by name. This work is necessary to prepare every student to navigate and compete in a culturally rich society and global economy.