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Community Transition Program

The Community Transition Program supports young adults as they transition to life after high school in supports building independence and quality of life.

CTP supports students 18-21, who have an IEP and graduated with a modified or extended diploma, a certificate of participation or GED. The program focuses on three areas of learning: Instruction and Coursework, vocational training and community.

The following forms and documents support the transition to the Community Transition Program, as well as documents that support transition services and transition planning through school age services.

CTP Referral Form
Transfer of Rights

When a student turns 18, their special education rights transfer from their parent(s) to themselves, as the educational decision maker. Unless a court has appointed a legal guardian, the rights will transfer to the student. This form notifies the parent(s) of this transfer.

Word Document
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Multilingual Transfer of Rights Forms

Spanish: Word Doc / PDF
Chinese: Word Doc / PDF
Russian: Word Doc / PDF
Somali: Word Doc / PDF
Vietnamese: Word Doc 

Career Exploration, Vocational Instruction and Internships

Age Appropriate Transition Assessments 

Beginning not later than the first IEP to be in effect when the child turns 16, or younger if determined appropriate by the IEP Team, and updated annually, thereafter, the IEP must include—

(1) Appropriate measurable postsecondary goals based upon age appropriate transition assessments related to training, education, employment, and, where appropriate, independent living skills” [§300.320 (b) (1)].

Age Appropriate Transition Assistance

Quality Secondary Transition IEPS

The NSTTAC published an Assessments and Post Secondary Goals Training. This document is an excerpt from this training about quality IEPS, including age appropriate assessments, preferences, interests needs & strengths, post-secondary goals and more.

ODE Quality Secondary Transition IEPs

Secondary Transition Annual Process

This document demonstrates the annual process for secondary transition. It examines how the Transition IEP Team guides the transition IEP content, which guides transition IEP services.

ODE Secondary Transition Annual Process

Transition Standards Checklist

Transition services begin prior to a student entering the Community Transition Program. This checklist provides a checklist for the transition standards at age 15, 16, 17 and 18.

ODE Transition Standards Checklist

Transition Planner for Post-Secondary Education

The Oregon Department of Education published a 2008 guide for planning for post-secondary education. This document includes information about what classes to take in high school, information about modified credits, and information about transition laws.

Transition Planning Tools for Post-Secondary Education

Transition Planning from High School to Adult Life

The Oregon Department of Education published a 2008 guide for transition planning from high school to adult life. This document is intended to be used by the student to gain information about how to participate in their own IEP meeting, preparing for adult life and finding supportive organizations.