• How Do We Decide What to Pay For?

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Breaking Down
The Annual Budget Process


    • our strategic plan, community vision, and the Board's goals
    • growing and shifting student needs
    • requirements put on certain revenue
    • settled costs of staffing
      (set by Board policy, union contracts, insurance rates, etc.)
    • settled costs of operating each school building
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    The district's Finance team works with senior leaders to translate these elements into:

    1. broad budget decisions
      (e.g. we will freeze central office hiring)
    2. staffing needs
      (e.g. School A needs this many staff to operate)
    • January: Human Resources team works with the Finance team to prepare a districtwide skeletal budget structure
    • February & March: Principals flesh out their specific school's skeletal budget.
    • April: The superintendent will present the proposed budget to the School Board
    • May: CBRC presents their budget review to the Board
    • May: the Board will provisionally approve the 24-25 budget
    • June: the Board will fully approve the 24-25 budget
  • PHASE 1

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    Staff Schools
    to fit both our financial circumstances and our smaller student body

    PHASE 2

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    Adjust Central
    to support the
    work in schools

    PHASE 3

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    and Balancing

    PHASE 4

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    April 24