BESC Building - ReUse Supply Closet

  • This area is located on the 2nd Floor of the BESC in the Trillium Conference Room. It is meant to be a central space where extra office supplies can be stored, shared, and reused. Our hope is that with this space we can limit both our waste and unnecessary consumption.
    In the Supply Closet you will be able to find everything from binders and folders to paper clips and highlighters. Make sure to check out the various supplies available for (re)use prior to placing your next new item order.
    In order to keep the space clean and useful we ask that you please limit your donations to usable office supplies only. If you have questions about what items can NOT be donated please reference the more detailed list below. Further, if you notice there is an overflow of donation boxes at any one given time we ask that you please hold on to your items before the current donations can be properly sorted.
    Items NOT for the Supply Closet:
    • Old magazines
    • Old business cards
    • Batteries
    • Electronics (Contact IT)
    • Large items (lamps, mirrors, etc)
    • Recycling or trash
    • Non-office items (Stuffed animals, decorations, water bottles, etc)
    Thank you and we look forward to your help in getting this space up and running!