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Breaking Down
The Annual Budget Process

  • We have received many questions about the impact of the budget decisions to our school community. As the proposed budget goes to the board for approval, we will do our best to add to this FAQ and address more questions on this page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s happening with the budget this year?

  • Why are there budget cuts?

  • Why have costs increased at PPS?

  • How much is spent per student at my school?

  • How will my school be impacted by budget cuts?

  • Why does the budget include non-student facing positions in schools, such as Instructional Coaches?

  • How will library assistant reductions impact my student?

  • What do the budget cuts mean for class size across our system?

  • I understand there are fewer students attending PPS schools. What is the rate of decline? Why does this matter for funding?

  • Where did the students go? Will they come back?

  • What departments and programs are provided by the district's central office, and how does the central office support schools?