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Considering AT & AAC

Consideration of assistive technology for students is a team process. The educational team needs to:
  • consider student needs & abilities
  • determine the task
  • the educational environment
  • the specific need in relation to the task and environment
The team then considers tools and strategies.

Teams are encouraged to explore low technology first, as simple designs and strategies are easy to integrate and least restrictive in nature.

The following information is intended to give guidance to teams participating in the process. Whole team participation leads to success.

SETT Framework

Student - Environment - Tasks -Tools

AT Planning Flow Chart

This guide was designed to assist IEP teams in the consideration of assistive technology for the student (Consideration of Special Factors section of the IEP).

AT Ideas

This document is designed for teams to use to help generate ideas when looking at student needs and possible assistive technology solutions.