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    Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) refers to the disciplines of Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts. Portland Public Schools' VAPA Program operates within the STEAM Department in the Office of Teaching and Learning.  

    Portland Public Schools offers arts education to 78 schools across the district. With over 200 certified arts teachers, we are one of the largest organizations providing arts education in the state of Oregon. We offer multiple opportunities for artistic expression from kindergarten through twelfth grade, beginning level to pre-professional.

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    Why Arts Education Matters

    The arts are fundamental to children's creative expression and their overall growth and learning. Integrated into core curriculum, they enhance comprehension and engagement. On their own, they nurture self-esteem and increase whole-brain activity. The arts are our greatest tools to promote creativity in the classroom. Our vision at PPS is to increase equitable access to the arts for all children.




VAPA Contacts

Kristen Brayson
Program Administrator for Visual & Performing Arts
Carolyn Drake
K-12 Visual Arts TOSA
Laura Arthur
K-12 Music TOSA
Nicole Accuardi
K-12 Theatre/Dance/Partnerships TOSA
Eleanor LeClair
VAPA Coordinator