• Building Screening Committee (BSC)

    General education interventions are implemented at the building level to help students who are having problems with academics or behavior. These are important because many of these students may never qualify for special education, but still need help in order to learn.

    Each school building should have a Building Screening Committee (BSC) which has the responsibility of implementing general education interventions. A BSC is a safety net to help students from kindergarten through age 21. It is the follow-up process for those students “flagged": by the vision and hearing screenings, state assessments, or identified by teacher. It does not replace grade level team “problem solving” of a more informal nature.

    The BSC develops intervention plans to help students struggling with academics or behavior in the classroom. For example, if the issue is behavior, the BSC may ask for data and suggest ways to lower student/teacher frustration or change surroundings. For an academic concern, the team may brainstorm ideas for changing instruction methods, adapting curriculum, or changing the environment. All interventions are designed to help the student progress in the general education curriculum.

    The following are forms necessary to support the Building Screening Committee process.

    BSC - Pre-Referral Worksheet


    The Pre-Referral Worksheet should be filled out by the classroom teacher and includes information on the students current educational performance, including information about attendance, educational history, most recent test scores, social behavior concerns, academic concerns, etc


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    BSC-1: Referral and/or Recommendations


    A summative form at Building Screening Committees that describes who the student is, when the meeting occurred, the areas of concern, interventions implemented and next steps (e.g. to continue in the current placement, a referral to Section 504 coordinator or to conduct an evaluation planning meeting).


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    BSC-2: Parental Permission for Individual Screening or Observation


    A form to request permission from parents about a speech or language screening observation. The purpose of the screening or observation is to support school staff in program planning


    Screening Permission Form (WORD)
    Screening Permission Form (Google)
    Chinese Translation 
    Spanish Translation


    BSC-3: Individual Screening and/or Observation Results


    The Results form notifies the parents of the results of the screening or observation. It outlines what was done, an observation or screening, and if the results were within the normal limits or if they indicate the need for further follow-up.


    Screening and/or Observation Results  (Google)
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