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    Green Schoolyards

    Portland Public schools supports the greening of our schoolyards, values green spaces as vital learning tools for students, and is working to advance the movement to create nature rich school-based experiences.

    Green schoolyards provide an outdoor classroom for experiential learning, standards-based teaching, and interaction with the natural environment. Outside, students have opportunities to discover the value of observation & play, build a stronger connection to the food they eat, and grow an appreciation for the diversity of life - both human and nonhuman.

    The District is motivated by significant research that showcases remarkable improvement in cognitive abilities, whole-student health, and social connection with repeated exposure to the natural world. We are committed to making sure the benefits of spaces such as this are accessible and utilized by all children in all neighborhoods throughout our school system.


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    There are over 65 school gardens and 11 community gardens located on PPS property, not including many native plants gardens and Schoolyard Habitat Certified schools. 



    As of Spring 2020, over 2,000 trees have been planted on PPS property! Trees provide experiences to build student stewardship, grow the tree canopy, and combact the effects of climate change on public health. 


    Depaving & Planting

    As of Spring 2020, PPS has removed asphalt and planted greenery with the help of our volunteers and partners! Depaving & planting enhances learning spaces, helps manager stormwater run-off, keep waterways healthy, and provides native habitat.