Attendance Matters
  • Attendance Models

    The Attendance team is a part of the MTSS department which supports schools in the development of sustainable attendance, academic and behavioral tiered systems of support through relationship building, focused training, and strategic coaching of the ASERT process in order to ensure schools have the systems needed to guarantee equitable outcomes for all students

    The Attendance work is constantly evolving due to ever changing conditions. PPS recognizes the importance of attendance and its direct connection to student achievement. Throughout the district, schools are building a systematic approach to reduce chronic and severe absenteeism, through the ASERT Process K-8 schools are supported in a cohort model with each Attendance Coach working with a larger MTSS team to support their assigned schools. Schools are equipped with tools and an Attendance Coach to support an effective Attendance Support and Engagement Response Team (ASERT). Additionally, each comprehensive high school has an attendance coach assigned to support their attendance work. This includes outreach that supports school and community staff in building relationships with diverse families, and intensive interventions for some of our highest needs students and families.

    Engagement Model

    The Engagement Team facilitates student focused groups that connect students to the culture of their schools and/or where they can be seen and heard. These groups encourage students to perceive school as an inclusive place for all students where their voice and their participation in the school climate matters.

    The Engagement Team helps to strengthen the relationship students and families have with their school communities, i.e., teachers, support staff, administration and community partners. We do this in a collaborative and restorative process and by providing case management of individual students who may require multiple resources. Engagement can develop and provide direct crisis intervention strategies that may help increase academic success.

    The Engagement Team offers their expertise on school-based teams that focus on strategic support and interventions, providing an underrepresented perspective at PPS. We assist teachers and other school-based staff with student behavior management and can provide teachers with direct support and coaching when needed. This is done by gathering essential information that may be affecting a student’s behavior and their performance at school.

    Recognize the Signs

    Good Attendance: School attendance is above 94%; the student is missing less than one day of school in a 20-day school time span.

    Acceptable Attendance: School attendance is between 90% and 93.9%; the student is missing less than two full days out of 20.

    Chronic Absences: School attendance is between 80% and 89.9%; the student is missing between two and four full days out of 20, or two full days out of 10.

    Severe Absences: School attendance is below 80%; the student is missing more than four full days out of 20 or more than two full days out of 10 days.



Attendance & Engagement Team

Dunya Minoo
Attendance & Engagement Senior Program Manager
Monique Johnson
Attendance Coach
Eduardo Reyes
Attendance Coach
Wendy Newcomb
Attendance Coach
Chris Williams
Program Manager - Student Engagement
Glenn Lamotte
Engagement Coach
Siyat Mohamed
Engagement Coach
Tiara Fitz
Engagement Coach
Carmen Flores
Attendance Coach