• Native Montessori Preschool is a unique early education experience. 

    Beginning in the fall of 2021, Native Montessori will operate as a full three-year program including the Kindergarten year in its program.

    Located in the Faubion School Early Learning Center, this program utilizes an interconnected curriculum that affirms Indigenous cultural teachings. Children and families are encouraged to participate in cultural activities and share their own cultural experiences. 

    In this classroom, Native themes and values are infused throughout the curriculum. The Montessori educational environment shares common values with Native learning styles and beliefs. For example, our community is mixed ages (3-5-year-olds) which creates a familial learning environment similar to the extended family concept of tribes.  

    Native traditions of learning support students to learn from their peers regardless of age. In our community, children care for one another and learn from each other. As each child's Guide (teacher), our primary question in our daily work with children is, “What can be done to adapt the environment or materials to allow the child’s inborn potential to unfold?”

  • Our Classroom & Curriculum

    Our Montessori classroom is fully equipped with Nienhuis Montessori materials, and the teacher is Montessori-certified as well as state-certified through the Oregon Department of Education. Our Indian Education curriculum is supported by PPS Title VI Indian Education with extensive supplementary materials, and partners with community members to bring cultural experiences for our youngest learners.    

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