• Public Design Workshops

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    Public Design Workshops are an important part of Portland Public Schools commitment to community ownership of the School Building Improvement Bond work. These workshops will provide interested citizens, students and school families the opportunity to help shape the master and schematic plans for the schools to be modernized or rebuilt.

    What should I expect from the workshop?
    The workshops are open collaborative sessions where the community can directly engage with the Design Team in defining a collective vision for their school. Everyone will have the opportunity to equally contribute their unique perspectives, priorities, ideas and comments. Joint ownership of solutions and communal attempts to compromise and merge ideas will define a successful workshop. These sessions are designed to involve everyone with an interest or concern about the project. View the architect's presentation from Grant's First Master Planning Public Design Workshop
    How does it work?
    Design workshops are high-energy, interactive meetings facilitated by the Design Team. The format is typically as follows: The design team will initially present the projects’ background information before asking open-ended questions for the group to discuss. Smaller teams are broken out by table to come up with their team response. A representative from the design team will help facilitate conversation and collect ideas from each small group. These ideas are then presented to the entire workshop group. Together, common themes and priorities are identified as are unique and unexpected ideas that came out of the process.
    By the end of workshop, the Design Team will have valuable public feedback that gives them insight into the history, resources, and pride of that school community. This input will guide the Design Team as they develop the master plan and design for the school.
    Woman looking at design plans. Design Open House 
    The culmination of the public design workshops and Design Advisory Group/Master Planning Committee meetings is the creation of a preferred master plan for the school. At the Design Open House the public is invited to provide valuable feedback to the Design Team about the plan prior to it's formal presentation to the School Board.