• Parent Academy 2018-2019
    Culture and Community

    Telling Your Family Story
    This session focuses on the benefits of sharing your family history with your child as an educating and empowering tool to promote student pride and success.

    In this workshop, participants discuss race and the impact of race on student success and how to interrupt oppression. Parents have an opportunity to understand the district’s racial equity initiative.

    Meet and Greet Your Board of Education Members
    The Portland Public School Board of Education provides leadership and oversight for Portland Public Schools by setting goals, establishing policies, and committing resources to benefit our student population. Come and meet members of the PPS Board of Education to find out about the roles and responsibilities of Board members, learn about the Board’s functions, and ask questions of these dynamic leaders.

    Beyond Diversity (Courageous Conversation about Race)
    Beyond Diversity is an introduction to Courageous Conversation and a foundation for deinstitutionalizing racism and eliminating racial achievement disparities. Beyond Diversity has equipped leaders, educators, students, parents, and community members to understand the impact of race on student achievement and the role that racism plays in institutionalized racial disparities.

    Interrupting Oppression in Our Classrooms
    In this workshop, we will discuss and, more importantly, practice the art of engaging in productive dialogue about the experience of oppression in our various educational settings. Learn strategies and build community to recognized and raise our collective consciousness about the detrimental effects of micro-aggressions and co-create hope toward positive social change.

    Social Justice Parenting
    What is it? How can an understanding of and commitment to social justice be reflected in our parenting? In this workshop, we will analyze concepts like adultism and oppression and the ways they can inhibit our ability to apply skills with social justice in mind. We will also build individualized parenting plans to create strategies for practical application of these concepts.


    The mission and vision for the PPS Parent Academy is to create a strong tie between parental involvement, support and communication, and school success for students by providing families with access to valuable educational resources. The goal of the Parent Academy is to connect parents and families with the training, information and support needed for them to become full partners in their children’s education.


  • Three Steps to Requesting a Parent Academy Workshop

    1) Please review the catalog and select the workshop(s) that would be most beneficial for your families and school community.

    2) Email Andrea Wade at awade@pps.net and request the workshop that you would like to offer to your families.

    3) A School-Family Partnerships coordinator will contact you within 2 to 3 business days regarding potential dates and review a partnership agreement (expectations, registration procedure, room/building requirements, etc.).

    We will try to accommodate all requests; however, this is based on program funding and number of requests.

    If there is a workshop that is not reflected in the Workshop Catalog, please contact us to discuss developing a workshop.