• IEP Community Partners


    Who are the IEP Partners?Two hands holding eachother

    • Community partner advocates of Portland Schools students and families receiving special education services. They have real life experience as advocates and/or parents of students receiving special education services.
    • They know the special education system.
    • They receive ongoing training for their role.

    What is the role of IEP Partners?

    • Help parents plan for IEP meetings.
    • Provide support for parents during IEP meetings.
    • Debrief with parents after IEP meetings.
    • Coach parents on presenting their concerns effectively.
    • Help other parents find information and resources.
    • Help parents navigate the system.
    • Promote the parent-educator partnership.

    How do IEP Partners support the IEP Team?

    • Help parents and educators be prepared for meetings.
    • Help parents be an active member of the IEP team.
    • Help keep the focus on the student.
    • Facilitate an effective meeting experience.
    • Help parents and educators work together to benefit the student’s education.

    How can parents get an IEP Partner?

    • A parent can contact Noelle Sisk, Family & Community Liaison in the Special Education Department to request an an IEP Partner.
    • Staff can discuss the program with a parent and, with the parent’s permission, ask the Parent Liaison to call him or her.
    • A parent may refer another parent to the Parent Liaison.