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  • NewsFlash - Summer 2018

    NewsFlash - Summer 2018
  • NewsFlash - Winter 2017

    Teacher Corner - Amy Marquardt-Dustin, Professional Teacher Cadres, Extended School Year, SlP's Focus on Literacy, Training for General Education Teachers, Bridges Special Education Resource, Private Therapists in Schools


  • Teacher Corner - Christine Yovu

    Teacher Corner - Christine Yovu

    Christine Yovu, a K-2 Communication-Behavior classroom teacher, is a shining star within Portland Public School District. Working out of Astor K-8, Christine’s classroom community consists of a small group of students typically impacted by Autism, three paraeducators, and herself. Christine is a strong advocate of students and notes that her professional story is a happy one, and that her current position allows her to connect and impact students in ways that align with her own strengths, interests, and passions.

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  • Extended School Year

    Extended School Year

    Students who demonstrate significant regression of previously learned skills and limited recoupment of those skills within a reasonable amount of instructional time may qualify for Extended School Year. Winter break can be a great time to analyze a student’s regression and recoupment on their IEP goals.

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  • Professional Teacher Cadres

    Professional Teacher Cadres

    We are working to provide meaningful experiences with multiple means of engagement and expression. This year you can choose between three strands delivered either around the city in a face-to-face format or via a webinar format.

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  • Teacher Corner - Amy Marquardt-Dustin

    Teacher Corner - Amy Marquardt-Dustin

    As a Special Education Administrator, I have the opportunity to spend time in many schools in our district. One of the best parts of my role is experiencing the incredible dedication and commitment that our staff have in each and every building. Our practice is not often celebrated or visible to our colleagues. We want to take this opportunity to share the work that you all do. I have the pleasure of sharing our first educator for NewsFlash.

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