• Reconnection Center


    The Reconnection Center’s sole purpose is to reengage disconnected youth with educational opportunities. Historically, if students are not reengaged
    immediately upon request, they are discouraged and they disengage for even longer periods of time. The Reconnection Center will provide students with academic assessments, credit evaluation and identification of a “bestfit” education placement.

    Student Profile

    High school students who are:
    • Seeking reengagement;
    • Not currently enrolled in or attending a school/program;
    • Unable to reengage in education due to program capacity limitations and/or insufficient time remaining in term/semester to complete

    Length of Enrollment

    The goal of the Reconnection Center is to reengage students in a permanent educational environment as soon as possible. Students will remain only until a “bestfit” is identified and available. Therefore, participation in the Reconnection Center will be less than one semester.

    Location and Hours

    The Reconnection Center is located in room C102 in the north wing of Benson High School. Students will generally attend part time Monday through Thursday. The hours of operation are 9 am to 7:30 pm.

    Enrollment Process

    • A student who desires to reengage, and a placement is unavailable, will be referred to PPS Reconnection Services, 503-916-3956.
    • Reconnection Services will determine available resources and/or connect student with the Reconnection Center.
    • If referred to the Reconnection Center, the counseling and outreach staff will meet with the student and develop an immediate enrollment plan with student/family.


    Program Components

    • Academic Assessment through Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)
    • Credit/Transcript Evaluation
    • Student/Family interview
    • Development of ShortTerm Education Plan (STEP)
    • Review of Programs/Schools
    • Personalized transition to a “bestfit” educational placement
    • Followup for one semester

  • Currently Enrolled Reconnection Center Students:
    Phone: (503) 916-3821

    New to District and Returning Students:
    Phone: (503) 916-3956
    Email: reconnect@pps.net