Employee Self Service Portal

  • For ESS access click the following link: https://selfservice.pps.net/

    You can also access from the link on the www.pps.net Homepage under “Peoplesoft Resources”, Peoplesoft ESS sign-on”.

    Using this portal you will be able to view and manage the following:

    Personal Information

    • Update Home and mailing address
    • Update Phone numbers
    • Add or Change Emergency Contacts
    • Update Email Addresses
    • Other Personal Information Updates

    Payroll and Compensation

    • View or Re-print Paycheck or Advice Stub
    • View or Terminate Voluntary Deductions (Charity)
    • Add or Change Direct Deposit
    • View or Update W4 Tax Information
    • Accessing Your Current W-2 on ESS
    • View or Re-print Annual W2 Forms
    • Update W2 Consent (to not mail a papercopy of W2)


    • View Benefits Information on Flexible Spending Accounts
    • View Dependents and Beneficiaries
    • View Leave Accrual Balance
    • View Benefits Coverage Summary

    For access issues, contact the IT Service Desk at x 63375 or support@pps.net.

    For questions, contact the Payroll department at payroll@pps.net.

    ESS Information Website: https://www.pps.net/Page/637

    Payroll ESS Guide  (pdf)

    Go Green: Stop the Printing and Mailing of Your Direct Deposit Pay Stub 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does ESS work?

  • How do I access my information?

  • How do I know this system is secure?

  • What information will be available online?

  • Who can use ESS?

  • Can I access the information from home?

  • What if I don’t have a computer available to me?

  • Can I use work time to download my pay information?

  • Who in my school will know about this system to help me?

  • Can anyone else access my personal information?

  • What do I do if I find an error in the information?

  • Do I need my Employee ID to access ESS?

  • Who has access to ESS?

Two-Step Authentication

  • Introduction

    In order to allow users access to Employee Self Service (ESS) from home while maintaining a high-standard of security, the PeopleSoft technical team has implemented Two-Step Authentication for ESS.

    Setting up two-step authentication is voluntary and only necessary if you would like to be able to access Employee Self Service when not on the PPS network. Registration requires the installation of the Google Authenticator App on your personal mobile device. This guide will walk you through installing Google Authenticator and registering with PeopleSoft Employee Self Service.

    Once set up, each time you log into Employee Self Service from home you will be asked to enter a passcode. The passcode is the 6-digit number that is displayed by the Google Authenticator app on your phone. The number changes every 30 seconds.

    Note: Initial set up must be done while on the PPS network -- at a PPS school or office. If using wifi, use the secure "pps-wifi" not "pps-wifi-guest".

    Step-by-step video set up instructions


    Two-step Authentication Guide - Printable PDF

    Two-Step Authentication Instructions

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