Greening Schoolyards

  • Because Portland is an urban environment, access to nature is essential for students to develop an understanding and appreciation for the natural world. Our goal is to provide all PPS students with daily opportunities to interact with, learn about, and play in nature.

    What is a Green Schoolyard?

    • Green schoolyards can include: trees, native plants, stormwater capture, and edible gardens.

  • What we do:

    • Greening Projects: PPS works with schools to design projects that create greenspace and take the classroom outside.
    • Outdoor & Garden Education: community-based organizations bring schoolyards to life with hands-on, standards-based outdoor education
    • Green Schoolyard Network: connecting groups to activities, curriculum, funding opportunities, and other resources to activate their greenspace


    What YOU can do:

    • Organize a Work Party to help maintain your school's greenspace 
    • Partner with an organization for outdoor education
    • Participate in Community Care Day, the District's annual day of stewardship before the beginning of school
    • Propose a project