• 2021 Health and Welfare Trust Open Enrollment

    October 12, 2020 - October 30, 2020

    Health & Welfare Trust benefits include PAT, PFSP, ATU, and DCU employee groups. Coverage goes into effect on January 1st, 2021.


    If you are currenlty enrolled and want to keep your coverage the same, you don't need to re-enroll, unless you want to

    • Participate in Flexible Spending Acount (FSA) for 2021


    Find documents such as plan comparisons and rates sheets on the Health & Welfare Trust Website: sdtrust.com



    Open enrollment is your annual opportunity to:

    • Review and/or change your health plan options
    • Update (add or delete) dependents
    • Enroll in FSA for 2021. You are required to enroll in FSA health and dependent care every year.  Your 2020 enrollment will NOT automatically continue in 2021.

    Inside your Open Enrollment packet, you’ll find out what’s new for the 2021 Plan Year, a Benefit Guide that explains your options and provides enrollment instructions, and much more.  If you haven’t received your packet by October 12, please call the Trust Administrative Office at 833-255-4123.

    Your enrollment choices will be effective for the upcoming Plan Year, which is January 1, 2021-December 31, 2021.  Changes can only be made during the year due to a qualifying event, such as marriage or the birth of a child.  Please contact the Trust Administrative Office within 31 days if you believe you may have a qualifying event. 

    Please note: This is not a mandatory enrollment. If you are already enrolled and want to keep your current coverage, you don’t need to enroll…it will automatically continue.  FSA, as noted above, is the exception to this rule. 



    All Open Enrollment changes must be made through PeopleSoft Employee Self Service.
    1. Log in to selfservice.pps.net with your PPS username and password, then click Benefits Enrollment.
      NOTE: You must be in a PPS building and connected to the PPS Wi-Fi network to access selfservice.pps.net unless you have completed the Two-Step Authenication process. During the current COVID closure, you may need to visit a school site to connect to PPS Wi-Fi in order to enroll, or to set up Two-Step Authentication so you can do so from home.
    2. Make or edit your enrollment selections and add or drop dependents.
    3. To decline coverage, click Waive Medical Plan Coverage.
      • PAT Active Members will be enrolled in Basic Life, Basic AD&D and self-pay LTD coverage, even if you waive medical plan coverage.
      • Full-Time PFSP Active Members will be enrolled in the self-pay LTD coverage, even if you waive medical coverage. 
    4. Click Submit to complete your enrollment.


    If you are unable to utilize the PPS Employee Self-Service, complete a Trust Open Enrollment form located here at https://www.pps.net/Page/16213. Once complete, email the form the PPS District Benefits Office at benefits@pps.net by October 30, 2020.


    If you are required to pay a monthly contribution for your benefits selections, it will be automatically deducted from your paycheck.


    Benefits Fair

    Due to the current COVID closure, we will not be hosting a Trust Benefits Fair this year. 


    Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

    Flexible Spending Account (FSA): is a way for you to save income taxes when paying for eligible Health Care or Dependent Care expenses. FSA is a use it or lose it plan. Amounts not used by the plan year-end will be forfeited to the plan. Employees must re-enroll at open enrollment each year to continue participation for the next plan year.

    FSA Information


    Covering a Domestic Partner:

    Affidavit of Domestic Partnership (due no later than 11/15/20)



    Benefit Coverage

    Health and Welfare Trust Office

    833-255-4123 or SD1@zenith-american.com

    FSA (Flexible Spending Account) Coverage Questions

    Call PacificSource Administrators at 800-422-7038

    Enrollment System Questions

    503-916-3544 or benefits@pps.net

    Other questions?



    Legal Notices