• Waste Management

    PPS is dedicated to the sustainable consumption of materials and follows the Waste Hierarchy of Materials Management in its decision making processes.

    1. Reduce: reduce consumption and the amount of waste generated. 
    2. Reuse: using an item again in its original form. Reusing items eliminates the need to reporcess material, whether it is for disposal or recycling.
    3. Recycle: give old items a new life by making new products out of used materials.


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    Recycling Guide



    What we do not Recycle:

    • Glass
    • Coffee cups, paper towels, disposable plates/cups/cutlery, napkins, waxed cardboard boxes
    • Plastic bags, plastic film, plastic caps and tub lids, to-go food containers, pizza boxes
    • Any plastic bottles that have come in contact with motor oil, pesticides or herbicides
    • Anything coated with food, wax, foil or plastic