Waste Reduction & Diversion

  • What we do:

    • REDUCE landfill bound waste by:
      • collecting food scraps in 80+ kitchens & 20+ cafeterias,
      • collecting yard debris and recycling
      • providing 'Share Tables' in cafeterias
      • donating excess food before school breaks
    • REUSE furniture, office supplies, and other materials by partnering with community-based organizations
    • RECYCLE paper products, plastic, and metal/aluminum cans in all our schools

How to Waste Less

Frequently Asked Questions

Recycling FAQs

  • Why is our recycling collected in plastic bags?

  • Why is “recyclable” not always recyclable?

  • What happens if the wrong things go in the recycling bin?

  • Do recyclable containers & bottles need to be rinsed or cleaned before they are recycled?

  • Why does recycling correctly make a difference?

Nutrition Services FAQs

  • Why are breakfasts served in packaging?

  • What is the district doing about food waste?

  • Can kitchen staff reuse their disposable gloves? Can they be washed like washing hands?

  • What are other ways that the Nutrition Services department is implementing sustainable practices?

  • How many schools have reusable trays, silverware or cups?

  • If a school is interested in starting reusable silverware, who should be contacted and what are the next steps?