• Waste Reduction & Diversion

    Our waste streams include garbage, food scraps, and mixed recycling - paper, plastic, and metal/cans are all collected into the same bin.

    We are dedicated to the sustainable consumption of materials and follows the Waste Hierarchy of Materials Management in its decision making processes.

    1. Reduce: reduce consumption and the amount of waste generated. 
    2. Reuse: using an item again in its original form. Reusing items eliminates the need to reporcess material, whether it is for disposal or recycling.
    3. Recycle: give old items a new life by making new products out of used materials.


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    We do NOT Recycle:

    • Glass
    • Coffee cups, paper towels, disposable plates/cups/cutlery, napkins, waxed cardboard boxes
    • Plastic bags, plastic film, plastic caps and tub lids, to-go food containers, pizza boxes
    • Any plastic bottles that have come in contact with motor oil, pesticides or herbicides
    • Anything coated with food, wax, foil or plastic


    Hauling Costs:

    • Garbage: $46.85/haul of a 5 yard container
    • Recycling: $20.73/haul of a 5 yard container
    • Food Waste: $27.30/haul of a 1.5 yard container
    • Yard Debris: $14.87/haul of a 96 gallon roll cart


Frequently Asked Questions

Recycling FAQs

  • Why is our recycling collected in plastic bags?

  • Why is “recyclable” not always recyclable?

  • What happens if the wrong things go in the recycling bin?

  • Do recyclable containers & bottles need to be rinsed or cleaned before they are recycled?

  • Why does recycling correctly make a difference?

Nutrition Services FAQs

  • Why are breakfasts served in packaging?

  • What is the district doing about food waste?

  • Can kitchen staff reuse their disposable gloves? Can they be washed like washing hands?

  • What are other ways that the Nutrition Services department is implementing sustainable practices?

  • How many schools have reusable trays, silverware or cups?

  • If a school is interested in starting reusable silverware, who should be contacted and what are the next steps?