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    We provide peer-to-peer non-evaluative coaching to first and second year teachers, counselors, specialists and first year principals new to careers in preK-12 public education.


    2020-2021 Mentor Application


    Mission Statement:  

    We coach through the lens of racial equity to increase the academic, personal and interpersonal success of all students.  Our goals include increasing the effectiveness of culturally responsive teachers and cultivating teacher leadership.  

    Core Values:

    • The strengths and challenges that come with a diverse group of learners

    • Culturally responsive teaching practices and personal racial identity work

    • Responsiveness to the individual strengths and needs of each teacher

    • Inquiry, reflection, and collaboration

    • Focus on student achievement through adaptive and technical solutions

    Culturally Responsive Mentors:

    • Know the importance of cultural and racial identity

    • Understand how people of different cultures and races are affected by the way we show up

    • Examine the presence and role of whiteness in all interactions  

    • Honor the multiple perspectives of students, teachers and mentors and where they are in their process of growth

    • Consistently use 4 R’s Rigor, Relevance, Relationship and Realness

    • Keep the focus on students, their racial identity and how that relates to academic achievement

    • Use tools and conversations to address teacher assumptions and foster multiple perspectives

    • Enter work differently through Courageous Conversation Protocols in a variety of learning and communicating styles